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C738 jealousy

Bai Yiyan faces the camera and is really scared. She stays at the same place. For a moment, she doesn't know how to react. Ji Yueze stands opposite her. They look at each other for a while. Bai Yiyan suddenly smiles. She immediately apologizes: "sorry, I I can't feel it now. "

The director called out, and then came up to Bai Yiyan and said, "you just think that Yueze is your husband. You two are going to get married. What kind of mood will you have, and then show it."

Bai Yiyan sees so many people looking at her around. She is very nervous, but she is still listening to the director's admonition very seriously. With a little eyebrow, she sees Ji Yueze sitting on the chair beside with flaws. She looks like an old master, and is so beautiful that people can't open their eyes.

If such a handsome young man is her husband, she must be as happy as winning the prize.

Bai Yiyan thought about this, and her mood was somehow calmed down. In the second play, Bai Yiyan finally found a little state. Of course, Ji Yueze brought all this to her. He took the lead in saying something, and immediately brought Bai Yiyan into this excited atmosphere. I don't know how many times ng happened, but for the first time, Bai Yiyan's performance was more satisfactory. In the last performance, Ji Yueze directly hugged her in her arms and kissed her on her lips like a thin lip reward. Everyone at the scene was forced to eat a big wave of dog food


Bai Yiyan takes a step back from his arms with a red face. The director next to her suddenly yells: "yes, that's the feeling. It's sweet in shame. Bai Yiyan, go back and practice with Yueze. You have great potential. I'm sure you can do it."

When the director called out with the megaphone, Bai Yiyan shook and saw someone beside her laughing.

Ji Yueze stretched out his hand and twisted it on her cheek: "do you hear me? Go back and practice with me!"

Bai Yiyan's whole body exploded, and her brain was blank for a moment, which was a shame.

However, although she lost face, she was very happy. So she asked Ji Yueze in a whisper, "will you teach me how to act when I go back?"

"Of course, I'll teach you acting every day, the one I'm good at!" Ji Yueze also attached to her ear, the hot breath sprinkled on her delicate earlobe, said, it is difficult to understand.

"What kind of play are you good at?" When Bai Yiyan heard that he had agreed to her, she was very happy and full of expectation.

"Play in bed!" Ji Yueze answered her word for word.

Bai Yiyan's cheeks roared, and a gorgeous rosy cloud rose again. She gave him a angry stare. This man was just kidding her. It's not serious.

She doesn't want to play that kind of play with him. Her bones are still weak.

Ski resort!

Season owl cold and Mushi night came up, divided the win and lose, season owl cold dangerous win, Mushi night can only be willing to lose, treat lunch.

Tired of playing, the party went back to the hotel, changed a suit of clothes, and went directly to the restaurant. Ji Xiaohan received a call from his grandmother. He asked about his children first, and then he said seriously: "Xiaohan, help your brother to investigate the background of the white family. Let Grandma have a number in her mind. They all say they are engaged. Can this marriage be engaged? I have to take a look at the family situation of the other party first."

Ji Xiao's eyes are slightly frozen. I remember that his brother told him last time that Bai Zhen was Bai Yiyan's aunt. I'm afraid that if grandma knew about this, she would not know what it would look like.

The photos that Ji Lin sent to him haven't been shown to his grandmother. However, Ji Xiaohan believes that grandma may already know about it. Otherwise, she won't let him investigate the situation of Bai Zhen before.

Now the situation is very complicated. Grandma thought they didn't know about it, so she didn't mention it all the time. But if Bai Yiyan really wants to get engaged to her brother, she is afraid that it will be exposed. At that time, she is afraid that everyone will be very embarrassed.

"Grandma, I just talked to my brother on the phone once. He said that the engagement should be put on hold first, and then mentioned later." Said the season owl in a low voice.

"Even if I mention it later, what is the situation of the Bai family? I want to know it first. I'll ask your people to investigate it quickly. Otherwise, I'm not at ease!" The old lady doesn't care about anything else now, but she must be in charge of the future candidates for Ji's granddaughter-in-law.

"Well, I'll have it investigated when I have time!" Ji Xiaohan agrees.

Hung up grandma's phone, and Ji Xiaohan called Ji Yueze again to discuss the matter with him.

Ji Yueze's mobile phone has been unanswered, so Ji Xiaohan has to decide to go back and talk to him face to face.

After having a lunch, the group packed up and went back to the city. This time, some children had a good time. As long as they were accompanied by their parents, their time was the happiest.

Ji Shangqing is standing in his new home, across the glass window, facing the two huge towers of Ji's headquarters building, called the emperor building. It's really like the emperor. He looks up at the surrounding buildings, so that people can only look up to him.

The corridor in the air between the floors is still brilliant and has won a lot of praise.

Ji Shangqing squints and stares at those two summers coldly. If all this belongs to him, it's called perfection.

But now, he can only look up from a distance through the glass window. He doesn't know how far away he is from the two buildings. "Ji Xiaohan, you are really envious!" If Ji Shangqing had been developing abroad before, and had not come back to see all that Ji Xiaohan had, he might still be in a calm mood. But at the moment, his heart is like a huge wave. It's hard to calm down. A man's success must be both a woman and a career. Now, Ji Xiaohan is like this, with a beloved woman and a lovely child , also has such a successful career, God treats him too kindly, Ji Shangqing thinks more and more angrily, is also the blood of Ji's family, why is he so far away?

It's really unfair!

Ji shangqingmeng drinks the wine in the cup and seems to make a decision. He finally knows why his father is so unwilling. Even if he stays in prison for a few years, he still wants to have all these things. Because it's really too tempting, and it's too exciting.

Ji Shangqing turns around and takes a look at his mobile phone, and suddenly receives a message.

Tang youyou is the daughter of a dragon and a Phoenix who disappeared from the Xia family for more than 20 years. Ji Shangqing looks a vibration, immediately picked up the mobile phone, unplugged a phone to go out.