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Yang Chu Chu was anxious in the beginning, but when she really hung herself on her man's body, she realized that something wasn't right.

However, at this moment, both of their expressions had already become fixed on the other. Their gazes met, and they both saw a trace of a peculiar fire in each other's eyes.

"Ugh …" Yang Chu Chu looked at her bold and unrestrained movements, her snow-white face immediately flushed red like fire. Lowering her head, she quickly got off his body, pouting: "Give me the controller, hurry!"

Luo Jin Yu was fine in the beginning, but that feeling the little thing sliding down his body simply took his life.

He could only stop teasing her, and took the initiative to hand over the controls, causing Yang Chu Chu to feel embarrassed to extend her hand out to take them, but no matter what, the atmosphere had already been shifted, she could not think of anything else.

"Luo Jin Yu..."

"May I kiss you?" Yang Chu Chu asked very softly, but the question he asked was actually very bold.

Luo Jin Yu had long known that although Yang Chu Chu looked very obedient, she was actually very straightforward and bold. Unlike other girls who liked to dress and act all sorts of ways, she was very good at expressing her requirements.

"Chuchu …" We can't do this! " Luo Jin Yu let out a low sigh, purposely suppressing the burning in his heart.

Yang Chu Chu immediately turned around and threw herself into his embrace, "If you don't want to kiss me, you can, hug me!"

Luo Jin Yu's stiff hands subconsciously held onto his, even after feeling the soft and sweet smelling little body in his embrace.

"Luo Jin Yu..."

"What's wrong?" The Listen to her kept muttering his name. He was surprised.

Yang Chu Chu started chuckling. "I like to call you by your name, but I don't need to call you Uncle. I want to call you by your name!"

Hearing this, Luo Jin Yu could not help but laugh out loud, "If you want to call me that, then go ahead, I don't want to be your Little Uncle!"

Yang Chu Chu was still in his embrace, rubbing her small face with all sorts of expressions. In the end, she raised her head, weighed the tip of her feet, and her pink lips pressed against the man's determined thin lips without any forewarning.

Luo Jin Yu did not expect her to suddenly kiss him with his toes, and was startled, his well-built body tensing up at the same time.

Yang Chu Chu also felt that she was extremely daring, she immediately wanted to kiss and dodge, but in the next moment, she felt the back of her head being pressed by the man's big palm, this kiss was really deep!

Yang Chu Chu also did not expect Luo Jin Yu to not reject his, she just blankly felt the man's strong and overbearing deep kiss, as though he was in a storm, and could not find his bearings for a while.

She would never understand how small and frail a man could be when they went crazy.

"Mm …" Yang Chu Chu felt as if there was a small volcano about to erupt inside her body, but she didn't know where the volcano's crater was. The heat was dead, and she was about to sweat.

His waist, too, was firmly fixed with his palm. Yang Chu Chu felt that her neck was sore.

Finally, the kiss was over!

His breathing was abnormally heavy.

Yang Chu Chu finally no longer had to lift her neck, and with the tip of her foot, she leaned against his chest, and gasped for breath.

Then, the man's hoarse voice was heard, "Now, go to sleep!"

"Together?" Yang Chu Chu's gentle and beautiful voice carried a trace of anticipation and a hint of nervousness.

Luo Jin Yu couldn't help but laugh deeply, "No, let's sleep separately!"

Yang Chu Chu was obviously shocked by the man's overbearing kiss, she did not dare to continue being a Spirit Demon and nodded: "Alright, then we will go rest, you are tired too!"

"En!" Luo Jin Yu nodded: "You go sleep first, I'll stay here for a while."

He had to calm down. Otherwise, he might really bully this little thing tonight.

Yang Chu Chu did not dare to light the fire again, and obediently ran into the bedroom. She stepped on her shoes, laid on the bed, pulled up the blanket, and tightly covered herself.

His heart was beating so fast that it felt like it was going to fly out. He couldn't take the blanket anymore. The heat was so strong that he could die.

Yang Chu Chu tried her best to close her eyes, but her ears were still sharp enough to hear what was going on in the living room.

The man seemed to be sitting on the sofa again, and then he seemed to have gone to the kitchen. There was the sound of someone opening a cup.

Yang Chu Chu really wanted to run out and see what was going on.

However, after what happened just now, Yang Chu Chu didn't have that kind of courage.

Although she was looking forward to it, she was also afraid because she had read a novel about how the male and female lead experienced such a thing. It said that the female lead was in so much pain that she was on the verge of death and her breathing had almost stopped.

Did Yang Chu Chu really feel that much pain?

Then why are there so many women who are willing to take the initiative to get on the male side?

Yang Chu Chu thought about it seriously, but it seemed to be written in novels, first it would hurt, then it would be happy, was it like this?

He really didn't know how to feel happy even though he was in so much pain.

After Luo Jin Yu drank a cup of ice water, the fire in his body gradually subsided.

Thus, he pushed open the door and entered the bedroom. Seeing that there was a small space, he knew that Yang Chu Chu had not fallen asleep, so he asked her: "Is there no bed in the room next door?"

"No, it's my cloakroom!" Yang Chu Chu replied with a muffled voice.

Luo Jin Yu could only say nothing, but suddenly, Yang Chu Chu thought of something, she crawled up and pointed to the cabinet beside him: "There is a new blanket there, you can take it down and use it!"

Luo Jin Yu stretched out his hands to take off the blanket, and half lying on the ground, he immediately laid down without any feeling of disgust.

"Luo Jin Yu, aren't you obsessed with cleanliness?" Yang Chu Chu teased him intentionally.

Luo Jin Yu heard her laughter and thought that she was still awake, from the looks of it, she was not sleepy at all.

"I'm asleep, I have to rush back tomorrow morning!" Luo Jin Yu said in a low voice.

"Ah, you're not eating breakfast with me tomorrow. I still want to treat you to lunch." Yang Chu Chu muttered softly, with a tone that showed she had lost her loved one.

"Is that so? We'll talk about it tomorrow! " Luo Jin Yu's thin lips rose.

Seeing that he had closed his eyes as if he was really going to sleep, Yang Chu Chu could only stop arguing and in a daze, she also fell asleep.

The two of them, one going up and the other going down, maybe because they were too tired, maybe because they really wanted to keep their moral bottom line, both of them really fell asleep.

Around 5 AM in the morning …

She got out of bed and, without thinking about the man lying on the bed, she fell.

Luo Jin Yu instinctively stretched out his hand and took her falling body into his embrace. He frowned, was this woman really going to fall off his bed in the middle of the night?

Yang Chu Chu woke up and opened her eyes. Seeing that she was actually lying on Luo Jin Yu's body, she was so scared that she wanted to quickly sit up. However, after struggling for a long time, she was still unable to get up.

Instead, he heard the man's muffled groan.

"Don't move, okay?" Luo Jin Yu had no way of resisting the little thing's every move. At this moment, he could only feel that his body was almost burnt to ashes.