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Lingmo Feng saw her face seriously asked him, he lightly replied: "I am a pain will shout, love will say the man, I and other men no different."

Blue words and beautiful eyes twinkled twice, then the corners of the mouth went up and smiled: "I didn't treat you as a god originally, but your fans and sisters, they offer you as a god every day."

"Boring!" Ling Mo Feng heard her saying this, his chest a stuffy, decided not to talk to her. Blue

Yan Xi looked at the back of him turning to the kitchen, the light at the bottom of her eyes, even though she didn't find it.

Tang youyou is safe and safe. The whole family is relieved. In the living room and on the dinner table, the old lady urges Ji Xiaohan angrily: "you must check this out. The other side wants to kill people. You must not let them go. Youyou must be in trouble. What can the two children do?" Don

youyou immediately looked at the old lady gratefully: "grandma, thank you for your concern. I will be more careful next time!" "

it's not because you're careful. You've brought so many bodyguards with you this time, but haven't you met this kind of thing? Alas, just like I was, your grandfather has offended many people, and I have been in danger several times. Fortunately, you have a long life. If you fall in love with Xiao Han, you have to be prepared mentally and be stronger in the future! " The old lady instantly recalled her previous experience in distress. Naturally, she could understand Tang youyou's mood very well. That feeling of escaping from the dead was really unpleasant.

Ji Xiaohan's hands shaking with chopsticks, his eyes raised, and he looked at Tang youyou nervously.

Why does grandma want to say this to her? This is the woman he married with difficulty. In case he is scared away again, he has to marry again for a second time. How can he move her with so much affection? Don

the old lady who you have always felt is an interesting person. She speaks straightly. Unexpectedly, at this moment, she doesn't give face to her grandson.

"Grandma, since I dare to love him, of course, I dare to accept all his things. I'm not afraid of death or danger. I'm afraid that he won't love me!" Tang youyou's beautiful eyes and black bellies look at the season owl coldly. "

he dares!" The old lady was really angry. Her majestic eyes fixed on Ji Xiaohan: "Xiaohan, now tell you, will you not love her?"

Season owl cold in the bottom of the heart helpless wry smile, this woman goes abroad, come back to dig a hole for him, very good, wait a moment to go to the bedroom, see she dare not so proud. "

grandma, I swear, I will never change my mind. I only love her in my life!" Ji Xiaohan is forced to make a vow.

But the old lady snorted, "men's words are mostly untrustworthy. You can listen to them. Don't take them seriously!"

Ji Xiaohan: "..." Tang

youyou has smiled to the front and back. At this time, LAN Yue takes Ji xiaonai in one hand, and then follows Ji Xiaorui down the stairs. Two little guys wash their hands and are ready to eat. "Grandma, the children are here. Don't talk about that again!" Ji Xiaohan quickly reminds grandma.

If we let the two little guys know that they are almost going to lose their mother, I'm afraid that Tang youyou won't want to go abroad again. Because he's his son Xiaorui, he's not a good person to provoke now. Ji Xiaohan still refuses to treat him. So, for the sake of his family position, we must not let the children know about this.

"Xiaonai, hurry up to eat, Xiaorui, and you come here..." The old lady immediately cried out lovingly. Xiaonai, a snack product, of course loves eating. She immediately sat down in the chair, took the spoon, and began to accept the food from her parents. Season

Xiaorui is standing two meters away from the dining table, a pair of big black eyes, like a variety of small emotions. Everyone looked at him in surprise. LAN Yue squatted in front of him and asked, "Xiaorui, go to dinner with grandma, what's the matter? My eyes are red. Did my sister make you cry again "

not me!" Ji xiaonai immediately replied loudly.

"No!" Ji Xiaorui also bowed his head and answered. Then, in his big eyes, tears fell down. He didn't say anything, but silently shed tears there, which was really worrying and painful. Don

youyou quickly put down his chopsticks and walked over to his son's cerebellum bag, feeling curiously: "Xiaorui, what's wrong? Tell mommy what happened at school today? "

When Ji Xiaorui saw Tang youyou coming, he immediately hugged her leg and cried out with a whoa. When she cried, all the adults were shocked. Even Ji xiaonai, who had a big meal, was frightened. Her big black eyes were blinking. Then, she shouted, "as soon as my brother came back, he would play with his mobile phone. Playing with his mobile phone is not good. He didn't play with me upstairs just now. My brother must be ill!" Listen to the words "mobile phone". Tang youyou and Ji Xiaohan look at each other subconsciously. They are all panicked. Isn't it because this little guy already knows what happened abroad? "

Mommy, will you stop leaving me and my sister?" Ji Xiaorui said while crying.

Tang youyou had to pick up his son, kiss his wet face, and then walk towards the living room.

Ji xiaonai's surprised little mouth started to move again. He blinked and asked Ji Xiaohan, "Daddy, why is brother crying? Does he miss Mommy too much? I want to, I will not cry, I am a big baby

Ji Xiaohan was also worried and heavy, but he gave his daughter a look of encouragement: "yes, xiaonai is a strong and good child, no need to worry about her father and mother when she grows up!" "

MM!" Ji xiaonai was praised, and her face was happy. On the sofa in the hall, Tang youyou held his son and asked him in a low voice, "did you see the video on the Internet?" "

well, Mommy, if you can come back well, I'll be relieved. I'm scared to death!" Ji Xiaorui's two little hands are still holding mommy's arm tightly, and she dare not relax for a moment.

Tang youyou bowed his head and kissed his little head, smiled and comforted: "Mommy, isn't it safe to come back? Don't worry any more, will you? You didn't tell your sister! "

"No, I dare not tell her!" Ji Xiaorui learned to be patient at a young age, and knew more about the responsibility and determination of being a brother. "

well, it's a good brother. Don't tell xiaonai about such things in the future. She is not so strong as you. I'm afraid she will be scared!" Tang youyou knows why his son cried just now. He was scared. He is so pitiful.

"Well, Mommy, it's so dangerous abroad. Would you stop going? I know they must know that you are daddy's wife. Do they want to kidnap you and let daddy give you money? " Ji Xiaorui is smart, but he doesn't know what the truth is. He just feels that the bad guys just want to tie up mommy and threaten daddy to give them money. Don

you can only cheat your son. The world of adults is too complex, but the world of children is simple and pure. She dare not let her son touch the world of adults too early, but only cheat him. "

maybe, but bad people are not so easy to succeed. Sooner or later, bad people will be punished." Said Tang youyou softly.

"Well, Mommy, you promised me not to run out alone. It's easy to be a goal. When you go out, you must follow daddy and let him protect you!" Ji Xiaorui finally said what he had in mind, and he didn't cry. "

OK, Mommy will not go out alone in the future. I will go with your daddy. With your daddy around, Mommy will also have a sense of security. You need to protect your sister at school, OK?" Tang youyou kneaded his son's tender face and smiled to remind him. "

Yes!" Ji Xiaorui nods. The conversation between the female and the female is over. Tang youyou holds his son and goes back to the dining table. Ji xiaonai asks Ji Xiaorui curiously, "brother, are you sick?" "

no! Eat your meal! " Ji Xiaorui is angry by his sister to the rhythm of spitting blood every day. He really doesn't know why his sister can't finish talking with one mouth. Does other sister do the same? "

Oh, if you don't say it, don't say it. Let mommy take you to have an injection and take your medicine!" Ji xiaonai snorted with full air, and scolded him with a drop of "smelly brother!"