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C943 dare not face the facts

Tang Youyou was in the middle of the banquet and suddenly wanted to go to the bathroom. She explained to Ji Yanhan and walked towards the bathroom.

Sitting in the lattice room, Tang Youyou suddenly heard the footsteps of several women coming in from the door. tight

Then, a slightly sharp female voice angrily clutched her hand and fell on the glass platform, gritted her teeth in disgust: "I saw Tang Youyou that dead woman just now, she really has a set, eating in the bowl Still staring at the pot, it's so shameless. "

"You whisper, this is a public place, just in case someone is heard ..."

"What's the matter? You didn't see her pretentious look, love Ji Jihan and Xiuhan, her newlywed looks sweet, but who knows how many men she is thinking in her heart." The girl seemed to be Suffering from great grievances and injuries, he always spoke with thorns. grid

Tang Youyou in the child's room looked dumb, why was he shot in the bathroom? actually

It's really huhful to hear someone scold her like this behind her back.

"Lu Xuanchen and her are regarded as sweethearts, and they have a private connection. That's normal, so you don't need to hold on tight!" Another female voice was persuading her. "

The green plum bamboo horse is amazing. I also want to be a neighbor with Lu Xuanchen. I also want to grow up with him, but I have no life. Tang Youyou should look at her current life. What else is she not satisfied with? Why should we hurt Lu Xuanchen? "The woman became more and more excited and emotionally unstable.

"What's wrong with Lu Xuanchen? Where did Tang Youyou hurt him?" Another woman asked the gossip.

"I heard my cousin said yesterday that Lu Xuanchen was drinking and thinking of her again, and she cut her glass with her feet. It really hurt me." When a woman mentions Lu Xuanchen's name, her tone softens, showing that Love Lu Xuanchen deeply.

"No, Lu Xuanchen is really a rare and special person. No wonder he can play every character into a three-pointer. In reality, it is such a good man." The woman said with a look of amazement. "

I feel bad for him, so I hate Tang Youyou even more. She must still be landing on Xuan Chen and refuse to let him go. The woman gritted her teeth again and began to add the crime to Tang Youyou.

"That's because every woman wants more men to love herself and be crazy for herself. Although Tang Youyou is married to Ji Hanhan, she also has vanity in her bones." Another woman laughed lightly.

"I really want to ask her. Doesn't her conscience hurt when she does this?" The woman said angrily with her fists.

At this time, a cell behind them pushed away, and a cold female voice came out: "My conscience does not hurt, it seems that there is no need to tell you."

The two women who were still venting their anger just turned around to see Tang Youyou, staring at each other with astonishment, with fear in their faces.

Tang Youyou went to the sink next to him, unscrewed the water tap, slowly washed her hands, and then wiped it with a piece of paper. The voice was still cold: "Is you gossip behind me like this, is it correct behavior ? ""

Tang Youyou, I ask you, are you still not willing to let Lu Xuanchen go? "A younger girl immediately glared at her.

Another age looked at the older person and dragged the girl quickly, persuading: "Don't quarrel with her in person, what is her status now, don't you know?"

The girl immediately became frustrated again, and stepped back in trepidation, an expression of daring no accountability.

Tang Youyou looked at her with a cold face, smirking: "Who are you? Why should I explain this to you? Lu Xuanchen is my friend. I know what happened between him and us, as if we have no obligation to the outside People explain so much. "

"I am ... I love him!" The girl seemed unwilling and immediately confessed loudly.

"Oh, this is the case, then you should confess to him. Whether you can transfer his heart to you depends on your ability, but you do n’t aim at me anymore, I have not blocked your way. Although Tang Youyou was angry that she had scolded herself just now, she did not care too much about her because of her deep affection for Lu Xuanchen.

"How do I know if you are blocking the way, in case you have various contacts with him in private ..." "

what did you say? "Tang Youyou's expression changed instantly, and his tone was a bit cold." You will have nothing out of nothing. I will make you responsible for what you say. " "that

The girl was so scared that she didn't dare to say anything more. Don

You smoothed your way and said indifferently: "I can only tell you that Lu Xuanchen is my friend. You don't have to arrange our relationship anymore."

A girl was taken aback by Tang Youyou's self-defeating words. Don

After taking a few steps forward, you suddenly stopped and looked back at her: "You said that Lu Xuanchen's foot was hurt? Is it because of me?"

A girl sneered, "Not because of who else can you be? He drinks alcohol almost every night, just because of you!" Tang

Youyo didn't know the true or false of her words, but still felt a huge shock in her heart.

Why would Lu Xuanchen still drink because she had been drinking? Don

Yoyo turned around and walked away as if she had been pierced.

She didn't tell the truth with conscience just now. She didn't have much contact with Lu Xuanchen. She just talked to him several times when she just returned to China. Later, because she was moving, Lu Xuanchen said she would help her. Busy and wanted to rent her house for her. only

Beyond that, they are rarely connected. can

Now suddenly I heard these words, Tang Youyou didn't care if it was fake. She really hoped that Lu Xuanchen could return to his own life, don't think about her any more, and don't bother because of her.

Tang Youyou looked back nervously and sat down. Ji Yanhan was talking to the people next to him in a low voice, but she didn't notice that her expression was not right.

After the charity evening, it was already nine o'clock. Tang Youyou sat in the car, resting on the man's shoulder, resting his eyes closed.

Ji Yanhan only when she was a bit tired at work, gently extended her hand to circle her to her arms to sleep. Don

You smelt the familiar atmosphere of the man, but couldn't sleep more, but she didn't dare to open her eyes, for fear of the tender and affectionate eyes of Ji Han, last season. If a man is hurting, I really don't know if he will cut into his heart.

Alas, the human head is sometimes too complicated. You should think about it. Sudden

However, Wei Xuan, who was injured on his head, felt a tingling sensation, and Tang Youyou shuddered.