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Ling Mo Feng's cold words, like thousands of arrows into the blue slender heart, she can't believe the big eyes, angry and unwilling to see Ling Mo Feng embrace Blue Yan Xi left.

Ouyang Xuan had already scared his legs, but also his face was frightened. Seeing them leave, he suddenly turned around and asked blue cilia angrily, "didn't you say there was no risk before? Don't you say that Ling Mo Feng likes you? Blue fiber, you answer me, who is lying? "

"Go away." Blue fibril pushed him hard to the side.

Ouyangxuan was not stable and fell down on the floor. His angry face turned blue and he shouted: "blue fiber, you take me as the gunner, you are too vicious."

Blue fibril is also furious at the moment. She quickly steps up to ouyangxuan and points to his face and angrily scolds: "as a gunner? Are you qualified? Who was just threatened by blue Yanxi's words and was about to pee in his pants? Ouyangxuan, you are not a man. If you had not betrayed me just now, would I have been so humiliated by them? If you insist on having something to do with LAN Yanxi, can Ling Mo Feng really kill you? Get out of here, you punk. The money I give you will be returned to me as soon as you part less. Otherwise I want you to look good. "

Blue thin fiber has no place to complain about the fire. Seeing ouyangxuan lying on the ground, she kicks her way: "not yet. Do you need me to get you out?"

Ouyang Xuan has long seen that blue microfibril is not a woman who is easy to provoke. At this moment, seeing her face is ferocious, like a female demon who can eat people, he looks at her with eyes wide open, faces blue, scolds and kicks at him. His male dignity has been trampled. He can only get up from the ground and run out quickly.

The whole man seemed to have drained his strength and fell down on the sofa beside him in a panic.

How is it possible?

It's impossible. Ling Mo Feng even likes LAN Yanxi?

It must be her mistake. How could Ling Mo Feng like the stupid woman like LAN Yanxi?

If she is vicious, LAN Yanxi is not good. They are competing with each other from small to large, and no one can be clean. Now Ling Mo Feng sneers at her, and even LAN Yanxi can't compare with one finger. This blow is deadly.

Next to her sits a Lanlin, who has been watching the play all the time. Now that the play is over, she feels great pain and pleasure.

"Xiaolin, you said Did I do something wrong this time? " Blue fiber eyes rigid turn to her to ask.

Lanlin knows that this time blue fiber is a complete play. Not only that, she also needs to push the waves and let this thing continue to ferment. It's better to let Grandpa know that blue fiber wants to rob Ling Mo Feng. Grandpa will definitely drive this shameless woman out in a rage.

"Elder sister, you should have heard it. I think Ling Mo Feng really likes LAN Yanxi, or You just give up. There's no result. " Lanlin is kind enough to persuade her.

Blue slender angrily clenched his fist: "I really don't want to die or lose to LAN Yanxi. After so many years of fighting with her, I always win. Why should I admit defeat?"

"Elder sister, it's useless for you to lose your temper here. Maybe LAN Yanxi has told grandpa about it now. Grandpa's temper, you don't know. He hates his house most. You want to take Ling Mo Feng, just afraid of Grandpa Grandpa will drive you out of the house. I don't recognize your granddaughter Lanlin said, looking at her with sympathetic eyes.

"What? Is it so serious? " A pair of blue cilia eyes were opened to death, and their faces were pale and colorless.

"Sister, how about Go ahead and make your own mistake. I think my grandfather might not pursue it. " Lanlin comes to her and squats down. She really wants to comfort her with good eyes.

"I admit my mistake?" Blue fiber is a little cold. She really doesn't want to go.

Lanlin said angrily, "lanyanxi loves to complain to Grandpa. She used to say little things. Didn't you hear her just now? She wants you to make it clear to Grandpa. Even if she doesn't say it tonight in front of Ling's family, she has to say it tomorrow. If I want to see it, it's better for you to take the initiative to admit a mistake. Grandpa is soft hearted and will let it go. "

Blue fiber at this time of brain confusion, low mood, the most vulnerable when people need comfort, blue Lin this kind of good intention of comfort, as if to point out a way for her, she nodded: "I think about it."

"I don't need to think about it, sister. I have to do it earlier. Otherwise, the Ling family will leave soon. I will go with you. I will plead for you and prove it." Lanlin can't let such a good opportunity go by in vain. She must let the scandal of Lanxian come out.

LAN Lin is quite accurate. She thinks that Lan Yanxi just threatened LAN Xianxian on purpose, so she said that she would report her to Grandpa. But she knows that Lan Yanxi is most afraid of Grandpa's stimulation. Maybe, she won't say it at all.

"Will you help me with the evidence?" There is a little more light in blue slim's eyes. She grabs LAN Lin's arm and is moved and grateful: "Xiao Lin, you are the best, the most simple. From small to large, you are on my side. Don't worry, my sister will read your kindness."

Lanlin's innocent eyes blinked and nodded: "well, I've been treated well by my sister since I was a child. Of course, I have to help my sister."

Blue slender mouth said nice words, but the bottom of my heart is still sneering, really a naive fool, really think that I'm qualified to be my own sister.

LAN Yanxi was hugged by Ling Mo Feng and walked out of the blue house.

When she went to the garden path, LAN yanximeng reflected. She twisted her waist and broke away from the man's arms. She looked at the man anxiously and asked, "you just Did you just acknowledge our relationship? "

Ling Mo Feng, with the warm yellow street lamp beside him, gazed at her tenderly, then nodded: "well, I admit it."

"So Are we in danger? " LAN Yanxi bit his lips and was frightened.

Ling Mo Feng saw that she was frightened and couldn't help but feel hurt. He sighed and held her shoulders in his hands. He looked at her face with deep eyes: "even if I don't admit it, you are very dangerous. My informant told me that the old president intends to brush you."

"Ah..." LAN Yanxi was almost unsteady, but she soon regained her composure: "the meaning of opening brush is to kill me?"

The man was amused by her saying, and his smile was deep: "no, he dare not kill anyone again now. He just wants to borrow you to deal with me. For example, to make your reputation bad, just like the way blue fiber played just now. If the old bigoted stare at you, it will not be like the little kid's trick of blue fiber. He will directly find a man to have a relationship with you, and then sit down the relationship It's true. Come to deal with me again, Yan Xi. It seems that I can't wait any longer. "

LAN Yanxi's frightened face turned pale. After hearing his words, she instinctively asked, "what do you want to do?"

"I want you!" Suddenly, the man attached himself to her, biting her with his thin lips, and saying what he wanted to say most.

LAN Yanxi's face flushed with fear. She didn't expect that men seemed to be particularly interested in her today. She hesitated and said, "if you want it, I won't say no."

Ling Mo Feng saw that she was shy and kissed her forehead with thin lips. Then he said contentedly, "well, let's go back first and talk about it in detail on the day of engagement."

LAN Yanxi breathes sultry, her small hand can't help pulling his big hand, and the man quickly holds her small hand.

"Later Will our relationship be open? " LAN Yanxi asked in a low voice, expecting and uneasy.

"Let it be. There's no need to talk too much to outsiders." Ling Mo Feng answers softly.

"Well, I think it's the best way to avoid others saying that we show affection." Lanyanxi agreed with him very much.

"People who really love each other don't need to show at all. Love itself is not a commodity. Happiness doesn't need to be shown to many people. What we lack is the ability to perceive happiness." Ling Mo Feng seemed to be very emotional. The other big hand reached out and patted the back of her hand.

LAN Yanxi nodded with half understanding and felt the ability of happiness?

She should be able to feel it, because now she feels very happy, very happy.