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C1743 the meaning of love

A congratulatory note was sent to Tang youyou's hand. She opened it and looked at it. She couldn't help laughing.

Chu and Luo Jinyu are going to get married. The wedding will be held in three days.

Tang youyou closes the post and wishes in advance. Such good news makes people feel better.

She still remembers that when Yang chugang and Luo Jinyu met, she was afraid to express her love. In the end, Ji Yueze came out, breaking the depression between them and bridging the gap between them.

People who love each other, even across the mountain, have strong love. Yang ChuChu has been secretly in love with Luo Jinyu for so many years. She thought she would go to the dark on the dark road. Unexpectedly, the man gave her another village's amazing feeling of Liuan Huaming.

From then on, the secret love turns to the Ming love. Luo Jinyu dotes on her directly, meets happiness and catches it.

At the moment, lanyanxi also received the happy stickers sent by Yang ChuChu, as well as a very delicate and beautiful package of happy candy. Lanyanxi couldn't help but take apart one and throw it into her mouth. It was full of milk smell, full of her senses, sweet.

"They are getting married."

Lanyanxi murmured that she had to say that she was envious. All the love that could enter into marriage was happy.

At night, Ling Mo Feng returned home, and lanyanxi mysteriously walked behind him, and only when he reached the toe could he cover the man's eyes.

"Don't make any noise, Yanxi."

Feeling that she seemed to be on the tiptoe, the man immediately chuckled, reached out to grab her hand, and felt that his mouth was forced into a sugar, sweet and greasy.

"Where's the sugar?"

The man has some speechless, but he seldom eats sweets, let alone this kind of sweet greasy candy and so on.

LAN Yanxi released his hand and immediately put a piece of congratulatory post in front of him: "let's have a look."

Ling Mo Feng took a look and smiled: "I also received it in the morning. Luo Jinyu is getting married."


LAN Yanxi nodded, and there was a sadness between his looks.

Ling Mo Feng found that her face was not right, and asked her in a low voice, "what's the matter?

Envy? "

"No, they are going to have flowers and fruits. Of course, they have to get married earlier. Otherwise, when the melon ripens, they will not have the passion to do the wedding."

Lanyan hopes that marriage is the best before giving birth to a child. He can get blessings and the child can be born in a complete family.

"Wait another two months, and we'll get married."

Men don't want to see her envy others, because he can also give her a grand wedding.

Blue words when Heaton bowed his head to smile: "I did not hint you what ah."

"Yes, I envy myself, so I want to marry you."

When the man saw that she was hard spoken, he had no choice but not to expose her little thoughts. But just now her expression clearly said, "come and marry me, hurry to marry me, and don't marry me again, I will be angry.".

LAN Yanxi likes Ling Mo Feng's vision and intelligence, and knows how to protect her little mood, so that she won't be too embarrassed.

"Well, you can do it. Now I'm going to prepare my wedding candy."

LAN Yanxi, like a shy child, turned and walked upstairs.

Ling Mo Feng can't help crying and laughing. She has more than two months to go. Can't wait to marry him when she prepares so early?

Ling wennuan's three-month teaching career is coming to an end. With only half a month left, she has to leave.

To be honest, she really didn't want to leave, because there was an admirer here. She wanted to see her, but she missed her family again. She had never left her family so long since she was a child. She missed grandpa's nagging, the food her father cooked for her, and the look in her mother's eyes at that time. Of course, she also missed her brother and sister-in-law. She also wanted to play tricks on her brother What about it?

There are no feasts in the world that do not go away. There are often gatherings and gatherings.

Ling wennuan sits on the field stem, with a weed in his mouth. The root of the weed has a sweet taste. Ling takes out his mobile phone, takes a few pictures of various positions, and records the small village after dusk. Everything is calm and peaceful.

Suddenly, in the distance of the field stem, I don't know when to stand a tall figure.

Mu Weicheng asked Cheng to come over for dinner tonight. He came here. Besides, it was a surprise for Ling wennuan. Cheng asked him to come here secretly.

Looking at the grass at the corner of her mouth, Mu Weicheng's first feeling is that she is wild, like a wild girl.


He called out to her.

Ling wennuan thinks she has a hallucination. Why does she hear the voice of Mu Weicheng?

"This way?"

When Mu Weicheng saw that she was stupefied and turned to the other side, he immediately began to smile.

Ling wennuan immediately turned around, with the grass in her mouth. When she saw Mu Weicheng, she immediately uttered a exclamation: "you Why are you here? "

"What's the matter?

Don't let me come here? "

When Mu Weicheng saw her frightened face, he could not help but walk towards her with long legs.

"Stop, you don't go on, I I can't see you like this. "

Ling wennuan said, spitting out the grass in his mouth, looking down at the clothes covered with mud, as well as a mess of hair. His face is pure and plain, and his skin used to be very white. He has tanned a little in class these days, but he is healthier.

"Why don't you see me?"

Mu Weicheng looks depressed. He drove for more than an hour just to see her. But now, she doesn't want to see him. This sense of loss, like the flood, drowns him.

"I have to wash my face. I played mud with the children just now. I'm all dirty now. I don't want you to see me like this."

Ling wennuan said with a bitter face.

"What are you afraid of?

I don't think you look ugly when you are dirty. On the contrary, I think you look good. "

During the conversation, Mu Weicheng had come to her and saw that she was not only covered with mud on her clothes, but also on her face and hair. Only her big clear eyes were as clean as memory.

"Don't laugh at me."

Ling warms his mouth.

"What is it like sitting here alone?"

Mu Weicheng sat on a stone beside her and pulled a piece of grass directly with a thin lip. He bit it with his teeth to get the sweet taste.

Ling wennuan saw that he had learned what she had just looked like, and she gave him a big white eye: "I'm here to see the sunset. I used to be in the city. Looking at it, it's all high-rise buildings. It seems that it's not pure here. The sunset here is too beautiful."

Mu Weicheng looks over her eyes and falls on her face. She looks so beautiful that she loses three colors at dusk.

"It's warm. You're almost going back."

This topic, two people are not willing to touch, but, also have to mention, Mu Weicheng pretends to be very casual ask.

Ling wennuan immediately turned to face him, his eyes reluctant to part with him: "in fact, I still want to stay, but the time I applied for is three months."

Mu Weicheng is reluctant to let her go. He is really reluctant to let her go.

"You'd better go back to your family. It's safer. I'm relieved."

He knows that Ling Nuan is a perceptual person. If he wants her to stay, she says that he will promise immediately if he doesn't want her to stay, but he can't be so selfish. She has to study and graduate, and there is a better future waiting for her.

"Mu Weicheng, I want to ask you something. You should answer me seriously."

Ling Nuan takes a deep breath and stares at his eyes.

"What is it?"

The man's face is restrained and serious.

"If I told my eldest brother about our relationship and my eldest brother wanted to transfer you back to work, would you feel that it would hurt your male self-esteem?

Will you feel it is because I begged my eldest brother to let you go back. It will hurt your face. "

Ling wennuan asked him seriously. She had to make it clear.

Mu Weicheng was stunned. She didn't expect to ask so directly.


Mu only answered her two words in a low voice.

"What if someone talks about our relationship later?"

Ling asked, frowning.

"I just hope I don't hurt you. If it's just for me, I don't care. It's not for you."

Man's voice, firm and powerful, let Ling warm instant red eyes.