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C1631 his warning

There was a knock outside the hotel's door. A female staff member pushed the dining station outside the door and asked her with a smile: "Ms. Chen, breakfast is ready. Do you want to bring it in?"

Chen Fuyu looked at the delicate meal, but she had no appetite. She saw a note paper next to her. She immediately reached out and took a piece and asked the staff: "If I leave a message on this, Mr. President will see ?"

The staff member smiled in embarrassment: "I certainly can't see, Mr. President won't ask these little things in person."

Chen Fuyu's face was full of feelings of loss. She directly pinched the note paper in her palm, turning it into a ball, and discarding it in the trash bin next to it: "I don't have breakfast, you can take it away."

The staff nodded and pushed away with the dining car.

Chen Fuyu took her bag distressed and left the hotel.

She went directly to Ling Nuan Nuan's school. She first went to the school to find a few friends she knew. After greeting her around, she waited until noon and walked towards Ling Nuan Nuan's classroom.

Ling Nuannuan was talking to a girl and walking out with a smile.

"Warm warm." Chen Fuyu immediately called her name.

Ling Nuannuan heard this voice, his face was startled, and she saw Chen Fuyu standing in front of her. She immediately came over in surprise and hugged Chen Fuyu directly: "Sister Fu Yu, where have you been in the past two years?"

Chen Fuyu pushed her away with a smile, and she was also surprised: "Warm and warm, I almost didn't dare to recognize you just now. I haven't seen you for two years, you have grown into a big girl, and I'm almost tall."

Ling Nuannan immediately turned around and introduced Chen Fuyu to her friend Xia Ninglan.

"This sister's temperament is really good." Xia Ninglan immediately smiled and praised.

Chen Fuyu laughed: "Thank you, warm, can you have a meal at noon?"

Ling Nuannuan had to say sorry to Xia Ninglan. After all, the topic she and Chen Fuyu were talking about was not suitable for a third person to hear.

Xia Ninglan originally thought that Ling Nuannuan would take her to dinner with Chen Fuyu. After all, they are now a good friend to talk to, but Ling Nuannuan didn't seem to take her.

"It's okay, you can eat, I'll go to the cafeteria." Xia Ninglan immediately gave a generous expression.

"I'm sorry, Ning Lan, I have something important to say to Sister Fu Yu." Ling Nuannuan also felt that he had left his friends with bad faith, and had to apologize again.

"It doesn't matter, you go quickly." Xia Ninglan pushed her with a smile.

Ling Nuannuan followed Chen Fuyu toward the school gate. Xia Ninglan looked at the back of them as they left, and still felt a sense of loss.

After Ling Nuannun left, Xia Ninglan walked towards the cafeteria with her head lowered, but before she entered, suddenly the two of them forcibly dragged into a corner with few people nearby.

"What are you doing?" When Xia Ninglan looked up and saw the two attendants of Zhang Luyao, she quickly hugged her backpack and looked at them in panic.

Zhang Luyao came out from the side, sucking a lollipop in her mouth, and looked at her ironically: "What? Ling Nuannuan abandoned you? Have you left the order?"

"Zhang Luyao, I have no resentment against you. What do you want to do?" Xia Ninglan was immediately scared to cry, her face was pale.

"In the past, there was no grudge, but now, who asked you to lick Ling Nuan like a dog? What's so good about her? What friend do you want to do with her?" Zhang Luyao immediately showed a grudge. expression.

Xia Ninglan didn't expect Zhang Luyao to find herself. It was because Ling Nuannun was so scared.

"Wan Nuan is a very good person. You must have misunderstood her. This school is a place to teach the law. If you continue to bully this way, you will be fired." Xia Ninglan was afraid to tell them reason.

"Fire me? Who dares? The principal? Although she is yours, but you know what? I have a way to fire him. By that time, I think you cry first, or he cry first, hahaha." Zhang Luyao seemed to say something very funny, and opened his mouth and laughed.

Xia Ninglan was stunned, her eyes were terrified and tears were swirling.

"Cut me up her blouse, I just want everyone to see, who will be the one who dares to oppose me?" Zhang Luyao immediately ordered his two men.

