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She can make him feel good

Mu Lin saw that Pei An Xin seemed to have been shocked by his brother's words. As a woman, she understood the feeling that Pei An Xin had to obtain recognition from his work. She walked over and comforted him in a low voice: "Xin, you can go back to work.

"Sister Mu Lin, thank you for your support and understanding. If it wasn't for the job, I wouldn't have sent the child over." Pei An Xin angrily glared at the dumbstruck Mu Shi Ye.

"Quickly carry Cheng Cheng back, stop falling." Mu Lin immediately said anxiously.

Although Mu Shi Ye ran very fast, it was still too late. The little guy still fell and lied on the ground pitifully, crying incomparably sorrowfully.

Mu Shi Ye's heart almost stopped, he immediately held onto the little thing tightly, but the little guy's eyes were still staring at the direction where Mummy was heading to.

"What should we do? She's been crying. Shouldn't you give her some powdered milk? " As the female CEO, Mu Lin was also flustered.

Mu Shi Ye was even more at a loss as to what to do. Suddenly, he seemed to have thought of something: "Oh right, I know who to look for."

"Who is it?" Mu Lin had a face full of curiosity.

"Sis, send me to Xiao Han's house later, I've decided to stay there for a period of time." Mu Shi Ye suddenly thought of a brilliant idea. Didn't Ji Xiao Han have two little fellows? He could play with his daughter.

"Ji Xiao Han?" Mu Lin was extremely surprised. Two men, how could they deal with a crying little thing?

"Sis, I won't tell you anymore, hurry up and send me over. I have to carry Cheng Cheng, it's not convenient to drive." Mu Shi Ye said, and picked up the handbag that Pei An Xin had thrown down.

Mu Lin looked at him with incomparable suspicion: "Are you sure you two men can take care of Cheng Cheng?"

"It's fine, it's definitely possible. Hurry up and drive away." Mu Shi Ye did not plan to ask Ji Xiao Han for help, but, Tang You You would definitely be a very virtuous and gentle mother, looking for her to help coax his daughter, Ji Xiao Han would definitely not have any objections right?

Mu Shi Ye carried the little fellow to Ji Xiao Han's home, and Mu Lin immediately left after sending him off. Thus, she did not know that Ji Xiao Han's home had an extra pair of Little Meng Bao.

The reason why Mu Shi Ye chose to come over at this time was because he did not want big sister to know about this matter. After all, Ji Xiao Han did not seem to have the intention of making it public.

As his best friend, Mu Shi Ye naturally had to keep this a secret for him.

After Tang You You sent the jade pendant back for repair, he returned to the car and heard his phone ringing.

When she looked at the number, her heart skipped a beat.

"Hey!" Tang You You pretended to ask indifferently.

"You can even call me wrongly? You are very interesting. " Ji Xiao Han's lazy and magnetic voice seemed to have nothing to say to her.

Tang You You said lightly: "Everyone has their times of confusion, right?"

"I'd like to see what you look like when you're confused." Ji Xiao Han's tone became low and hoarse all of a sudden.

Tang You You's heartbeat sped up once again. She said with slight embarrassment and anger: "That may cause you to be very disappointed. In front of you, I have always been very clear."

"Alright, I know that my existence is able to wake you up. This Saturday, we will take our child abroad to have a good time. Hopefully, you can also have a good time." Ji Xiao Han wasn't careful and his tone became gentler.

"I find you strange. Are you so gentle to every woman?" Tang You You could feel the concern in his words, and she raised her doubts.

"Of course not!" Ji Xiao Han replied in all seriousness: "Currently, there are only four women that I can take seriously!"

After Tang You You finished listening, her entire body froze. As expected, the number of people was more than she thought.

"One is my grandmother, the other is my mother. Now, it's you, if my daughter is one of them." Ji Xiao Han quickly dissipated the mocking smile on her face, leaving her in a daze.

"Didn't you say you were cold before? How did you become such a scoundrel now? " Tang You You felt that he had been deceived, and was slightly angry.

"Men are not bad, women do not love. Only by relying on you like this will you always think of me." Ji Xiao Han revealed his true nature as a hooligan. Somehow, in the midst of his boring work, he could tease this woman, as if all the fatigue and depression had disappeared.

"I don't want to hear you talk anymore, I'm hanging up." Tang You You felt that when she chatted with him, she was completely taken advantage of by him.

"Do you want to go out for dinner tonight? I'll arrange it, take the children with me! " Ji Xiao Han suddenly had a thought.

At the moment, Tang You You's mind was in a mess, she could not make any wise decision, she could only vaguely say: "You can make the decision, no need to ask for my opinion."

"Alright, then I've decided!" After Ji Xiao Han finished speaking, he laughed and hung up the phone.

Tang You You looked at the screen in a daze, her mind was in a mess, so she could only throw away her phone. She felt that every time she spoke to Ji Xiao Han, she would feel uncomfortable, was this a type of illness?

Maybe, she had a sickness that made her whole body feel uncomfortable the moment she heard Ji Xiao Han's voice.

Is there a cure?

Or could it be considered an incurable disease?

Tang You You laughed at herself as she drove away.