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C1061 regret is useless

Yang ChuChu keeps by her mother's bed, watching her gradually fall asleep. After taking the medicine, Cheng Ying soon falls asleep. Yang ChuChu sits motionless beside her. She suddenly remembers a sentence that some people will grow up and mature in an instant. I wonder if she is in such a mood now. She felt that her mother was still lying to herself. She must have met Tang Qi, Luo mu. Maybe Tang Qi didn't say anything hard to hear. But she was a smart woman. She knew something at all, but because she knew it, she was even more miserable.

"Mom, I'm sorry!" Yang ChuChu apologizes to her mother over and over again. If it wasn't for her, her mother has been living a strong life. She hasn't been very sick for so many years, but she suddenly fell ill today.

She grows up day by day, and her mother grows old day by day. Maybe soon, she will take on the responsibility of this family. She can't really indulge herself to choose any more. Tang

chess has been living in China recently. When her youngest son got married, something in her mind fell. However, the marriage of her eldest son turned into a matter of anxiety for her. So recently, she has been chatting with friends in the circle. Yes, she asked some sisters to have afternoon tea in the afternoon. Some of the people who came here had beautiful daughters. That's exactly what Tang Qi wanted. She can find a date for her eldest son first.

Tang Qi arrived at the appointed afternoon tea restaurant in the driver's car. As soon as he stepped into the hall, he met a charming woman who changed Tang Qi's look instantly. Feier also saw her, with an unexpected expression on her face. "

Auntie!" Miffee took advantage of the fact that Tang Qi liked her very much before, so she walked quickly and greeted her with a sweet smile: "Auntie, it's a long time since I've seen you. It's a coincidence. Are you here for afternoon tea, too?"

Tang Qi was very satisfied with miffee before, because she was beautiful and good at learning. What's more, she and her son fell in love, and they were able to help each other in their work. But who knows, she turned around and married an overseas rich businessman, kicking her son off. At that time, Luo Jinyu didn't take over the company's affairs. Naturally, there was one less The mature charm of the superior. "

well, who do I think it is? It's you. Aren't you married overseas? How come back to China? " Tang Qi actually knows that miffee is divorced. As a person in the same circle, she only needs to make efforts to find out some gossip. She deliberately attacks and satirizes miffee. "My aunt, I'm divorced. Now I'm back to work." "

divorced? But I don't think you've been married for many years Tang Qi's face is exaggerated.

Of course, miffee knew that she intended to mock, but she was not angry. When she got married, she heard that Tang Qi was half angry. "

auntie, I didn't understand before and did something that made you unhappy. Now I really regret it. I also apologized to Jin Yu and hope to ask for your forgiveness!" Said miffee with all sincerity. Don

chess smiled a little: "what apology do you say to us? It's your choice to marry someone. We can't interfere. Now, my son has no feelings for you." "

but I still can't let Jin Yu go. For so many years, I have been thinking about his kindness. I was too impulsive and didn't think clearly before I married someone else. If I was given another chance, I would never divorce Jin Yu." Miffee said, eyes are red, as if really regretful, want to come again.

Tang Qi, seeing her sad look, doesn't mock her, sighs: "well, a lot of things in life will be regretted. You can look for a man later and see clearly before you marry." "

aunt, thank you for your concern. Is Jin Yu OK recently?" Miffee is still reading Luo Jinyu. He hopes that one day he will suddenly find her good. He will change his mind and rekindle his old love. "

My son is very good now. I don't care about him. I have an appointment with a friend. Let's go first." Tang Qi slightly raised his chin, said, no more talk, stride away. Mi

fei'er turns around and looks at her desperate back. Her red eyes turn back to normal quickly.

"Old witch, still remember to hate me!" Miffy clenched her fist and bit her teeth.

Tang Qi arrives at the gate of the box. After finishing his clothes, he pushes the door in. There are many expensive women in it. They are talking about the latest set of cosmetics. One of them has used it very well and is making money to everyone.

"Oh, it's the rovers!" There was an immediate cry.

Tang Qi walked in without losing etiquette and swept her eyes around the scene. There was a young and beautiful girl coming. She was surprised. "

What are you talking about? You seem to have a good time talking? " Tang Qi asked with a smile.

"What can we talk about? Clothes, bags and cosmetics are the only things we can talk about."

Tang Qi immediately looked at the young girl, and the girl was looking at her happily.

"Oh, why do we have a little flower among a bunch of ladies? Whose eldest lady is this? " Tang Qi immediately asked curiously. This is my niece from abroad, Fang Kexin. We all call her Xiaoxin. She just came back from studying abroad and said that if she didn't make any friends at home, she had to follow me to beat the crowd. " One of the beauties immediately pointed to the girl beside her and made an introduction. "

today's girls seldom have her quiet temperament. As expected, girls with high education have outstanding temperament." A lady nearby praised. Fang

Kexin chuckled and said softly: "listening to several aunts talking, I feel very interesting and can learn a lot."

"Look at this little mouth. It's very talkative. However, I envy them when they are young. Xiaoxin, you haven't made a boyfriend yet?" Someone asked with a smile. Fang

Kexin immediately shook his head: "no, I just returned home and haven't found a job."

"Really? What kind of job are you looking for? Your family must have a place for you. "

Fang Kexin bowed his head and smiled: "in fact, I just want to find a common job practice experience now. I didn't want to take on any big position. I started from the lower level, and I can deal with a higher position only after I have accumulated experience."

Tang Qi has been observing Fang Kexin. Seeing that she likes to talk with her head bowed slightly, which gives people a sense of respect and politeness, she immediately liked it. She immediately asked, "my son's company should have a position that you are satisfied with. If you don't dislike it, how about I introduce you to my son's company?"