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C1534 She Wants To Accompany Him

Tomorrow is about to be engaged. Lanyanxi receives the blessing from her boss, Wang Xinyi, and also sends her a pair of beautiful and lovely couple dolls as her engagement gift. Lanyanxi looks at the two dolls and is full of guilt, so she decides to apologize to the good boss when she leaves work.

After work, LAN Yanxi brings a cup of tea and knocks at Wang Xinyi's office door.

"Come in!"

LAN Yanxi went in, Wang Xinyi looked up and saw that it was her. She couldn't help smiling and asked, "tomorrow is your engagement day. Why don't you get off work early?"

"Sister Xinyi, are you free? I want to talk to you for a second. " LAN Yanxi's beautiful face was full of embarrassment.

Wang Xinyi put down the pen in his hand, walked around the chair, got up and came to her: "what's the matter? There seems to be something else on my mind. "

Lanyanxi handed her the teacup in her hand, and she naturally took a drink. Her sharp eyes turned around lanyanxi's face: "if you have any words, just say it, don't say it."

"Sister Xinyi, I want to say sorry to you. Since I came to your department, you have been caring for me and sympathizing with me, but I I lied to you. " LAN Yanxi said that at the end, he could not help but lower his head.

Wang Xinyi looks surprised: "what did you cheat me? I don't remember what you cheated me of. "

"No, I lied to you not about things, but about your trust and friendship. I told you before that Ling didn't like me. We had a bad relationship, but in fact We have a good relationship, he doesn't hate me, and I like him very much. " LAN Yanxi shook his hands anxiously and explained with a blush.

"What?" Wang Xinyi was really surprised. He made a circle around LAN Yanxi and stared at her all the time: "you lied to me?"

"I'm sorry, sister Xinyi, I didn't mean to deceive you. I just don't want to let people know that our relationship is very good. Ling said that it's very dangerous for me, so we'll be very cold in front of outsiders." LAN Yanxi's eyes are red with anxiety. She is really ashamed and uneasy. She is afraid that Wang Xinyi will never talk to her again. She feels that she is not an honest person and is not worthy of deep friendship.

Wang Xinyi suddenly bent over and laughed, which made LAN Yanxi laugh inexplicably.

Later, Wang Xinyi reached out and clapped her on the shoulder twice: "OK, look at what scares you. I didn't blame you. In fact, I guessed it out."

"Ah?" This time, in other words, Simmons circle.

"Last time Ling Mo Feng came to see you in the office, I was wondering. Later, I saw you go to work carefree every day. I guess you may act in other people on purpose. By the way, didn't I send you a book? Have you seen it? " Wang Xin asked with a smile.

LAN Yanxi was surprised and delighted, because she didn't expect that Wang Xinyi was not angry at all.

"Sister Xinyi, aren't you angry with me? I lied to you. "

"If it's a white lie, of course, I'm not angry. The vice president cares about you, so he has to do everything to protect you. It's a good thing, and suddenly makes me believe in love, hope and truth. Seeing that you can get happiness, I'm happy for you. Don't worry about your face, be happy." Wang Xinyi comforts her tenderly.

"Thank you, sister Xinyi." Lanyanxi was moved and grateful at the moment. Except for hugging her, it seemed that she could not find words to speak.

"Come on, cuddling in the office is out of line." Wang Xinyi said this in her mouth, but she reached over and gave her a hug back.

"Sister Xinyi, can you come tomorrow at noon? I really hope you can come. " LAN Yanxi sincerely invited her.

"I'll try my best and wear a beautiful dress. Maybe I'll meet my second spring." Wang Xinyi is young and energetic in a moment. She pushes open the window and the gentle wind blows in. She sighs: "in the spring wind, there is a lot of love."

LAN Yan hopes to see Wang Xinyi expecting love, and she is happy for her.

"Well, if there's something suitable tomorrow, you can tell me and I'll introduce it to you." LAN Yanxi said with a smile.

Wang Xinyi immediately looked back from ridicule with embarrassment: "you can't, otherwise, others will say I'm old and mean."

"Sister Xinyi is too modest. I think the main reason why you are single is that you are so excellent that some people are afraid to climb." LAN Yanxi said sweetly.

"I can speak. No wonder Mr. vice president wants to protect you like a treasure. OK, if you are not serious, then you are not serious. I will not listen to those people who say anything that is hard to hear. I am the happiest person to be." Wang Xinyi is very happy to be flattered.

LAN Yanxi's mobile phone rang suddenly. She looked down and saw that it was Ling Mo Feng's mobile phone number.

She immediately said to Wang Xinyi, "I have to go, sister Xinyi. See you tomorrow."

"Go!" Wang Xinyi raised her hand to her.

LAN Yanxi walked out of the office and saw Ling Mo Feng standing outside with a mobile phone in his hand.

LAN Yanxi walked towards him quickly, and Ling Mo Feng's eyes suddenly became tender.

