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C1243 him in reality and dream

The house is empty. LAN Yanxi holds the pillow and watches TV for a while. Suddenly, she hears the phone ring. She throws the pillow and pulls the phone out of the bag. Then she sees three words of her fiance beating. Blue

Yan Xi's mouth was raised. She guessed that Ling Mo Feng would call her when he was free. Unexpectedly, she called her so soon. "

have you eaten?" As soon as LAN Yanxi answers, he hears the man's deep concern. "

No, I'm at home. When will you come back?" Lanyanxi murmured and asked, the house is clean and tidy, obviously comfortable to live in, but I don't know why, without him at home, lanyanxi is inexplicably lonely.

"I may go back later. What would you like to eat? I'll send it to you! " The purpose of Ling Mo Feng's phone call is to prepare some dinner for her. She is at home alone, and she may tear up the noodles directly, because he came back late the other day and found that she didn't eat well alone.

"Really? Then I won't eat instant noodles. I'll have them delivered when you call. " Blue word hillima, like a child with candy, laughs. "

then wait a moment, I've already sent someone to pack." Ling Mo Feng seems to be able to feel the look of her mouth rising. It's so easy to meet her. Her identity as a young lady is too much discount.

"Ling Mo Feng, aren't you busy now? I think you have a lot to do today. " LAN Yanxi was in a good mood and began to talk with him.

"I'm going to have dinner soon. I called you while I was in the bathroom." Ling Mo Feng couldn't help laughing.

"Ah, so busy, that's OK. You're busy first, and remember to come back earlier!" Lanyanxi, like a little wife in charge of affairs, not forgets to remind him to go home early while giving him care. "

OK, come back when you're done, take care of yourself and hang up first!" The man's gentle voice, without a trace of impatience, said, still waiting for her to hang up first.

LAN Yanxi secretly smiled and hung up the phone first. Ling

Mo Feng has already arranged the dinner for LAN Yanxi, so around 6:30, someone sent her three dishes and one soup, delicious and nutritious. Blue

Yan Xi gratefully sent the aunt away, hummed this delicious food alone, and she was fed up by no small owner. What should she do next? Yes, she wants to learn!

Since she joined the work, lanyanxi has found all kinds of shortcomings in her body. Interpersonal communication is poor. So, she wants to read more books about communication, and can she find an experience that will help her work.

LAN Yanxi stared at her mobile phone with interest at the beginning and thought while looking at it. But less than half an hour later, she felt that the words seemed to beat.

"No, I can't sleep!" It's not words jumping, it's her eyelids getting stuck fighting.

LAN Yanxi slaps two faces with both hands and forces herself to continue reading.

Reading helps to improve, and it certainly benefits a lot. Only

Yes, in theory, it's very good, but in practice, why is it so difficult? Blue

Yan Xi finally curled up in the quilt with her mobile phone, and fell asleep in a trance. I don't know how long I've slept. I feel a pair of eyes staring at me. That feeling is very strong, which leads lanyanxi to think that he is dreaming and bring Ling Mo Feng into the dream. She opened her eyes in a daze, and saw that the man was sitting beside her bed at some time, reaching out to open her long hair that would fall on her cheek. "

Ling Mo Feng!" LAN Yanxi murmured his name. The man didn't answer, but his eyes were tender and his lips were thin.

"I'm not dreaming!" Lanyanxi couldn't distinguish the reality from the dream for a while, because the light in the room was very dim, only the wall lamp was on, and the surrounding was gray. Only the position at the head of the bed could see people clearly, which was similar to the scene in her dream. Lanyanxi held out his hand in confusion and tightly held the big hand that the man put on her quilt. "

hot?" LAN Yanxi is scalded by the hot temperature in the palm of a man's hand. She furiously retracts her hand and looks at the man with her beautiful eyes wide open. "

are you tired after a day's work?" Ling Mo Feng saw her silly appearance, but was amused by her bewilderment and loveliness.

"You When did you come back? " LAN Yan feels embarrassed. She manages her long hair and reaches for her mobile phone to see the time. "

just came back, did you have dinner?" Ling Mo Feng couldn't help asking.

LAN Yanxi felt his face a little embarrassed and said with a dry smile, "why do you always ask me if I've eaten? It's like I'm a pig, eating all the time!"

Ling Mo Feng's brow was twisted, and he wanted to be serious, but he laughed out loud: "if you scold yourself like this, I will always ask you if you are hungry. If you don't like my concern..."

"No, no, no, no, I like that you care about me like my grandfather used to!" LAN Yanxi hears this, beautiful Mou is surprised, two small hands instinctively go to pull his cuff. "

Oh?" Ling Mo Feng is happy when he hears the first few sentences, but when he hears the last sentence, his tone is indefinitely prolonged, and even Jun's face becomes a little ugly.

"My grandfather used to worry about my hungry stomach when he was a child. He asked people to prepare delicious food for me every day. You may not know that I was a little fat man before I was 13 years old. When I knew that women love beauty, I was heartless." LAN Yanxi was nervous. He didn't find anything wrong with the man's expression. He continued to laugh at himself with his head down. "

yes? That makes sense! " Ling Mo Feng glanced around her and nodded inexplicably.

"What makes sense?" LAN Yanxi looked at him in a fog. How could he feel that he spoke so profoundly?

"I don't think you are fat anywhere, but there is a place where you are obviously fat!" Ling Mo Feng was to punish her for not speaking well, so he deliberately played a trick on her.

"Where is the fat obvious? My waist? Or my leg? " I believe that every woman is most afraid to hear this sentence, which is a total denial of her beauty. "

neither!" Ling Mo Feng just wanted to play a joke on her, but at the moment, his eyes unconsciously looked at her chest.

Lanyanxi has not bathed, but takes off his coat. He is wearing a white shirt. At the moment, the button doesn't know when to break one, just showing a small part of the business line.

Even if the light is dim, the man's eyes are sharp, and he can see the whole shape directly, so to speak, he is very satisfied. Blue

Yanxi is guided by his eyes, and then she looks down at her chest. Next second, she quickly reaches for her hand and hugs herself. A pair of angry eyes stare at the man: "where do you look? Don't look! " Ling

Mo Fengjun's face is a little red. He has always been calm and rigorous. Now he is regarded as an unruly member by men. This is the first experience, which makes him a little shy.

"It's late. You should have a rest earlier. You have to go to work tomorrow." Ling Mo Feng quickly changed the topic and wanted to get up and leave.

"Wait a minute!" LAN Yan hoped to see that he was about to leave, but he was reluctant to part with him and opened his mouth in a hurry. Ling

Mo Feng stood up and looked down at her: "is there anything else?"

"That My leg is very sour. Do you have any medicine? I need to wipe it! " LAN Yanxi doesn't want to prove anything. Her calf is really sour and painful. This feeling is like climbing a high mountain and the sequelae of coming down. If she doesn't apply some medicine, she will not be able to bear it if she continues to walk on high-heeled shoes to work tomorrow.

"Does the leg hurt? Wait for me! " Ling Mo Feng's eyes were slightly stunned. Next second, he turned around and walked out quickly.

When he came in again, he actually took a bottle of medicine wine in his hand. Look at the package, it should not be bad. "

put your legs out, let me see!" Ling Mo Feng sat directly by the bed and asked in a low voice.

"No, you keep the medicine. I'll take a bath and put it on again!" LAN Yan's eyes were stunned. Unexpectedly, Ling Mo Feng took the initiative to knead her legs.