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Mu Shi Ye turned on a small light in the room, laid down by his daughter's side, and looked at Pei An Xin with the video in his hand.

His gaze moved from her face all the way down to her body.

Actually, he had already known that her figure was great. He didn't expect that after giving birth to her child, she would immediately grow up by quite a bit.

Just as Mu Shi Ye was hoping that she could continue bowing, all of a sudden, a man in a suit appeared on the screen of his phone.

His nerves tensed up, and his face turned full of vigilance.

Pei An Xin turned around and told the man a few things about his work before the man left.

When Pei An Xin returned to the cell phone screen, his voice was filled with the smell of acetic acid, "Who is that man?"

"Colleagues, we came together!" Pei An Xin didn't hide from him.

"You're wearing pajamas to let him in your room?" Mu Shi Ye's handsome face instantly darkened.

Pei An Xin lowered his head and looked at his pajamas. It was long, over the knee, and it was not transparent either.

"Take good care of your daughter and hang up first."

The phone screen went black, Mu Shi Ye's entire being was in a bad state, shouldn't this woman explain herself?

In the past, when the two of them were aloof and did not contact each other, he did not have this worry. But now, Mu Shi Ye realized that he was even more clear-headed than before.

In the end, he discovered that not only was he awake, he was also awake and unable to sleep.

Early morning the next day, Tang You You woke up and brought her daughter downstairs. On the table, he saw that it was already a mess.

Not only did Mu Shi Ye give his daughter a beautiful princess skirt, she also tied up her two little braids very well.

The moment Ji Xiao Han sat down, he immediately saw Xiao Cheng Cheng's change. He looked at Mu Shi Ye with a face full of shock: "You were the one who made your daughter's hair?"

Mu Shi Ye proudly raised his thin lips: "Of course it's me, who else would it be?"

Ji Xiao Han suddenly became speechless. He remembered that once when Tang You You left early in the morning, he was flustered while helping his daughter get out of bed, and immediately felt ashamed.

When his daughter asked him to tie his hair, he didn't know how to do it.

Tang You You also admired Mu Shi Ye a lot: "I didn't expect that you would dress your daughter up so well on the second day. You will definitely be an outstanding father in the future."

Mu Shi Ye was even embarrassed to say that he had carefully tied his daughter's hair while she was still sleeping.

Ji Xiao Han saw that Tang You You had actually praised Mu Shi Ye, and in contrast, he did not seem to be that outstanding.

"Uncle Ye is awesome, my dad won't even braid me up." Tang Xiao Nai was also very envious.

Xiao Cheng Cheng blinked her large eyes, looked at her father, and smiled happily.

After finishing breakfast, the two little things of Ji Family's went to school with Uncle Yuan, and Tang You You drove to the company as well. Ji Xiao Han looked at Mu Shi Ye who was hugging his daughter with incomparable sympathy, and patted his shoulder.

Mu Shi Ye lowered his head to look at his little girl.

Just as Tang You You's car was driving out of the entrance of Ji Family, suddenly, something happened at the front tire. While she was driving at the high speed, he quickly stepped on the accelerator and used all his strength to hold on to the steering wheel.

Bang! A loud sound was heard, the front part of the car had caved in, while Tang You You's forehead heavily hit the steering wheel.

Venus was in front of his eyes, and he was feeling dizzy. Everything in front of him was dark.

Ji Xiao Han's convoy had just exited the gate when they heard the driver's anxious voice: "Young Master, is the car in front Miss Tang's? How did he end up on the side of the road? "

Ji Xiao Han was looking at the documents beside him, and suddenly heard the driver's words, he threw the documents away and stared straight at the driver, then shouted: "Drive quickly!"

The driver stepped on the gas pedal, in a few minutes, Ji Xiao Han's car arrived at the place where Tang You You's car accident happened.

Ji Xiao Han anxiously pushed the door open and rushed down, running frantically to the side of Tang You You's car door. He saw that her forehead was covered in blood, as he leaned heavily on the cushion of the chair, looking to be in a daze.

"Wandering …" In a moment of desperation, Ji Xiao Han called out her name, and then went to pull the carriage door, only to find that it was locked.

"Rest in peace! Wake up! Open the car door!" Ji Xiao Han slapped on the window hard, wanting to wake Tang You You who was about to faint up.

Tang You You's consciousness was still there as her fingers powerlessly touched the door of the car, and forcefully pulled.

After the car door was opened, she felt a pair of strong hands carrying her out.

"All of you, immediately check what's wrong with this car." Ji Xiao Han immediately ordered two of his bodyguards, and after that, carried Tang You You and sat in his own car: "Go to the hospital! "Faster!"

Tang You You wasn't completely stunned, but the dizziness caused her to feel extremely uncomfortable. She tried to shake her head hard to clear her head, but unfortunately, she still fainted in the end.

Ji Xiao Han lowered his head to look at the drop of blood on the woman's forehead.

"How could this be?" Ji Xiao Han could not believe that such an accident would actually happen to Tang You You.

The car was newly brought back, so there was no way it could have gotten into an accident so easily. Maybe someone had done something to her car.

Who was it? If they let him find out, they would definitely kill him.

Several black coloured cars sped towards the nearest hospital.

Ji Xiao Han hugged the woman who was already unconscious tightly in his embrace. The pain that could not be removed from her picturesque brows caused his heart to tighten as well.