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C579 confession of truth

Tang youyou saw the two brothers walking upstairs. She smiled at Bai Yiyan and said, "let's go downstairs and sit down!"

"Miss Tang Can I talk to you alone? " Bai Yiyan suddenly reaches out and grabs her arm. Her big beautiful eyes are full of pleading.

Bai Yiyan doesn't know where she came from. She wants to talk to Tang youyou without discussing with Ji Yueze.

Tang youyou is slightly stunned, then seems to know something, nods: "OK, let's go out for a walk!"

Bai Yiyan is relieved.

Two people on the beautiful night, full of soft light in the garden, towards the pavilion in the distance.

After a long walk, there was no one else around. Tang youyou stopped, turned around and asked softly, "do you have anything to say to me?"

Bai Yiyan bit her lower lip and suddenly hesitated. If she and Tang youyou said these words, Ji Yueze would be furious if he knew?

When Tang youyou saw her suddenly silent again, he looked hesitant.

She chuckled and said, "haven't you figured out what to tell me? In fact, you don't say, I also know, is not Ji Yueze looking for you to play with her? "

Bai Yiyan was worried that she would say something wrong, which made Ji Yueze angry.

But at the moment, Tang youyou suddenly said something that surprised Bai Yiyan.

Her beautiful eyes widened in surprise: "do you know? He told you? "

"No, I guess!" Tang youyou sighed bitterly: "just, I don't know how he found your help." Bai Yiyan's face was also bitter: "I don't know if you have seen those scolding words on the Internet. I was a reporter before. In order to pass the three-month probation period, I met Ji Yueze accidentally at the airport. Although he was very low-key and took good and strict measures, I still recognized him, so I gambled, carried my equipment and followed him He got on the same plane, and I'm really sorry that I accidentally photographed you together. I also want to have a mixed meal. "

Tang youyou heard that she even photographed her and Ji Yueze's affairs. Her beautiful face turned pale.

Bai Yiyan's face changed when she saw that she was scared. She knew that she was very scared, so she quickly shook her hands: "don't worry, Ji Yueze has destroyed all my photos and negatives, and destroyed more than 100000 pieces of equipment I just bought at once. He's terrible."

Tang youyou was shocked to see her look frightened.

"How did he destroy your equipment?" Tang youyou is curious. "Well, don't mention it. I'm too stupid and greedy. After taking your pictures, I still want to take more gossip about him. Unexpectedly, my whereabouts have been found by him for a long time. He drove his sports car and directly ran into me. You don't know. I was scared. My heart didn't jump at that time. This woman is so terrible. He tried his best I got it. " Thinking of what happened that day, Bai Yiyan was still frightened. Ji Yueze didn't even care about his life to stop it.

Tang youyou also heard a cold sweat. When she heard Ji Yueze driving into her, she couldn't help pinching her hands.

"Are you ok? Is he hurt?" Tang youyou is very worried.

Bai Yiyan shook her head and said, "I'm ok. He's OK. He just destroyed my rental car and my equipment, which made me a pauper in a flash."

"Poof!" Seeing Bai Yiyan's self mockery, Tang youyou couldn't help laughing.

Bai Yiyan didn't expect Tang youyou to laugh so low. She also laughed, but she couldn't cry or laugh.

If she was not poor, how could she be bought by money?

"Don't worry, Miss Tang. I will definitely keep your secret. Ji Yueze has given me a lot of money to play this play. I will do it!" Bai Yiyan knows that Tang youyou is worried, so she comforts her.

All of a sudden, Tang youyou couldn't laugh again. She looked a little guilty and remorseful: "thank you so much. Anyway, I appreciate you very much."

"In fact, for money's sake, don't thank me!" Bai Yiyan is suddenly embarrassed. She feels that she is not a great person, but a poor man who is short of money.

"I know that this matter has always been something I can't let go of in my heart. Don't get me wrong. I really have nothing with him. I have been When he is a friend, he also hopes to be a family in the future. " Tang youyou doesn't know how to explain her relationship with Ji Yueze to Bai Yiyan. "I know. I know. It's his unrequited love!" Bai Yiyan has seen all this for a long time, and then she praised: "Mr. Ji is a very attractive man. I can see that you are very in love. I envy you. It must be a very happy thing to be loved by such an excellent man."

Tang youyou nodded his head and said with emotion, "yes, the time with him is the happiest thing in my life."

"I know that the best way of love is that you are so happy with each other. To be honest, I used to hate Ji Yueze. Now I feel that he is very pitiful and wants to sympathize with him." Bai Yiyan can't help but say her inner words.

"I have something wrong with him!" Tang youyou is also very guilty and ashamed.

Some feelings, destined to have no result, can only be turned into shame and regret.

"You didn't apologize to him. He asked me for it!" Bai Yiyan could not help sneering.

Tang youyou looks at her.

Bai Yiyan suddenly felt that she had fallen into a bad situation, so she had to smile and say, "there is no fairness in the matter of feelings. You have a person you love so much, of course, you can't share the feelings with him!"

"Yes, I only have Ji Xiaohan in my heart, and I have my whole heart to him!" Tang youyou sighed.

"Miss Tang, you're right. To be honest, I'm in favor of you. You should love one person wholeheartedly. If you give your heart to another person, it's unfair to both of them." Bai Yiyan said with a serious face.

"Yes, I know!" Tang youyou agrees.

"I'm really worried that Ji Yueze didn't think so." When Bai Yiyan thought of the way Ji Yueze looked down from the balcony on the second floor, she was inexplicably worried.

Tang youyou is slightly shocked: "he can deal with this matter more calmly than I can."

"He said it himself?" As a bystander, Bai Yiyan feels that Ji Yueze is not rational or calm at all. Tang youyou shook his head: "he didn't say it himself, but I can see that the last person he wanted to hurt was his eldest brother."