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Although Tang You You wanted to be ruthless and merciless, the Tang Family had raised her up, so she wouldn't truly repay the kindness with hatred.

"I'm already much better. You should go to work. I've already delayed you for so long." Tang You You changed the topic.

Tang Xue Rou looked like she was doing well on the surface, but deep down, she was a very scheming woman.

Ji Family!

Mu Shi Ye and his daughter, Cheng Cheng, woke up from their slumber and felt that their lives were all dark and gloomy.

He had clearly slept, but why did he feel more tired than if he had not slept?

It was unknown when the little guy next to him had woken up. While he was sleeping, the little guy climbed up his body. This might have been the reason for his poor sleep.

Mu Shi Ye carried his daughter and planned to find a maid or auntie downstairs to prepare a cup of milk for Lil Thing to drink.

The moment he came down, he saw Luo He Ning had arrived without him noticing. Luo He Ning had his legs folded up as he leisurely drank coffee and played with his phone.

Seeing him walk down, Luo He Ning's thin lips slightly curled up.

"Stop making fun of me here, what are you doing here? Are you sure you aren't here to make fun of me? " Mu Shi Ye felt that his bad friend had definitely come to see him and make a fool of himself.

"Of course not, I came here on purpose to take care of you." Luo He Ning said in all seriousness.

"Is that so? "Fine, then help me hug my daughter. I'll go get her a cup of milk!" Mu Shi Ye walked over and directly put the little fellow in his arms.

Luo He Ning hurriedly hugged and lowered his head to look into the little fellow's bright eyes. After that, his small mouth flattened, letting out a wow before he started crying loudly.

Luo He Ning's scalp tingled. He never thought that such a small person would actually cry so deafeningly.

At this time, he had to give her some milk. The only thing he could do was to say to Luo He Ning: "Quickly take something to coax her and tell her not to cry, I'll immediately give her some milk."

Luo He Ning could only carry the little fellow and stand up to swim. Unfortunately, the little fellow seemed too familiar with him, and furthermore, she felt that this little fellow was not her father.

"She still doesn't want to, how should I deal with her?" Luo He Ning had no experience at all with children.

"Then let her down!" Mu Shi Ye shrugged his shoulders helplessly.

After Luo He Ning placed the little guy down, Xiao Cheng Cheng moved like a penguin, he swung his short legs and walked towards Mu Shi Ye. As he walked, he shouted indistinctly: "Daddy, hug … "Daddy …"

Although he did not call out his name very clearly, Mu Shi Ye felt that the mission in his body became much heavier all of a sudden.

His darling was finally willing to call out to him. Un, he had improved a lot, not bad at all.

"Hey, come help me. My daughter wants me to carry her. Help me wash the milk powder." There were no servants or aunties around, so Mu Shi Ye could only call his good brother over.

Luo He Ning helplessly walked over with a smile. "I made a statement beforehand, this is the first time I've washed a child's milk powder. It's not nice to drink, don't leave it to me."

"I'll teach you, don't worry!" Mu Shi Ye hugged her daughter and couldn't help but kiss her pink and tender cheeks.

Luo He Ning hurried to get some water to rinse the bottle clean.

While he was doing this, a beautiful figure suddenly appeared at the kitchen door.

"What are you doing?" Mu Lin came over, and the moment she entered, she saw the figures of two men disappearing into the kitchen.

"Ah …" Suddenly, Luo He Ning pushed the boiling water away, making his fingers turn red.

Mu Shi Ye immediately turned around and looked at him: "What kind of plane is this? You're holding boiling water, so why don't you just order some? Is it scalded? "

"Don't worry, it's fine!" Luo He Ning was embarrassed to say that his goddess had come, and had hooked his soul.

Mu Lin quickly walked over, without saying a word, she directly grabbed his burnt finger, looked at it, and frowned: "You still say it's okay, you're already red from the heat, let me take some ice cubes for you!"

Luo He Ning felt that the moment he was grabbed by the goddess, the temperature was pleasing to the eye.

Mu Lin took the ice cube and walked over, and continued to grab his hand, and help him apply the cold at the place where he was scalded.

Mu Shi Ye was also slightly apologetic: "Blame me, you said that this is your first time, and I still insisted on letting you go!"

Luo He Ning's handsome face instantly turned hot from embarrassment as his own goddess was holding onto his palm. Hearing Mu Shi Ye's self-blame, he anxiously said, "No, no, no, I don't blame you.

Mu Lin laughed lightly: "Maybe it's my fault, I suddenly said something just now, and scared him."

Luo He Ning looked at the charming and beautiful face that was just inches away from him, and his heart immediately beat wildly.

Wasn't it just because she came at the right time? Even though the heat had taken away his concentration, he was still willing to endure the pain even if it made him feel terrible.

A masochist!

Mu Lin carefully and meticulously applied the cold on all of his burn spots.

"Does it still hurt?" Mu Lin looked up into his eyes and asked.

Luo He Ning originally wanted to say that it didn't hurt, but how could he be willing to lose the blessing of a goddess like that?

"It still hurts a little!" He had lied, and he was shameless.

"Then apply it a little longer!" Mu Lin was deceived.

Just then, Uncle Yuan walked in. Seeing them, he immediately walked over anxiously: "What happened? What happened to the two Young Master s? Is Young Master Luo hurt his hand? "

"I was scalded by hot water just now. It's red and swollen!" Mu Shi Ye said.

"Let me do it, Mubai! "I have some experience in dealing with this!" Without saying a word, Uncle Yuan took over Mu Lin's work.

Mu Lin heard from Uncle Yuan that she had experience, so she did not insist, and laughed: "Alright, Uncle Yuan, help him."

Luo He Ning's heart crumbled.