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Tang You Kang turned his head to look at her, and then sighed: "Wanru, when will you and Xue Rou stop? Do you know how much trouble you've caused Xue Rou to be unable to even leave her house?"

Although Tang You You knew that his father was definitely going to bring this up with her, he never thought that his father would still go for Tang Xue Rou in the end. She laughed self-deprecatingly, "Father, although she is also your daughter, you have always been concerned about me, but towards her, you care about everything. Even if you really want to be biased, you can't be so obvious.

"Wandering, if you want to hate me, then hate me. Regardless of the matter with Xue Rou, please let her go." Tang You Kang also felt that he had been too biased, but since he had gone abroad, he did not give her a call. However, he did not blame her, because fate was playing with each other.

You're not my biological daughter, if you don't believe me, then you'll believe that I'm really not your biological father after we've compared DNA. That's why I haven't been able to truly treat you as my daughter for so many years, but even if you're not my biological daughter, I still haven't treated you badly in material terms. You know that, so I hope you can let Xue Rou go on account of how father has raised you all these years. Tang You Kang's eyes reddened a little. If he did not encounter such a difficult situation today, he would have kept this secret for his entire life.

"No …" No, Dad, you don't have to joke with me, okay? "I beg you, let's go. If we don't do any inspections, you must be lying to me …" This blow came too suddenly, it was like a thunderbolt out of the blue. Tang You You could not accept it, so she endured her tears, trembling voice, and pulled her father's arm, wanting to bring him away from the place.

You Ye and I bought it from someone else, and we don't know who your parents are. Before your mother died, I promised her that even if I couldn't give you a father's love in this life, I would bring you up. I've accomplished your mother's dying words, and now you're an adult. Tang You Kang didn't dare to look at Tang You You's face which was already starting to cry.

Tang You You's entire body froze, her eyes stared blankly, she was actually not the Tang Family's biological daughter?

How could this be?

Why was it like this?

She had always been jealous of Tang Xue Rou, jealous that she had her father's care and love. She had once made a ruckus without reason, but at that time, her father had never said anything that could shock her to such an extent.

"Wandering, I know you won't be able to accept this fact, but if you don't believe me, we'll test our DNA right now." Tang You Kang was afraid that she wouldn't believe him, so he allowed her to come to the hospital. As long as the results of the DNA test were out, Tang You You would definitely believe it in front of the facts.

Tang You You opened her eyes wide, and sized up the middle aged man who had suddenly become a stranger, his heart was in so much pain that it seemed like it was going to drip blood.

Before, she had blamed her father for treating her badly, but now, she was a person without a father.

"There's no need to test it, I believe in you." Tang You You closed her eyes, and her tears crazily flowed down: "Thank you for not chasing me out of the Tang Family, thank you for bringing me up to the age of twenty. No matter if you are my biological father, in my heart, you are still my father."

"Wandering, if you still think of me as your father, then please let Xue Rou go with grace, don't let her have nothing. I already know what happened five years ago, they did indeed do something to hurt you, father will let them apologize to you in person, but today, father begs you, let Xue Rou go, just treat it as repayment for raising me for the past twenty years." Tang You Kang pleaded as he looked at Tang You You, hoping that she would forgive him.

Tang You You's heart felt like it was being cut by a blade. Blood flowed profusely, her sadness and sorrow had already numbed her a little.

But when she heard her father's last words, she suddenly raised her head and looked at Tang You Kang with tears all over her face.

Tang You Kang also felt that what he had done was excessive, but he had no other way.

"Wandering, Xue Rou is my own daughter, I can't just watch her walk into a dead end. WanWandering, you're a good child, you've been very sensible and obedient since you were young. This time, can you help father?" Tang You Kang really placed all his hopes on Tang You You.

Seeing that Tang You You did not speak and only shed tears, Tang You Kang was very uneasy and also very anxious.

"Alright, I promise you, this time …" I will let her go, and treat it as returning the favor of raising you. " After Tang You You finished speaking, she turned around and ran out.

"Wandering …" Seeing that she had decisively ran away, Tang You Kang immediately shouted out, but sadly, he was already frozen in place, not daring to chase up to her.

Perhaps, at this moment, he had already lost this daughter of his.

In one breath, Tang You You ran out of the hospital. Outside the door, the sunset was beautiful, the multicolored light spread across the ground, but her heart was cold.

She walked to the car in a daze step by step, her whole body trembling.

Ye Zichen also clenched his bag tightly with both of his hands. How was he supposed to accept such a cruel reality?

She was actually not his father's biological daughter. She was bought and raised by him and his mother from someone else.