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Although Tang Xiao Rui wasn't as mischievous as his sister, he still wished to have his father's company from the bottom of his heart.

This could be every child's greatest wish, they hoped that they would also have their own father, the Mummy.

"Mummy, I beg you …" Tang Xiao Nai's clear and clean eyes looked at Tang You You with her delicate and pitiful appearance.

Tang You You immediately looked at her son, she believed that her son would definitely choose to be with her.

"Mummy, if I allow Father to marry you, would you be willing to stay?" Tang Xiao Rui didn't speak, as he was pondering deeply into an even deeper problem.

Tang You You's head exploded as she looked at her son's mature and young appearance.

Tang Xiao Nai immediately jumped up and cheered: "Yay, Daddy is going to marry Mummy! Yay, Big Brother and I will have Daddy and Mummy in the future. I'm so happy."

Tang You You touched her forehead speechlessly. Had she been scammed by the two little fellows?

"Xiao Rui, your father will never marry Mummy in her entire life, don't be too naive, she is not from the same world as you." Tang You You said very seriously.

Cheng Wan Lian who was walking out of the bathroom, suddenly heard Tang You You's words. She couldn't help but sigh and shake her head, this was truly a tragic life.

The children were so young, they couldn't even get a whole family, and they looked pitiful.

"He will marry you, he promised me!" Tang Xiao Rui said with complete confidence, his small face full of confidence.

"Xiao Rui, you are so young, he must be lying to you. Mummy is not a beautiful country girl, your dad can tell from one look that he is a man who is very vigilant and requests a lot of things. The people he wants to marry will definitely be the young ladies of those rich families." Tang You You was about to run out of words, she really didn't know how to explain things between adults to her children.

Nothing was as simple as that.

"Father will not lie to you. He is a man, and words are best spoken by men. Mummy, how about …"

"No way!" Tang You You almost blurted out, her tone was extremely resolute, causing the two little fellows to be shocked.

Tang You You scratched her long hair with extreme annoyance, and quickly walked to her own bedroom.

The two little fellows watched with wide eyes and a helpless expression on their faces.

Cheng Wan Lian followed Tang You You in. Seeing her sitting by the side of the bed and arranging the bags she brought back, she opened her mouth and said, "You've obtained the things? The people of the Tang clan shouldn't be making things difficult for you anymore, right? "

"Yes, I got it!" Tang You You's eyes were a little sore as he replied softly.

"Wandering …"

"Aunt, are you trying to persuade me to stay as well?" Tang You You raised his head to look at the person he trusted the most, and the tears in his eyes rolled over.

Cheng Wan Lian shook his head: "I won't advise you, you can decide however you feel comfortable, the child is yours, even if they cannot understand you now, but one day when they grow up, they will understand your painstaking efforts."

"Will it? I was afraid that they would blame me for bringing them away, why didn't I let them live with Ji Xiao Han? They should have been living the life of a prince and a princess, but if they had followed me, I would have made them suffer a lot … " Tang You You had thought about it very clearly, but the moment she thought of losing her child, she became selfish.

Cheng Wan Lian didn't know what to say to console her. It was a very difficult decision to make.

While the two adults were talking in their room, the two little fellows also ran into their room to discuss something.

Tang Xiao Rui held his hands behind his back, looking like he was thinking about something, as he walked around the room.

Tang Xiao Nai carried her cloth doll and watched her brother circle it.

After looking around twice, she was about to faint. She immediately asked, "Brother, what do we do? Mummy doesn't want us to see father anymore, but I still want to play with father. Daddy treats me so well. "

"Little idiot, is Mummy not good for you?" Tang Xiao Rui immediately glared at her furiously.

Tang Xiao Nai pouted her small mouth, and then fiercely nodded her head like a chick eating rice, "Mhmm mhmm, Mummy treats me really well, but if Daddy and Mummy are both nice to me, then I'll be even happier."

"To be so greedy at such a young age, it's truly amazing when you grow up." Tang Xiao Rui lectured her like a little adult.

Tang Xiao Nai immediately lowered her head, feeling wronged, and said pitifully: "Big brother doesn't want father's land? "Didn't brother say before that when we find Daddy, Daddy would take you to play football with him? Now that Daddy is here and you don't like him, you're going to hate him!"

"Who said I don't like him, but don't you see that Mummy doesn't like him? We are not people that the Mummy hates, and we do not like them. " Tang Xiao Rui said angrily.

"Sigh, why doesn't Mummy like Daddy? Daddy is handsome, rich, and loves me. Mummy should like him. " Tang Xiao Nai completely had the naive thoughts of a child.

Tang Xiao Rui's mind suddenly lit up, he immediately thought of a way.

"Can we call Dad?" Tang Xiao Rui suddenly said.

Tang Xiao Nai immediately nodded vigorously, feeling extremely happy. "Okay, okay, I want to hear Daddy's voice, but … We don't know how many phone calls Daddy has. "

"I will ask Uncle Lu Qing for it today! I keep it in my head. " At such a young age, Tang Xiao Rui already had an amazing memory, and at this moment, it worked.

"I'll go get Mummy's phone!" Tang Xiao Rui turned around and ran out. Not long later, he held onto Tang You You's phone, skillfully unlocking the lock on the screen, he started to pull out the phone.