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Tang youyou listened to the steady footsteps coming from behind. Her heart beat faster. She did not dare to look back and quietly pushed open the bedroom door and went in.

There was no pause in the footsteps behind her, and she followed her all the way into the room. Tang youYou can't stand his ambiguous words in the living room, so he ran upstairs to hide from him. Unexpectedly, he also followed him. Tang youyou had taken medicine just now, and her eyebrow couldn't help twisting. What should I do? Does she really want to eat it again? Isn't it true to take the wrong medicine?

However, the man behind her must be looking at her. Tang youyou has to walk to the cabinet next to her, pick up his own medicine, absently remove the wrapping paper, and look at the man behind with his beautiful eyes.

When the man came in, he closed the door with his hand.

In the closed space, Tang youyou hears his heartbeat, accelerating.

"Yo, do you have something to hide from me?" Season owl cold looks at her rigid petite figure, the voice low asked.

"What's up? No! " Tang youyou was already guilty. When he asked, his face turned white.

"Then what are you nervous about?" The man walked to her side and saw that she was just holding the medicine but didn't take it. He put out his hand and pressed her small hand: "you can't hide my eyes, you're not good at lying to me."

When Tang youyou heard his words, his heart thumped. Did the man know anything?

"I I didn't lie. " Tang youyou is still fighting for the last time, but he is scared to death. Ji Xiaohan says that she lied, but she seems to tell him a lot of lies. What is he talking about?

"Last time I was abroad, your mobile phone sent a message of concern. I asked if you were Lu xuanchen's. do you remember how you replied?" Ji Xiao's cold and deep eyes lock her pale face. Looking at her stunned look, he still has some heartache.

He really shouldn't question her about it at this time, because the injury on her head is not complete.

However, he can't help it. He can compromise everything he does. But once he touches something emotional, Ji Xiaohan will almost lose his head no matter how calm he is.

Tang youyou's beautiful eyes are shocked instantly. Of course, she remembers how to answer.

She seemed to say yes, and then Ji Xiaohan believed her. "Can you tell me the truth? Although I'm not your husband in name now, our feelings have always been stable. I don't want you to hide something from me emotionally. You know me. I'm always sensitive to feelings. " Ji Xiaohan reached over and prepared all the medicine for her,

then he picked up her frozen little hand, put the medicine gently in the palm of her hand, and then he gave her the water cup beside her.

Tang youyou looks at the medicine in the palm of her hand. She looks stunned.

"Take the medicine first!" Ji Xiaohan's tone is not strong, but maintains his usual calm.

Tang youyou was completely flustered. She suddenly put the medicine on the table and sighed: "actually, I have taken the medicine!"

Ji Xiao's cold and handsome face is slightly startled, and her eyes are as deep as the sea. She explores her expression more deeply.

Tang youyou took a deep breath, then she bit her lips: "do you know anything?"

"What's your relationship with Yueze?" Asked Ji Xiaohan suddenly.

This problem, let Tang youyou brain blow up, injured position, faint pain.

She reached for her head in a flash.

When Ji Xiaohan saw that she had made this move, Jun's face suddenly froze, and immediately concerned about her nervously: "what's the matter? Does it hurt again? "

Tang youyou shook his head: "no, Ji Xiaohan, if I told you something, would I believe me?"

"I will!" Ji Xiaohan's voice is low, and his eyes are fixed on her: "but you must tell me the truth."

"I'm telling the truth. Something happened between me and jiyueze, but it's not as serious as you think." Tang youyou looks at the man's expression nervously, deeply afraid that he will suddenly get angry.

"To what extent?" Season owl's cold face is also tight for it, sexy thin lips, tight pursed into a line, deeply afraid that she will say a word that makes him despair.

Tang youyou once again took a deep breath and summoned up his courage to say: "he has confessed to me, but you must not misunderstand. He just likes me. I always have that kind of relationship with his friends."

"He told you first? When? " The man suddenly clenched his hand and his voice sank.

Tang youyou looks at his insidious anger, she is very upset, so she reaches out her soft fingers, wants to appease his anger. When she touches his fingers, she finds that his fingers are tightly clenched, as if they will burst out at any time.

"Ji Xiaohan, don't be angry, will you? I know that I shouldn't have lied to you about this, but you can rest assured that Ji Yueze and I will never have a relationship beyond men and women. Now, he has made a girlfriend... "

"Why didn't you tell me that Bai Yiyan is the one he asked to act?" Ji Xiaohan is so shrewd. Under his sharp eyes, he can't hide any falsehood.

His younger brother and Bai Yiyan were not like a couple for a long time. Although they tried hard to pretend their love, their feelings were too deliberate and too rigid.

Tang youyou didn't expect that Ji Xiaohan even saw this. She couldn't help shaking.

The thick long eyelashes, like wings, blinked twice quickly to cover up the inner confusion.

"I'm sorry, but I'm afraid you will be disappointed when you know the truth." It seems that besides Dao Qian, I don't know what else to say.

"Yo, I'm really disappointed. I always thought that you would never cheat me!" Ji Xiaohan takes a step forward, close to her, with a strong sense of loss in his voice.

Qiao's face turned white with fear at the beginning of his heart. He raised his eyes fiercely. He looked at the black eyes of the man who were hurt. His heart was in a mess. "Ji Xiaohan, I don't want to lie to you. I'm just afraid. I think it's ridiculous. I'd better not let you know. I'm afraid I hurt your heart, but you must believe me. When I know this, I'm also very afraid and uneasy. Ji Yueze has never done anything like this. He also wants this thing to go like this." Tang youyou is incoherent and wants to explain clearly, but finds that her anxious eyes are red with fear. Looking at the man's thin lips and anger at the bottom of his eyes, Tang youyou doesn't know how to explain it, he will