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C1962 is clear

Ji Tingyan is embarrassed to find a hole to drill in. She's so ashamed. She thought that no one except grandma Zhang would know that she did such an embarrassing thing last time.

"Why don't you talk?" Tie Ting eyes light a turn, stare at Ji Tingyan's face.

Ji Tingyan lowers her head, her long black hair is scattered, blocking her expression. However, her face is pink like peach blossom. In this cold and vast white world, her pink skin makes the man slightly stunned.

"Well, I admit I did go to your grandmother's house because You came to me that night on your own initiative. In a word, it's because of you and me. This matter is even. Don't get me wrong. I took the initiative only when I fell in love with you. I'm here to assure you that I don't like you. " Ji Tingyan doesn't want to be misunderstood any more, so she can only explain the whole thing at one go. I hope this man can make some sense and don't doubt that she has any other intention.

Tie Ting didn't expect that she would answer like this. It's reasonable. It seems that it's really a misunderstanding.

"I came to you that night and saw you with your boyfriend..."

"That's my brother. We look so alike. Didn't you find out? What eyes? " Ji Tingyan can't help but turn her mouth and whisper.

The space in the car is limited. No matter how low she said it, the man also heard it.

"Not your boyfriend? Is that your brother? " Tie Ting frowned. That night, the light was dim. He didn't look at the resemblance between the two of them carefully. Naturally, he would not speculate about the relationship between brother and sister.

"In a word, don't doubt what I think of you any more. I don't have any." Ji Tingyan looks at him angrily.

Tie Ting suddenly lost his smile and looked out of the window without speaking.

Ji Tingyan is a little embarrassed at the moment. If this misunderstanding doesn't get rid of, she really can't live a good life. Her self-esteem doesn't allow anyone to doubt her like this.

"What are you laughing at? Am I wrong? I'm serious about explaining it to you. " Ji Tingyan's voice is more serious. She doesn't realize that it's funny.

Tie Ting nodded and said lightly: "since it's a misunderstanding, just make it clear."

"You believe I didn't come here because I liked you?" Ji Tingyan meimou looks at him seriously, hoping that he can answer her definitely.

Tie Ting's eyes turned around and suddenly seemed to fall into a pool of clear spring water. It was her eyes, pure as water, with bright ripples.

Originally, some women, eyes will be so beautiful, as bright as stars.

"Well!" The man forgets how to answer for a while, only nodded casually.

The depression in Ji Tingyan's heart was dispelled instantly. As long as tie Ting no longer doubts her, her mood will be relaxed.

Tie Ting turns to look out of the window. The heart lake looks like a stone thrown by someone. This woman's serious explanation doesn't look like there is no silver here?

Think of here, the thin lips that the man looks good, pulled lightly.

The SUV is running steadily on the mountain road. It's very quiet inside. The body on the top of the SUV is like a rocking blue. Ji Tingyan, who couldn't sleep until midnight last night, was sleepy a few minutes later, leaning against the back of her chair. She grabbed the seat belt tightly with her hands and adjusted a comfortable posture. After a while, she fell asleep.

When tieting turned to look at her again, she found that she was asleep.

Head to the other side of the window, wide down jacket, wrapped around her thin body, such a sleeping posture, there are some lovely.

Tie Ting's eyes narrowed, and he could fall asleep in a few minutes. Do you trust him too much, or do you relax after the misunderstanding is removed?

No matter what, tie Ting's mood is very depressed. As for what he is depressed about, he seems to have no answer.

Sitting in the back of the car, Li Jingwen is not sleepy at the moment. Instead, she stares at the car in front more and more soberly. She wants to see through the glass of the rear window and see through all the movements inside.

It's just that the windows are tight, Li Jingwen can't see anything, and her mind is full of conjectures.

At present, it's certain that Ji Tingyan and Funing know each other. From all kinds of appearances, Funing seems to know that Ji Tingyan likes him. Ji Tingyan's abnormal performance is like a wayward young lady getting angry because she can't get the man she likes.

"Ah!" Li Jingwen made a sneer in her heart. No wonder Ji Tingyan is coming here. She just came here to send love to her. Unfortunately, she seems to despise her. It's a shame.

Li Jingwen's mood is a little better when she thinks of these things. She thinks that tie Ting will not like Ji Tingyan, a charming young lady, who is willful and weak. He must like a woman who is independent and calm. This is the best match for tie ting.

"Jingwen, you don't have to sit so straight. It's more comfortable to sit in a chair." Cheng Yue finds that as soon as Li Jingwen gets on the train, she sits upright, which is indeed the requirement of the training, but now this situation is very safe, there is no need to tense her nerves at all times.

Li Jingwen answered and leaned back in the chair, but her heart couldn't relax.

Men and women are alone in a closed and narrow space. Ji Tingyan has an idea about tie ting. She will definitely not sit quietly. She must do everything to lure tie ting. I hope all of this is useless. Tie Ting is not a superficial man.

The car has been driving for more than an hour, and Ji Tingyan's cat is sleeping more heavily on one side of the car.

All of a sudden, the whole body of the car vibrated, and Ji Tingyan fell to the left from her position.

Before Ji Tingyan woke up, she leaned on the man's shoulder, and tie Ting instinctively reached for her arm to avoid her injury.

Ji Tingyan opens her eyes in surprise and finds herself leaning on the side of the man. She quickly sits up straight and looks down. The man's big hand is at the bend of her arm.

"The next road is not easy to walk. Don't sleep." Tie Ting whispered to her.

"Thank you!" Ji Tingyan is not a girl. She is very polite to the man for his kind help.

Just now, she found that she was still holding her arm. Maybe it was because all the women she contacted at work were the real women. So when she just grabbed Ji Tingyan's arm, she found that the arm under the big down jacket was very thin, as if he would break it with a slight twist. It was so weak.

"Good!" Ji Tingyan didn't dare to sleep either. She sat back in her seat and stared out of the window.

"Listen to my grandma. Are you a painter?" Tie Ting suddenly asked her.

"Yes, amateur." Ji replied casually.

"What's your name?" Tie Ting's eyes couldn't help but turn to her.

"Season Ji xiaonai. " Ji Tingyan's eyes blinked, but she didn't tell her real name.