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LAN Yanxi, who was caught by the man on the spot, immediately put down the milk in his hand, took the bread off his mouth and hid it directly behind him. He looked at the man and shook his head. "I didn't eat alone. Yours is still in there."

Ling Mo Feng walked over, deliberately messing up her long, soft hair: "it's OK, you just eat, I'm not angry."

"Straight?" LAN yanxili asked him with a smile, "what can I do to make you angry? Otherwise, you tell me that I will avoid your minefield in the future, so as not to cause discord in our relationship."

Ling Mo Feng's dark eyes lock her bright as spring: "really want to know?"

"Well!" The charming woman nodded.

"Well, I don't like that you are too close to other men. You can only have me in your heart. You can't have anyone else. Besides, other men come close to you actively. You should keep your distance. I can let you do anything else. But you should avoid the mistakes in principle." Ling Mo Feng really told her what he didn't like.

"I see." Blue Yan Xi small mouth toot up: "then you also can abide by these principle questions?"

Ling Mo Feng nodded seriously: "of course, I have to do these things myself to ask you."

"Then I'll be relieved. I'm only interested in you now, but not others." A sigh of relief came when blue said Heaton.

Ling Mo Feng helplessly chuckles: "finish eating and wash clothes, we don't have much time."

LAN yanxili took the milk and drank it at a draught, then continued to nibble at the bread and walked upstairs.

Yang He this episode, for Ling Mo Feng and blue Yan Xi to say, has no sense of existence.

However, as soon as LAN Yanxi stepped into the general office, he felt a strange look from all around.

She sighed. Gossip is always exciting. What's more, it's about Ling Mo Feng. Of course, we can't let it go.

LAN Yanxi originally wanted to hear Ling Mo Feng's words and deal with the matter coldly.

However, some people are not willing to let it stop.

Yang he came to see LAN Yanxi again at lunch. She had a little more eyes to choose a T-shirt.

LAN Yanxi was so impressed with her that she immediately put her hands around her chest and looked at Yang he calmly.

Yang he came to her and burst out two tears: "Yan Xi, I'm sorry. I apologize for what I did before. I shouldn't have targeted you before. Would you please forgive me?"

LAN Yanxi thought Yang he came to her to demonstrate in her, but unexpectedly, she came to beg her forgiveness in tears. She was so confused that she didn't know what kind of demon she was going to be.

"Forgive you? I think it's better to forget. I have no deep hatred with you. " LAN Yanxi put down her arm and her face became cold.

"I know you must have listened to others' nonsense yesterday. In fact, Mr. vice president and I We... "

"Yang He, do you want to show me the good play, or let others deepen their misunderstanding?" LAN Yanxi directly interrupted her performance and asked her sarcastically.

Yang He's a little confused. Of course, she acted for others. She just wanted to deepen the misunderstanding.

"Yan Xi, what are you talking about? I don't understand. I just feel that I should come over and apologize to you. I want to explain to you that Mr. vice president is a good man. He is trying to save me... "

"I know best whether he is good or not. I don't need you to tell me. Yang He, you are enough." LAN Yanxi finished, turned around and walked away, her heart was blocked. She felt that there were so many Yang he plays. She didn't take the initiative to find her to settle accounts. She was good. She took the initiative to come and admit her mistake. She seemed to bully her.

He is the most difficult person to deal with. Lanyanxi decides to stay away from this woman.

There are still some onlookers nearby. Seeing that lanyanxi left in black, they would inevitably have been confused again.

Yang He turned around in panic and walked away quickly.

However, her face is flustered, but her heart is steady. She believes that lanyanxi will be talked about immediately by all people, saying that she is small-minded, not magnanimous, and lack of benevolence. How can such a low-quality woman make a stable position as the first lady?

Yang hejue is so smart. How could he not find his potential before?

LAN Yanxi comes back to the office in a sullen way. She really wants to call Ling Mo Feng and ask him to dismiss Yang He directly. It's just disturbing the people's hearts and complicating the misunderstanding.

But LAN Yanxi feels that Ling Mo Feng will deal with a junior staff member, which will greatly reduce his image. What's more, he just saved Yang He's event and greatly improved his positive image. All people respect him and support him more because of this.

If you turn around and let Ling Mo Feng quit the female staff he saved, it must be a huge negative news.

LAN Yanxi murmured. She believed that Yang he could not play with such means for a long time. When Ling Mo Feng won the election, she must find a chance to teach Yang He how to be a new man. Yang He is proud, suddenly, she received a phone call, she looked at the number, immediately frowned: "who?"

"Is Miss Yang? We have a express delivery for you. Come to pick it up after work. " A strange male voice came over the phone.

"Express delivery? Which company are you from? " Yang he thinks that he has been shopping on the Internet a little crazy recently. The express delivery has been soft indeed, so she has no more doubts.

The other side said an address. Yang He promised to go around to get it when he got off work.

At 5:30 p.m., Yang he got off work on time. I don't know if there was any rumor about her and Ling Mo Feng. She found that she was walking in the corridor with more confidence. Many women looked at her with envious eyes.

Yang He has never received so much attention. She really feels this kind of feeling is very good, which makes her enjoy it very much.

In the past, she would be arranged to work overtime by her superiors. But today, when Yang he said she was going to work, her superiors didn't embarrass her much, which fully showed that her position in the office had been improved a lot.

Yang he began to be complacent. He had a little relationship with the vice president and his position had changed so different. If one day she could squeeze out LAN Yanxi and become the first lady, how brilliant would her life be? Who dare show her face? I'm afraid that many people take the initiative to guess her mind.

Just think about it, it's exciting. Yang he immediately happily takes the bag and is ready to drive home.

The address that the man said on the phone was in an old street near the door of Yang He's house. She was very familiar with the environment here and soon went there.

However, what bothered her was that there was no express company here. She felt a sense of anger at being cheated. She took her mobile phone and called to question.

"Miss Yang, I'm sorry. Our company is on the second floor. Please come up." The attitude of the other side was very good.

Yang He hung up angrily, got off the bus and walked into the stairway.

She just walked to the second floor, before she could knock on the door, she was caught by two men who rushed out behind her. Next second, a piece of cloth covered her mouth.

Yang He's eyes are wide and her pupils are gradually opening. Then she faints.

When Yang he woke up, she was tied up and heard a group of men fighting fiercely.

"This woman is useful to us. I've inquired about it. In order to save her, Ling Mo Feng didn't even want her life. It shows that she is very important in Ling Mo Feng's heart. We have bound her and will let Ling Mo Feng release our brother." A man said fiercely.

"I've also inquired about it. Our people could have killed Ling Mo Feng. This woman is making trouble. This damned woman. Fortunately, Ling Mo Feng was injured to save her." Another man was biting his teeth.

Yang He is confused. Hearing their words, he suddenly wakes up in fear.

"Who are you? Why did you tie me up? Let me go quickly? " Yang he screamed at once.

Hearing her screams, the men realized that she was awake.

"She woke up and asked her to explain to herself what was the relationship with Ling Mo Feng."