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C646 the greatness of maternal love

The temperature in the bathroom was rising, and the man reached out and closed the bathroom door.

Tang Youyou stood in front of him with a little embarrassment, and the two little hands twisted subconsciously.

"Need me to come?" The man's thin, sexy lips evoked a smile, and his low, wine-like voice seemed to be intoxicating.

Tang You trembled and quickly shook his head: "No need, I'll do it yourself, you can help me put the water in." The man was wearing a white shirt, sleeves, white neckline, and opened the third The button, when the two children were just bathed, they put a lot of water on his white shirt. At this moment, those wet shirts were clinging to his solid body, and outlined the man's proud

In his muscles, Tang Youyou only glanced at him, and his body sweated.

Ji Minhan reached out, opened the water tap, and put warm water in the bathtub.

Tang Youyou turned his back to him and unbuttoned her clothes. Several wounds on her back had become crusted. The newly born skin was pink. Ji Yanhan looked at it, but felt very distressed.

Thinking that she would endure these pains this week, he had a desire to kick Tang Xuerou into hell.

"Are these wounds still painful?" Ji Minhan held out his fingers, but did not dare to touch her scars, and asked her with a low voice.

Tang Youyou shook her head: "It doesn't hurt anymore, but occasionally it will be a little itchy. I believe it will be better to rub a little more medicine."

Ji Yanhan took the towel and dipped it in warm water, carefully avoiding her wounds, and wiped her skin carefully and gently.

Tang Youyou turned his back to him and squeezed two small hands nervously. Although she and Ji Minhan had already married, it was still hard for him to scrub his body at this moment. I was really afraid of him. The wound will give him shadow.

Ji Yanhan didn't realize that her injured back was ugly. On the contrary, he only felt bad.

"What did my grandma tell you?" Ji Yanhan saw that she hadn't been upstairs for so long, and she must have been stopped by her grandma.

Tang Youyou flashes of joy in her heart, and smiles deliberately: "Guess!"

Ji Yanhan's thin lips were slightly hooked, and his voice was soft and soft: "My grandma promised us to get married, didn't I?"

"It's really boring!" Tang Youyou thought he must have guessed for a long time before he could guess, but he did not expect that he guessed it.

The man was amused by the small loss on her face, and the thin lips kissed her on the back, shocking the woman with a tremor.

"I still know my grandma very well!" Ji Yanhan raised his eyebrows and said confidently.

Tang Youyou no longer teased him, and nodded earnestly: "Yes, your grandma made me look forward to our wedding."

"Will you blame me?" Ji Yanhan suddenly asked himself.

"What are you blaming for?" Tang Youyu paused, turning back and looking at him.

Ji Yanhan only felt his breath suffocated, and a pair of handsome eyes were shocked.

Only then did Tang Youyou turn her head to face him. She shivered, and quickly turned her back, covering her little face with shame.

It was over, and he saw it all. Ji Hanhan was breathing a little bit just now. After she turned around, he resumed the normal breathing sound. Under the bright light, the picture was really beautiful and made him remember. deep.

"Blamed me for ruining your father's happy life."

Tang Youyou's eyes were stiff, flashed twice, and smiled bitterly: "It's not you who forced them to divorce. I also have a share. How can I blame you? I can only blame myself for blame."

"My grandma wants me to be good with my mother, do you think?" Ji Yanhan said a few seconds after he was silent, then he suddenly spoke.

Tang Youyou was shocked again, turning his clear eyes to fix the man's expression: "What do you think?"

"I don't know!" Ji Yanhan continued to scrub for her seriously and shook her head. Ji Hanhan really did n’t know what to do. Although he always showed coldness to his mother, when he accidentally learned that his mother had stomach bleeding for surgery, he was extremely worried He even found someone to investigate the results of the surgery specifically, when he knew only

It was a minor operation, and when the operation was successful, Ji Minhan was relieved.

The flesh and the heart, even if they hurt each other no matter how deep, can't let go of the mother-child relationship.

At this moment, suddenly there was a chance for reconciliation. Ji Yanhan actually wanted to accept it, but he didn't know how to get along with the strange mother.

Tang Youyou stretched out a hand, gently held his big hand on his shoulder, patted it, and comforted: "Ji Yanhan, do you really want to hear my opinion?"

"Yes, I want to hear!" Ji Yanhan, who has always been wise, feels confused at this moment.

Tang Youyou exhaled softly and said in a low voice: "I think you should make peace with your mother."

"Do you think so?" Ji Minhan looked at her with such a firm tone, and slightly hesitated. "Yes, I think your mother left you back then. I must have been loyal. I can see that she still cares about your two brothers. I am also a mother now. I think if there is nothing that makes me Very painful and desperate, I definitely won't leave my child alone

. "Tang Youyou carefully analyzed.

Ji Hanhan acted stiffly, Junmou looked at her with surprise.

"Your dad is my mother's first love. She is loyal only because she loves your dad too much!" Ji Yanhan did not think so. He felt that his mother only valued love and indifferent affection. "You still do n’t know women. You go online to search. There are many such interviews. The reporter interviewed a lot of women on the street. The answers of those women will definitely let you know that women will not give up their children easily. No matter how hard and tired you are, you will definitely bring your child with you

By the way, you really need to get to know your mother well. Maybe she suffered a lot of grievances and loyalties before leaving suddenly. Tang Youyou explained for him with certainty.

Ji Minhan was a little shocked. Indeed, he always looked at this as a son, only to know that he had been abandoned by his mother. But was there a reason for the mother to leave that year?

"Yuyou, if I accidentally do something that disappoints you and grieves, will you leave the child and leave me?" Ji Yanhan asked suddenly, earnestly, with a few worries in his heart.

Tang Youyou slipped his lips: "Even if I want to leave, I definitely want to take the child away!" Ji Minhan smiled lightly, his strong arm gently held her in her arms, and her thin lips touched her. On his shoulder, he said softly: "Then I must remember this sentence, and I dare not make you angry in the future."