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C1420 restrained love

When LAN Yanxi was attacked by a man's thin lips and had nowhere to hide, she simply stopped hiding. Two thin white arms wrapped around her and took out all her enthusiasm. In a moment, the man's breath became heavy.

Ling Mo Feng just wants to satisfy his inner desire, but when the girl is warm, he has no reason to push her away.

"Yan Xi..." The man's voice was so mute that it seemed as if he had used his strength to call her name.

"Well!" Lanyanxi smiled at him, and then she fell back. The man didn't notice that she had this movement for a while, and the healthy body followed her forward, and immediately it was the master of heaven and earth.

The light above the head is very warm, and the halo is sprinkled down. The girl's gentle smile looks very beautiful. Those eyes are stained with water mist, which are so confused that they seem to lose people's soul.

Ling Mo Feng's eyes slowed down for a while, nervously and cautiously looking at her smile. Her lips were softly pursed, with a shy smile and a maddening impulse.

"Ling Mo Feng..." Lanyanxi's eyes are also shamefully entwined with his face, and they will not be removed for a moment. In fact, at this moment, she is ready for any psychological preparation. She is not afraid at all, because she is really in love with him.

The man suddenly laughed at himself, his strong arms propped up his upper body, restrained and forbeared: "I can't hold you down every time I come to see you, so I'm not reliable."

It's not easy to create the atmosphere, so it's easily dissolved by a few words of men.

Blue words beautiful eyes a stay, see the man has turned over to sit up, the next moment, the thick quilt cover her body: "don't freeze!"

In fact, lanyanxi also shivered a few times. She was covered by a warm quilt. She dared not be a demon any more. She tightly closed the quilt and then she also bowed her head and laughed.

"Yes, it seems that there is more than that between us." Lanyanxi also felt that he was in a bit of a hurry. Every time he saw Ling Mo Feng, he just thought about how to knock him down. That's not right.

"Not now. After marriage, I will make up for you!" Ling Mo Feng reached for her long hair.

"As if you were good at it!" LAN Yanxi also did not know where to come from the resentment, grudged him.

"Can't you question me?" The handsome face of a man changes instantly, and the eyes are dangerous.

As long as LAN Yanxi said yes, he would immediately turn into a wolf and let her compensate for the taste of danger.

LAN Yanxi knew that he had touched his bottom line and hurriedly saved himself: "no, no, of course, I don't mean that. You look so healthy and tall, how can you not?"

Ling Mo Feng glared at her angrily: "I don't want you now, because I haven't promised you. Yan Xi, before we get married, we all keep the bottom line. I don't want you to hate me then!"

"I won't hate you. I'm an adult too. All the things between adults are what you love and what I want. It's not that you forced me. Why should I hate you?" LAN Yanxi immediately explained it seriously.

"I know, but if a girl loses her innocence, it is always unfair to her other half. Although you will be my wife in the future, I don't want your life to be shaken." Ling Mo Feng knows that she is an understanding and reasonable person, but he still hopes to stick to the last line.

"You know what? The more you do that, the worse I feel like I'm getting. " LAN Yanxi couldn't help laughing out: "I was not such a person before. I wanted to be a bad girl when I met a good man like you."

"You're going to go bad, see how I teach you!" Ling Mo Feng smiles angrily.

"Well, let's not talk about it. Would you like to go to bed to see a movie?" LAN Yanxi quickly ends this topic and continues to talk. I'm really afraid of the fire.

"I don't have time to see a movie. I just came to see you. Yan Xi, I'm going abroad at 11 p.m. it may take three days. You take good care of yourself while I'm away." Ling murfeng said goodbye to her gently. After that, he thought of something. He reached into his suit pocket and said, "I'll give you a present."

LAN Yanxi heard that he was going to leave. Suddenly, she saw a delicate small box in front of her eyes. She was slightly shocked. She didn't know whether to be sad or happy for a while.

"What is this?" LAN Yanxi is finally full of expectation.

"This is a bracelet. I saw it on the Internet and asked Chu lie to buy it for me. Do you like it?" Ling Mo Feng said with a chuckle.

"Of course I like everything you send." LAN Yanxi took a look and knew that it was a limited model of a big brand. Her beautiful eyes widened: "this bracelet is very expensive. It cost you a lot of money."

"I heard that all of you women like limited edition." Seeing her eyes shining, Ling Mo Feng knew that the present he bought this time was quite agreeable and joyful to her.

"Don't buy this kind of thing in the future. Although you have money, I still won't let you spend money." Actually, lanyanxi doesn't have much pursuit for these shiny things * now, when she has experienced the pain of losing her father's love, she knows that money still can't buy many things. All she wants is warm love and long-term company.

"Don't you like it?" Ling Mo Feng's face became tense in an instant.

"No, I love it!" Lanyanxi took it and put it on his wrist directly. The white skin matched with the shining diamonds, and it was very beautiful.

Ling Mo Feng was relieved. Although he had sent some hand ornaments to his mother and sister before, he had never been so worried. Because his sister and mother's preferences, he was clear. He never sent them wrong every time, but lanyanxi was different. She had so many things that she could move her. There should be very few.

"Thank you!" LAN Yanxi pounced on him and kissed him on the handsome face of the man: "I will wear it on my hands later, and I will not take it off!"

"Well, I'll go first. Please call me if you have anything!" Ling Mo Feng stood up. Suddenly, he felt embarrassed in some part. He quickly turned around and whispered, "goodbye in three days." Blue words and beautiful eyes are reluctant to give up, but she can only resist this reluctant, waving at him: "you go, have a good journey, pay attention to safety."

Ling Mo Feng nodded softly: "OK, with you, I will!"

LAN Yanxi, wearing a quilt, stood by the window, watching the men's motorcade disappear in the dark.

She raised her wrist and looked at the sparkling diamond, each with his heart, let her in the night, also do not feel lonely.

The next day, lanyanxi caught a cold, because yesterday was too willful, she was already weak, and she was frozen to hold the man. At this moment, she sat at her desk, head heavy and feet light, cold all over. "No, I have to take some medicine!" Lanyanxi knew that she was ill, and she didn't try to be brave, so she decided to go to the infirmary for some medicine at noon.

Wang Xinyi saw something wrong with her at noon, reached out and touched her forehead: "you're hot, what's the matter?"

"Sister Xinyi, I'm ok. Don't worry. I'll take some medicine after work." LAN Yanxi blames herself for not paying attention to her work, which also affects her work efficiency.

"You don't have to wait for work. Go get the medicine now. Don't take it by mistake!" Wang Xinyi's attitude towards lanyanxi is surprisingly good. She may be a woman as well. She knows her difficulties better.

"Thank you, sister Xinyi. Then I'll take an hour off!" Lanyanxi stood up, grateful.

"Go back to rest, don't try to be brave when you are ill!" Wang Xinyi directly gave her a holiday.

"Well, I'll take good care of myself first and come back to work tomorrow!" Although lanyanxi wants to be brave, she is not allowed by her body. She can only ask for a leave to see a doctor.

LAN Yanxi walked towards the parking lot feebly. Since Ling Mo Feng has been on a business trip these days, she might as well go to stay with her mother for two days. I don't know why. She was ill all her life and thought about her inexplicably.

Lanyanxi drove directly to Lanmu's house.

When she just arrived at the gate of LAN Mu's community, she saw her mother and a man standing in the woods at the gate of the community talking. The man was not her current husband, but a person LAN Yanxi didn't know. When he left, the man also attached his body and kissed her mother's forehead, which was the only time to leave by car.