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C983 jealous?

Fall into the trap of others, who will be angry, Yang ChuChu nature is not another.

Luo Jinyu reached out his hand and touched her long hair gently. He comforted her, saying, "you are just right. Don't be angry. I will find Nebula media to calculate this account." "

How do you find them? You don't seem to have any business with them, do you? " Yang ChuChu was stunned for a moment, and then thought that, while offending her, nebula media also indirectly angered Luo Jinyu? "

don't worry, I have a way for them to remember this lesson. Trust me!" It's unnecessary for Luo Jinyu to let her know about the business circle. He also wants to protect her innocence. "It's really nice to have someone to help me with my main support," Yang said

Luo Jinyu chuckles in silence, looks at her eyes, and dotes on her concern.

"In the future, I'll take care of everything for you, and I won't let others bear it." The man gently put his big hand around her waist and tightened her arms. "

is this the benefit of finding a husband? It is said that marriage is the second birth of a woman. I gave birth for the first time. It was not good. I was born without father's care. My second birth is lucky. Take care of me then. " Yang ChuChu chuckles and talks nonsense.

Luo Jinyu's thin lips kissed her long hair gently: "what are you thinking about all day long in this melon seed? I didn't see you think about serious things. " "

Yes, I don't say it when I want to be serious!" Yang ChuChu's immediate displeasure.

"Tell me, then, what's your business?" Luo Jinyu arouses curiosity.

Yang ChuChu blinked his big bright eyes and thought about it seriously and said, "when can I marry you? When will you formally propose to me? If we have a daughter, what should we call a son? Should we take a small name? It's more convenient..."

Luo Jinyu is directly amused by her. It seems that her so-called serious affairs are all related to him. Then he is quite relieved.

"Well, I know what your business is. When I buy the diamond ring, I will find a suitable time to propose to you!" Luo Jinyu said with a light smile.

"I didn't force you?" Yang ChuChu immediately sat up straight and looked serious. Luo

Jin Yu smiled: "nobody can force me to get married." "

OK, you can decide!" Yang ChuChu is finally happy again. She continues to lie down in his arms. At this moment, she really doesn't think about anything. When she is with him, it's enough to think about him alone. "

What do you want to eat? I'll take you to eat! " Luo Jinyu raised his hand and looked at the wristwatch, which made him think that they didn't have dinner.

"I want porridge!" Yang ChuChu's gastroenteritis is just a few. He naturally wants to eat something light.

"Well, I'll take you to porridge!" Luo Jinyu immediately opened the baffle connecting the driver's seat and gave an order to the driver.

Ji Yueze also saw the news from Yang ChuChu. He called. Yang

answered clearly, and when she heard the voice of her boss, she laughed: "boss, did you see that news too?"

"Are you ill? Is it better now? " Ji Yueze cares about her in a low voice. "

it's much better now that I've been injected. Maybe I've eaten the wrong thing and my stomach is not comfortable." Yang ChuChu tells the truth.

"Is Luo Jinyu with you? Let him take good care of you. If you are ill, please take a few days off. " Ji Yueze is really a good boss. It is obvious to all that he treats his subordinates.

"Don't worry, I'm ok. I'll be back tomorrow. Thank you for your concern." Yang ChuChu smiled gratefully.

"Then take care of yourself. I'll help you with the public relations of the media. After the relationship between you and Luo Jinyu broke out this time, you may not be able to hide any more. You should also do some psychological preparation." Ji Yueze told her to remind her.

"I've discussed with him. Since I can't hide any more, I'll just make it public. I'll do you a favor in public relations and fill in the trouble for you!" Yang ChuChu was very moved.

"I'm your boss. You're welcome. Hang up first!" After Ji Yueze finished, he hung up.

Yang ChuChu sighed: "I found that the boss is really becoming more and more mature and stable. It's a little different from the former one." Luo

Jin Yu looks at her gently: "why do I feel that your relationship with Ji Yueze is not so good? Is that how you used to get along? "

Yang ChuChu's beautiful eyes were shocked in a moment, and blinked twice: "you Are you jealous? " Luo

Jin Yu did not open his face and looked out of the window. He didn't answer, but that's the expression of jealousy? Yang Chuchi chuckled. He felt a little cute when he was jealous.

"What are you laughing at?" Luo Jinyu's eyebrows are twisted. Don't explain them quickly. Dare to laugh at him here? It's so indulgent. Can't you control her now?

Yang ChuChu quickly stopped laughing, shook his head and said: "nothing, I just feel that you can eat his vinegar. Then you're a loser. Ji Yueze and I have known each other from this way of getting along. How can we say that although we had been fired several times because of work needs before, we really didn't call each other."

"Is it? But I always think you and him care too much about each other! " Luo Jinyu still feels uncomfortable. "

apart from the relationship between superiors and subordinates, he and I are still friends. When he sees the news, he cares about me. This is something that friends can do. Don't be jealous, OK?" Yang ChuChu also feels helpless, but in fact, she and Ji Yueze really have nothing. They are innocent. Luo

of course, Jin Yu also knows that they have no indistinct relationship, but sometimes if they love someone too much, they will become the king of vinegar, with no sand in their eyes. "

well, it's not a bad thing to have friends to care about you!" Luo Jin has been able to adjust her mood and comfort herself. She really wants more.

Yang ChuChu did not dare to laugh at him anymore. He said seriously, "you are the only one in my heart in my eyes. You don't know. I fell in love with you three years ago. Besides you, I won't like the second one any more. Don't worry. Unless you don't want me, I will not marry you in this life."

Hearing her sarcastic confession, Luo Jinyu's mood was finally cloudy and said goodbye to the sunshine. Reach out and wring twice on her snow-white face to show punishment, but reluctant to squeeze hard, it's more like doting on her. "

OK, I have memorized every word of your words. You should dare to speak without counting. Wait and see!" Luo Jin silently reminds her.