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She only belongs to him

Ji Xiao Han was stunned, his expression stiff!

Tang You You blinked his eyes, his gaze unwavering as he waited for his reply.

"Do you think we're enemies?" Ji Xiao Han didn't want to answer his question, so he asked her instead.

Tang You You instantly laughed: "Don't be angry, I was just joking with you. How could we become enemies?"

Looking at her smiling appearance, Ji Xiao Han was annoyed from the bottom of his heart. He raised her chin in a punitive manner and then forcefully kissed her lips.

Tang You You's entire body tensed up, it was hard for him to believe that this man did such an intimate action to her without her permission.

However, she clearly remembered that they had agreed to do something like this before, and she couldn't allow it.

It seemed that the closer the relationship between them, the more presumptuous this man became.

However, Tang You You was already used to his scent, so when she was kissed by his lips, she did not have a single bit of disgust towards it.

She did not struggle free, nor did she know to take the initiative, allowing the man to do as he pleased.

Ji Xiao Han kissed her lips, yet his heart was filled with a sorrowful feeling. In the end, he released her chin, and his expression recovered its dejection.

Tang You You felt that he was still not in a good mood, so she couldn't help but let her imagination run wild.

Arriving at the restaurant, Ji Xiao Han alighted from the car, but didn't take the initiative to come over and grab her hand.

Tang You You was startled, and in the next second, she let out a self-deprecating laugh.

How could he have such a bad habit? She was actually waiting for him to come over and take his hand.

I heard that when men and women get along, their period of love is only three months. Three months ago, men would always treat a woman well.

After the period of passionate love passes, there will be a period of coldness. Tang You You took the initiative to describe the relationship between Ji Xiao Han and him that was filled with love, and now, it might be the time to truly test the calmness of their relationship.

Tang You You's mind was filled with all these nonsense, her body was already standing behind the man, waiting for the elevator with him.

The bodyguards left two people behind Ji Xiao Han in the car, with a distance of two meters, they followed the two of them.

Tang You You glanced upwards and saw the man's broad and tall shoulders. Her gaze met his shoulder perfectly.

The aristocratic temperament that came from a man gave off a feeling of being unreachable.

Tang You You's two small hands tightly clenched into a fist as she sighed inwardly. Previously, she had truly never seriously sized up Ji Xiao Han because of the ruckus caused by the matter of him having children.

Now it would seem that standing with him was indeed a bit incompatible.

He was just an ordinary woman. Even though he hadn't suffered much in his life since he was young, he couldn't find a woman like her in the crowd.

Ji Xiao Han was different. The old lady was sure that his excellence was not without reason, and saying that he was not worthy of him was also the truth. She was not wronged.

Tang You You originally had some self-confidence, but now, after the man revealed a slight cold and indifferent feeling, she was at a loss.

The elevator door opened and Ji Xiao Han walked in. Facing the stunned her in front of the door, he asked in a low voice, "Why aren't you coming in yet?"

Tang You You's entire body shivered, when she looked up, the man's gaze was on her, and she anxiously walked in.

She intentionally stood behind him, not wanting to stand in front of him. That way, she would appear even more unconfident.

Two more bodyguards entered the elevator.

Heading all the way to the first floor of the dining hall, Tang You You looked at the luxurious corridor and suddenly felt even more uneasy.

The moment Ji Xiao Han entered, someone took the initiative to welcome him, and bowed as he was escorted to a private room on the second floor.

Tang You You followed him without a word. When they entered the dining hall, the two of them sat down.

Ji Xiao Han took out the menu and gave it to her: "See if there is anything that you like to eat."

Tang You You casually took it, and casually said three different dishes to the waiter who was standing by the side.

The female server looked at Ji Xiao Han with a flushed face, waiting for him to speak.

Ji Xiao Han also used his finger to point at two tea cups. After handing them to the waiter, he took them and started to pour them for the tea.

Tang You You kept feeling that this atmosphere was weird, and that he was being pressured.

However, he couldn't say what was strange about it anymore. Ji Xiao Han also hadn't spoken to her coldly or lost his temper.

Ji Xiao Han brought a cup of tea in front of him and said softly: "Drink it!"

Tang You You held the teacup in both her hands and took a sip with her head lowered. After that, she looked at the man and asked: "Did something happen to you?"

"No!" Ji Xiao Han's heart froze. Only now did he realize that he had been concealing very good emotions all along the way, and had still been exposed.

"But I feel like you have something on your mind. Can you tell me?" Tang You You suddenly extended his hand out, wanting to cover the back of his hand, but unexpectedly, the man's fingers were stiff.

Tang You You's face showed some astonishment, and was about to retract his hand, when suddenly, the man's warm palm grabbed her small hand, and stopped her from taking it away.

"I'm really fine. Maybe I've been too busy recently, so I'm a bit tired!" Ji Xiao Han Gan Jin took his work out as an excuse.

Tang You You knew that he would definitely be very tired if he had to take care of so many things by himself everyday. Even though he was very tired at work, when he returned home and faced the children, he did not show it at all.

"Then relax a little more. Don't let yourself get too tired!" There was no way she could help him with his work, so she could only console him.

"I know, I'm sorry, I brought you negative feelings about my work. Today, I originally asked you out to comfort you!" Ji Xiao Han said with some self-blame.

Tang You You shook his head: "I am fine already, I don't need any consolation, I just feel a little sad. In this recent period of time, I have been thinking about what my biological parents look like.

Ji Xiao Han's face stiffened. When he heard her mention the appearance of his biological parents, he started to feel uneasy.

"If you really want to know what they look like, I can send someone to investigate." Ji Xiao Han said casually.

Tang You You shook her head. "Forget it, let's end this matter here, I don't want to hold any more hope. If I wasn't curious back then, then I wouldn't have lost today."

Ji Xiao Han secretly heaved a sigh of relief, extended his hand and patted her shoulder: "Alright, in the future, I and my children will accompany you, you won't be lonely."

Tang You You nodded, "Mn!"

When the food was served, Ji Xiao Han's mood became better and better, because he was no longer obsessed with finding out about her biological parents.