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When Ji Xiaohan came out of the conference room and returned to the office, he saw some new information about Bai Zhen on his desk.

Because she is Grandma's enemy, Ji Xiaohan naturally dare not neglect. Grandma is so old, and this woman dare to offend her, but she can't live with him.

He looked at it carefully. Suddenly, his whole face was shocked.

When his fingers turned to the bottom line of the third page, Ji Xiaohan's expression stopped.

Why did Bai Zhen have an affair with her father when she was called Bai Liuyin?

It's hard to believe Ji Xiao's cold feeling. Is this Bai Liuyin my father's ex girlfriend?

What did grandma hide from him?

Ji Xiaohan tightens his brow and decides to go back and ask about it.

Although as a son, his father has gone to heaven. He shouldn't look through his old stories, but Grandma hates Bai Liuyin so much, not only because she is the father's ex girlfriend.

Mood, some bored, season owl cold put these information into the bag, decided not to see.

After a while, his assistant Lu Qing knocked on the door and came in. He had an iPad in his hand.

"Young master, you asked me to pay attention to the progress of the second young master's scandal. Today, there is something new. He admitted his relationship with Bai Yiyan in front of many media. Would you like to have a look?" Lu Qing said and handed him the iPad.

Ji Xiaohan takes over the iPad, clicks on the video, and sees her brother under the camera, hugging Bai Yiyan, who is being questioned by the media reporter.

From his humorous answers, Ji Xiaohan felt that his brother seemed to be serious this time.

"Do you think they can come together?" Ji Xiaohan returns the iPad to Lu Qing and asks lightly.

Lu Qing has just made a girlfriend recently. He is still in the process of running in. Naturally, he dare not guess the emotional progress of the second young master in vain.

"From this video, the second young master should like this girl. When a reporter pushes her, he instinctively protects her in his arms. I believe that only true love can protect and care for each other." Lu Qing's textbook reply.

Ji Xiaohan is directly amused by his smile. He holds one hand in the center of his eyebrow and laughs very relaxed.

Lu Qing looks embarrassed. What are you laughing at? Is his answer wrong? "I hope they can make a decision quickly. When my brother gets married, he will restrain himself. At what age a man is, he will always do what he should do at that age. Otherwise, it will worry people." Before Ji Xiaohan found that his younger brother was surrounded by beautiful women, but he was still

celibate. At first, he thought that his younger brother might not like women, which scared him a lot. Until the appearance of Bai Yiyan, Ji Xiaohan was a little relieved.

It doesn't matter if you don't like men and get married later.

Lu Qing suddenly thought that he had just been in love. He was shaking. Was he too late?

"Well, you don't have to pay attention to his affairs in the future. Let them develop freely." Ji Xiaohan decides to keep a trace of mystery for his brother's love.

"Well, what else can I do for you, young master?" Lu Qing refers to private affairs.

"Now it's gone. Go ahead and do your business!" Season owl cold waved.

Tang youyou is also watching the news of Ji Yueze and Bai Yiyan. Their news has become the headlines, and the Internet is boiling in an instant.

Ji Yueze's recent works are not many, but his popularity is even more booming, because his emotional color is enriched, which can blow up those beautiful girl fans who have loved him for many years, and the network is full of sobs, almost all about his various artistic expressions of finding true love and losing love.

Tang youyou looks at this pair of matched young men and women together, and she sincerely wishes them to come true from the false.

When a phone call came in, Tang youyou took a look. It was a person from the business department of jiyueze company who called her and said there was something wrong with the clothes over there. She asked her to help solve it.

Tang youyou snatched this project back from a colleague before. Now, when she was asked to go to jiyueze's company, she was extremely reluctant to go.

However, private affairs and public affairs are different. We should treat them differently.

She said hello to Liu Xi, then went downstairs and drove there herself.

Today's weather is not good, gloomy, as if it is going to rain heavily.

Tang youyou is in a hurry because of the tone of the other party, so she is in a hurry when driving.

The dreary air, oppressing, makes the person inexplicably can change the dryness depressed some.

When Tang youyou hurriedly drove forward, he did not find that there were several cars following her suspiciously.

Just when Tang youyou was going to choose a less crowded road to drive, suddenly, a car quickly passed by her car. Tang youyou was shocked and instinctively leaned the steering wheel aside.

When three cars in a row pushed her car to the far right of the road, the car that finally passed by suddenly hit the back of her car.

Tang youyou was unprepared. He had no time to change the accelerator at his feet. He stepped on his feet, and the sports car ran out of control and rushed out to the guardrail beside him.

Here is a slope. Tang youyou only feels the sky turning and his head is dizzy. Then, when it's dark, he doesn't know anything.

Watching Tang youyou's sports car rolling down, those people smirked and drove away.

Ji Xiaohan is having a meeting. Suddenly, Lu Qingmeng pushes open the door of the meeting room and runs anxiously to Ji Xiaohan's ear and says something.

Season owl cold brain boom, a blank.

Then he ran out of the office without any image.

Lu Qing followed.

When Ji Xiaohan is waiting in front of the elevator, he forces himself to calm down first.

"Why does yo yo overturn? Can you find out why? "

"At present, the traffic police department is investigating. Miss Tang has been beaten 120 times and sent to the hospital. I don't know what the situation is!" Lu Qing looks at Ji Xiaohan's ugly expression, and carefully reports.

The heart is like being severely cut off, the pain of the man's face are some pale.

How can this happen with a big hand clenched into a fist?

At the thought that she was trapped in a sports car, helplessly rolling with the car, Ji Xiaohan felt that his breath would stop, and the whole person was trembling because of tension.

"Master, the elevator is coming!" Lu Qing is well aware of Ji Xiaohan's feelings for Tang Youyou, the existence that regards each other as life, and he, as a bystander, can't feel the pain of that worry.

Season owl cold powerless lean in the elevator, at the moment heart eager to rush to her side. "Don't worry, young master. Miss Tang is very lucky and will be fine. I'll contact the hospital again to see how things are." Lu Qing comforts Ji Xiaohan and makes an active phone call.