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When she raised her head to look for it, the gaze had disappeared.

His heart was instantly in a mess.

At the entrance of the hall, the person in charge of Only Idealism and the third design department's Director Liu Xi led the department's people to stand at the entrance and send Ji Xiao Han and the rest off.

Everyone's gaze turned towards Tang You You, but Tang You You was naturally the same.

"Tang You You..." Just as Tang You You was passing by the car, the car door opened and a beautiful woman walked out.

Everyone present burst into an uproar, they all exclaimed in joy: "It's Tang Xue Rou!"

"I finally saw a real person. She's so beautiful!"

"I suspect that she had had a plastic surgery before. Whose eyes are so good-looking? And her nose, it's so beautiful."

Just as his male and female colleagues by his side were exclaiming in shock, Tang You You's face darkened.

"Is there something you need from me?" Tang You You swept across her with an extremely indifferent gaze.

Tang Xue Rou immediately changed her tone of voice and became a little more gentle: "Get on the carriage, I have something to tell you."

"I have to go to work, I'm busy!" Tang You You did not want to bother with her.

Everyone present turned to look at Tang You You, for Tang Xue Rou to personally come to look for her, she had actually put on such a airs, it was truly enviable and infuriating.

Of course, those people only stood there and did not feel any pain when they spoke because they did not know about the conflict between Tang You You and Tang Xue Rou.

"Wandering, are you sure you want to talk about things between us here?" Tang Xue Rou immediately threatened her.

After Tang You You heard this, he could not help but freeze.

She and Tang Xue Rou originally had nothing to say, but ever since she mentioned about the matter with Ji Xiao Han five years ago, it seemed like Tang Xue Rou had a lot to say to her.

Tang You You could only turn around and say to Liu Xi: "Chief Liu, I'll come up later!"

As Tang You You's foster mother, she was naturally clear about the relationship between her and Tang Xue Rou. She waved her hand, "If you have something to say, do it first."

Tang You You sat into Tang Xue Rou's Ten Thousand luxury car.

Tang Xue Rou drove the car out.

The atmosphere inside the car was very heavy.

"Why are you looking for me?" Tang You You asked.

Tang Xue Rou immediately stopped the car by the side, turned off the engine, and stared at Tang You You: "Have you contacted Ji Xiao Han before?"

"No!" Tang You You replied coldly.

"You're lying, did you look for Ji Xiao Han and tell him that the woman he slept with five years ago was you?" Tang Xue Rou's face distorted with anger, she really wished she could slap Tang You You twice.

Tang You You was shocked, she actually suspected her.

"Even if I did, I would only be speaking the truth. Am I wrong?" Tang You You would not admit it, nor deny it. In any case, Ji Xiao Han knew about this matter, he would definitely take revenge on the matter regarding Tang Xue Rou lying to him.

Since Tang Xue Rou found her in such a flustered and exasperated manner, she guessed that Ji Xiao Han had made his move too.

Tang Xue Rou's face was as white as paper. On this matter, she was indeed not in the right place, but she was not willing to lose everything.

"You said that as long as I return your mother's things to you, you would not sell me out … You're really shameless, you actually told Ji Xiao Han the truth. Tang You You, you've destroyed me, I won't let you off either. " Tang Xue Rou immediately threatened and threatened her, thinking that this would make her feel better.

"My mother's jade pendant has not been returned to me yet. How can it be considered to have been returned to me? "Also, this doesn't count as betraying you. Five years ago, my first time was mercilessly snatched away by him, yet you, using my name, enjoyed five years of glory and wealth. In terms of shamelessness, you are even deeper than me." Tang You You mocked, sneered, and even despised every single word Tang Xue Rou said.

Tang Xue Rou suddenly became mute, her face full of shock and helplessness.

Following that, she suddenly changed her tone and grabbed Tang You You's hand tightly, crying and begging her: "Qu Lu, on the account that we are sisters, can you help me once? Don't go look for Ji Xiao Han, I promise, I will definitely return your jade pendant to you, don't let me suddenly lose everything, I will die. "

Tang You You was shocked by Tang Xue Rou's sudden begging, and hurriedly pulled her hand away from hers: "Now you know to beg me. When you and your mother knocked me out and sent me to the hotel, did you not expect today's result? Tang Xue Rou, let me tell you, this is the result of all of you reaping what you sowed. I cannot help you, and I will not help you. "

After Tang You You finished speaking, she pushed the door open and got out of the car, closing the door behind him.

Tang Xue Rou looked at Tang You You's heartless leaving figure and really wanted to turn the car around and smash her to death.

However, she didn't dare to do so. She was already in a state of confusion, and her emotions had already collapsed.

Tang You You walked very quickly, but was rewarded with the joy of revenge. In these five years, even in her dreams, she waited to see what Tang Xue Rou would do.

Around 3 in the afternoon, when Ji Xiao Han was busy working in his office, his phone suddenly rang.

He took a look and saw that the number stored was the school teacher's mobile number.

At this point, it wasn't time for the child to leave school yet, so why would the teacher give him a call?

However, as long as it was related to his children, no matter how busy Ji Xiao Han was, he would accept the call.

"Hey, Mr. Ji, I'm really sorry for disturbing you." The other party was calling in a polite voice from the teacher.

"What's wrong?" Ji Xiao Han frowned.

cried for half an hour, and the other party's child cried for half a day, constantly wanting to find father's Mummy. I had no choice but to give you a call because I wanted to fight for a toy with a little kid, so I called you. " The teacher was afraid that the little fellow would continue to cry until his throat turned hoarse.