"No, what are you doing, don't touch me." Xia Ninglan screamed in tears, tears kept falling.

"Ah, you bitch, dare to bite me." One of the girls' hands was bitten by Xia Ninglan, and she immediately dragged her with a hate.

Xia Ninglan was originally thin, and she was pushed backwards by her push.

At this time, there was a pair of iron-like arms that blocked Xia Ninglan's waist. The next second, she let go of her hands, and then Mu Weizhen heard the cold voice: "You three This afternoon, call your parents over. It is not allowed to have lunch and go to the playground for four laps. "

"Mu ... Mr. Mu, why are you here?" Zhang Luyao and her two attendants saw Mu Weiying's dark face, and she even said that she was frightened.

"Come on!" Mu Weiyi's eyes flickered, there was absolutely no sense of joking.

"Instructor Mu, I'm here. I'm dizzy now. If you let me run, I will bleed." Zhang Luyao immediately pretended to faint, and went directly to Mu Weiyi. Leaned on me.

Mo Weiyi took a step back and said coldly, "Since you are not convenient to run, then, let your two friends run these four laps for you, and they run six laps."

"Ah?" The scared Huarong of the two girls looked pale and begged to look at Zhang Luyao.

Zhang Luyao winked at them immediately, then sternly: "Don't hurry to run, don't make the instructor unhappy."

The two women reluctantly ran to the playground, complaining in their hearts.

"Come with me, and I will punish you for speculation." Mu Weiyi said coldly to Zhang Luyao.

"Ah, Instructor Mu, I'm really inconvenient. I'm anaemic." Zhang Luyao was very good at making excuses. At this moment, she immediately pretended to be weak.

Mu Weiyi sighed coldly: "If you are really uncomfortable, can bullying your classmates make you more comfortable?"

"No, I didn't bully her, but ... I feel much better when I see Mu Mu. You don't take our class now. I really want the instructor. Otherwise, you still come back to our class. Well, this way, I can see you every day, and I will definitely be in a good mood. "Zhang Luyao put out her hand and covered her mouth with a laugh.

"Come with me!" Mu Weiyong's complexion was blushing, and her brows flickered. If the other person wasn't a girl, I was afraid he was already rough.

Zhang Luyao had to muzzle and left Mu Weiyu, but they didn't know, and there was a Xia Ninglan standing next to him.

She stood as if she had lost her soul, her eyes followed Mu Weiyi's back dumbly, unable to move away.

Did Mu Weiyi hold her just now?

She couldn't believe that she put her hand on her back. Yes, the instructor Mu struck her. She just affixed to him and found that the solidness on his body was not only visible to the naked eye, but he was really male. Masculine beauty.

Until Mu Weizhen disappeared completely, Xia Ninglan breathed out a sigh of strength, a heartbeat quickly.

Zhang Luyao followed Mu Weiyi forward, and she looked at the man's back with a pair of eyes, and she felt very secure at first sight, making people want to rely on it.

"Zhang Luyao, I warn you, if you continue to find Ling Nuannuo trouble in the future, I will not let you go." Suddenly, the man walking in front stopped and he did not look back to see Zhang Lu Yao, but his voice is full of threats, and people dare not ignore it.

"Mu ... Mu Mu, what are you talking about?" Zhang Luyao did not expect Mu Weiyi as a trainer to threaten her. She opened her eyes wide, unbelievable and uneasy.

"Don't bully Ling Nuannuo again." Mu Weiyi turned around, giving a strong warning word by word.

Zhang Luyao paused, her breathing became quicker and her voice was hurt: "You really like her, Mu Mu, are you together?"

Mu Weiyi stared at her without saying a word, but the deterrent emanating from him was definitely not something that Zhang Luyao dared to look at, her pale face was scared.

"Why? Why did you choose her? I like you more than she does." Zhang Luyao immediately wept sadly.

"Remember what I said, otherwise, no matter who your daughter is, I can make you feel bad." Mu Weiyi said, leaving in a big step.

Zhang Luyao froze in place and turned into petrochemical.