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C1565 daily life of second child

Ling Mo Feng and his grandfather chatted for a while and then went downstairs. Ling's father and mother had not come back from eating out. Ling warm sat on the sofa and saw her eldest brother go downstairs. She jumped up immediately and ran to him. She reached out and stopped him: "brother, when is mu Wei Cheng back?"

Ling Mo Feng looked at his younger sister with a surprised face: "warm, don't bully others any more."

"I didn't bully him, I just felt He is not righteous enough. I want to be friends with him, but he avoids me like a snake and a scorpion. Elder brother, am I so terrible? " Ling wennuan's pretty face is hurt and wronged. He is loved by everyone. How can he get to Mu Weicheng and not use it?

"Of course you're not. You're lovely." Ling Mo Feng gently appeases his sister, and his thin lips are hooked with a smile: "it's important for me to come back. I don't have time to play family games with you."

"Brother, what are you talking about? When will I play with him?" Ling wennuan blushed with shame and stared angrily at his eldest brother: "he doesn't want to see me. I don't care about him."

Ling wennuan said, ran upstairs, Ling Mo Feng looked at this lovely sister, can only shake his head and sigh, forget it, she is still a child, he can't control her.

Ling warms up and runs into the room. He closes the door directly. His pretty face is red. It can't be calm for a long time.

As soon as elder brother mentioned the game of family, Ling wennuan thought of something that still made her heart palpitate.

When she was 13 years old, she held a birthday party. When Mu Weicheng came to play the game, I don't know if it was a coincidence. The card she took was exactly the same as his, and they were pushed out for fun.

It was the first time Ling wennuan was held by a boy, and Mu Weicheng was also shy. He didn't dare to hold her. He just let go of his hand after a gentleman's hug. But Ling wennuan remembered the masculine and dry smell on his body, with the taste of lemon.

If you think about it carefully, it was many years ago. Ling wennuan has a clear memory.

But what happened later hurt Ling Nuan. When she was 16 years old in summer, she heard that he had come home and sent him a text message to invite him out for dinner. Unexpectedly, Mu Weicheng refused her directly.

The taste of being rejected is very sad, Ling wennuan is not willing to go straight to his home to find him.

Unexpectedly, he didn't even let her in. He just stood on the balcony on the second floor and told her to go home early and don't look for him at home again.

At that time, when she heard these words, Ling wennuan's brain was hard to use. She didn't expect that Mu Weicheng would not want to be a friend with her anymore. She would not let her family in. On the spot, she said that she wanted to break up with him. Unexpectedly, Mu Weicheng left a word: "OK!"

Ling wennuan deleted all his news. From then on, Mu Weicheng really didn't contact her. Ling wanted to find him, but she couldn't find a reason. She blocked the back road by herself.

Now, when he heard the news of his return, he also had dinner with his eldest brother. It was so depressing that he felt that he was so close, so far, so far away that she dared not even make a phone call.

Ling wennuan closed his eyes, threw himself on the bed, rolled around, rolled the quilt and covered himself.

What's wrong with her? Friendship ship, really can say turn over?

She doesn't make heterosexual friends any more. It's really not reliable.


Ji xiaonai and Tang youYou are relieved after the little guy is in danger.

That night, Ji Xiaohan stared at his daughter's lovely sleeping face and didn't dare to sleep until midnight.

If his daughter had an accident, he would really go mad, whether it was the danger or he brought her.

Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou didn't mention this to their families. They didn't want their families to worry about it, but they decided that all the teachers they hired in the future would have to go through more rigorous inspection before they could enter.

Tang youyou wakes up after a sleep and finds that the man is not around. She is stunned. Where is he now?

Tang youyou put on a coat, walked out of the bedroom, and walked through the children's room. She found that Ji Xiaohan was sitting in the middle of the two children's small bed with a chair. She couldn't help shivering.

It's over two in the morning. How long has he been sitting here?

Tang youyou walked in. The man looked back at her and pointed at him. Then he got up and walked out with his arms around her.

"What are you doing?" Tang youyou asked him in a low voice.

Season owl cold low sigh: "I can't sleep, want to see the children."

"This is a false alarm. Next time, we can't be careless." Tang youyou also breathed a little. This time, he was very scared.

"Yes, the safety of children is more important than anything. We can't go through this kind of shock any more." The man's dark eyes narrowed tightly. This incident made him particularly angry.

"Is that woman arranged by the old president? She's dead now, isn't she dead? " Tang youyou is also very angry. Someone has to stand up for this matter.

"Mo Feng has assured me that he will publish the whole story of this year in a few days, and then he will know who is responsible for it." Ji Xiaohan still believes in this good friend. The media is also worried about this. I believe that there are always people responsible.

"Mr. Lin's family are scared too." Tang youyou sighs in a low voice.

Ji Xiaohan reached out and hugged her tighter: "well, don't think about these things, let's sleep."


Tang Youxiu slept, but now she can't sleep. She lies on her back with her eyes open and her brain empty.

"Ji Xiaohan, did you sleep?" Tang youyou asked him in a low voice.

"Well!" The man's voice line was low.

"Oh!" Tang youyou is a little lost, but she can't be too selfish, so she has to close her eyes forcibly.

Just as she forced herself to sleep, she suddenly felt a strong body rolled over and pressed her.

"You Aren't you asleep? " Tang youyou trembled, a little surprised.

"Can't you sleep? Of course I'll be with you. " Said the man, with his thin lips against her ears.

Of course, Tang youyou knows how to accompany him. Her heart is sweet and she has reached out to hold him.

Season owl cold thin lips gentle kiss to her.

"Wait a minute, I'll take something..."

"Don't take it." A small hand reached out and grabbed his big palm.

Season owl cold quiet eyes moment deep, so to speak, tonight can indulge once?

LAN Yanxi got up in the morning and ran around the garden for two times. At breakfast, her mobile phone rang. She took it to see that it was Wang Xinyi, her boss.

Blue words Xili is smiling to answer the phone.

"Good morning, sister Xinyi." LAN Yanxi said hello to her lazily.

Wang Xinyi is there, but he is a little shy. "Yanxi, uncle Yu and I want to invite you to have a meal."

"Really? Are you together? " LAN Yanxi asked happily.

"Not together, we just want to be rent friends, I moved to him to rent." Wang Xinyi laughs in embarrassment.

"Rent friends? What kind of relationship is it? " LAN Yanxi listened and his face was covered.

Wang Xinyi was amused by her words and explained with a smile: "you are still young and don't understand the emptiness and loneliness of middle-aged men and women. Uncle Yu and I are single and don't know each other for a long time. We don't want to talk about feelings so rashly, so we want to live together first and then consider the next step."

"So complicated? I still don't understand. You all live together. Then you are just like husband and wife? " LAN Yanxi was a little dizzy and couldn't help laughing.

"There's a difference. We don't have formal contacts." Wang Xinyi blushed at her words.

"If Uncle Yu agrees, it means that you have opera singing, sister Xinyi. Congratulations. I hope you can really be together one day." After all, life is short, it's hard to meet a person with the same personality, and it's more difficult to persist.

"Well, I've received your blessing. When we get to the room, you can come over for dinner." Wang Xinyi said with a happy face.

"Of course, I will ask Ling Mo Feng to go there together." LAN Yanxi agreed with a smile.

"Will Mr. vice president come, too? Yan Xi, I'm so sorry. How dare we invite him? " Wang Xinyi is still afraid of Ling Mo Feng. After all, he is a senior official, but how many senior officials are he? He has to crush people.

"Blue Yan Xi Dun laughed:" it's OK, when I bring him here, you think he's my boyfriend