"Are you back?" She asked in a low voice with a hint of coyness on her face.

Ling Mo Feng shook his head and said, "I may have to go back later. Yanxi, I want chu lie to take you back first."

"Do you have to work late? If you don't go back, I won't either. I'll wait for you. " LAN Yanxi immediately became stubborn.

"What if I work until early in the morning?" Asked the man with a low smile.

"Early in the morning, I don't want to go back alone." "It seems to be a decision," blue Yanxi cried.

"In that case, take your bag and follow me." In fact, Ling Mo Feng didn't feel relieved to let her stay at home alone. He was more willing to take her with him.

"Where to?" Blue Yanxi blinked.

"Wait for me in my office." The man looked at her smiling like a flower, and really wanted to reach out to hug her, but there were so many people coming and going. He just wanted to be used to reaching out, but he could only hold back, holding hands and fists.

LAN Yanxi, like a obedient little tail, followed him and became a very harmonious scenery.

Ling Mo Feng is elegant and Jin Gui, with steady temperament, blue Yan Xi is beautiful and moving, with sweet temperament, which matches well in any way.

LAN Yanxi followed Ling Mo Feng to his office directly. Seeing this, Chu lie was slightly shocked: "Sir, didn't I take Miss LAN back?"

"If she doesn't want to go back, let her stay in the office. You can ask someone to bring some fruit snacks." Ling Mo Feng's spoiled eyes looked at her, worried that she would be bored, and gave her something to eat.

So meticulous and considerate, LAN Yanxi likes it from the bottom of his heart.

Chu lie turns around and goes to work. LAN Yanxi follows Ling Mo Feng in.

This office is not the first time to come, but every time you come, you can feel the pressure.

It's rigorous and dull. It's hard to breathe. She really admires Ling Mo Feng. How boring it is to work in such an environment.

Ling Mo Feng also seemed to see how much the little woman disliked her office. He looked a little embarrassed and looked at her nervously and said, "there is a rest room nearby. If you don't want to sit here, go to the rest room to play."

"Is it? Why do you still have a lounge in your office? " LAN Yanxi asked strangely with a blank face.

Ling Mo Feng was a little tense when she asked: "don't get me wrong, it's just for rest."

Blue words and beautiful eyes and black belly flash: "of course I know it's for rest, otherwise, do you use it for anything else?"

"What can I do?" The man was speechless and reached out to knead her face in a punitive way: "no blind thinking."

LAN Yanxi hurriedly pushed his hand away with discontent: "how do you pinch my face every day? I feel like a child."

"In my eyes, you are a child. I don't want you to grow up." Ling Mo Feng said seriously.

"Ah?" Blue Yan Xi blinks, some can't believe: "I'm not long, you can bully me every day?"

"Of course not. I just hope you are innocent all the time. You are the happiest and carefree child. Besides, I don't bully you every day. I only take care of you every day." Ling Mo Feng is speechless again. It seems that this little woman is not suitable for chatting at all. It's easy to die chatting.

LAN Yanxi chuckled: "well, I understand your mind. As for the innocence you said, I really don't know how much I have left. Anyway, when others bully me, I will bully back. I'm not as kind as you think."

Ling Mo Feng's lips are thin and light: "I'm not stupid, you understand wrong, others bully you, of course you have to bully back."

The man opens the door of the leisure room, which is actually a delicate small suite, sofa, table and chair, and simple kitchen equipment. The bedroom is just a door next to it.

"First, sit here and wait for me. If you have something to do, send me a message. I'm in a meeting and can't read it in time. But I'll read it when I have time. I don't know how long it will take. You may wait for a long time and sleep when you're tired..."

"Well, go to the meeting if you want. Don't worry about me. I can take care of myself." LAN Yan hopes to see that he can't stop reading, and quickly reaches out to push him to the door: "go to work, I have a mobile phone to play to the end of the world, and I'm afraid I'm bored."

The heart that the man is still putting originally, hear her words, helpless sigh again, admonish way: "play less mobile phone, pay attention to the eye."

"If I am short-sighted and wear glasses, is it not good-looking?" LAN Yanxi immediately thought again.

"That's why I want you to watch your cell phone less." Ling Mo Feng can't help her. There are always so many words in this mouth to refute him.

"I see. Look less!" Blue words that smile and agree.

But the next second, her chin was strongly buckled by the man. Then, the thin lips of the man fell on her lips.

From gentle touch to madness, it's only minutes and seconds.

The breath is intertwined, blue Yan Xi's heart is pounding, and her pretty face is blushing with shame.

Although this kind of feeling makes people uneasy, lanyanxi hopes to be a little longer, and a little longer.

Until there was a knock on the door outside, Ling Mo Feng reluctantly released his hand. His eyes were dark: "I have to go. I have sent someone to guard outside. It's very safe here."

"Well, I know." LAN Yanxi lowered his head and did not dare to look at him. He only felt that his heart was still racing.