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Gao Yue knows that Ji Xiaohan can't answer a strange phone call, so instead of calling directly, she cleverly sends a message: "I'm Gao Yue, please help me, I have important information to provide you." Xiao Han received this message at the dinner table. He looked at the strange number with a gloomy brow. At last, he called Uncle yuan and said, "use your cell phone to call back!" Yuan

uncle immediately did so, and Ji Xiaohan heard Gao Yue crying over there. "President Ji, please, please help me. I have no other way. I know that I was wrong before. I shouldn't allow them to harm you. I know it's wrong. They've ruined my face now. They also said that I should jump to your company to commit suicide. I don't want to harm you any more. You must help me If you don't save me, I'll be taken to your office building. I'm going to die at that time, and you can't get rid of it. " After hearing a sound cry, Xiao Han's face suddenly changed: "where are you? I'll have someone come to you! "

"I asked this kind-hearted brother to help me tell me the location. I don't know where it is." Gao Yue immediately looked at the man with pleading eyes, and the man helped her happily.

After Ji Xiaohan hung up the phone, he asked Uncle yuan to take someone over to pick up Gao Yue. He believed that Gao Yue had no choice but to turn to him for help. Yuan

uncle drove over and saw Gao Yue who was charming and beautiful in the afternoon. Now his face was blood and blurred by tears. It was a long story. "

thank you, thank you!" Gao Yue is just like seeking life now. Instead of being arrogant in the afternoon, she will politely say thanks. Uncle yuan ignored her and directly took her away, but he didn't get her to Jishi mansion. Instead, he was arranged in an ordinary house, a bungalow in the suburb.

"You stay here first. Remember, all your communication equipment will be thrown away by me at last. I'm afraid that those you work for will find here, and you will die." Uncle yuan is also smart, good intention to remind. Thank you very much. I gave him all my things as soon as possible. Besides some bank cards and cash, and her important small recorder, I didn't even need the bag. "Take it away, thank you!"

"I'll send you some medicine. You have to deal with it first. If you are infected, you are still very dangerous!" Uncle Yuan said, and left. He believed Gao Yue didn't dare to walk around at the moment.

"Wait a moment, you pass on the message to President Ji for me. I have important information in my hand. I'm sincere and afraid of regret. Please ask him to give me a chance to make a contribution. It's about that old bastard. As long as president Ji can send me abroad for asylum, I will give him the message and promise not to let him down!" Gao Yue knows that she will stay in China for a short time. Once she is found by Mei Jie's people, she has no chance to live. Now she can only use this information to make transactions.

"If it is really useful, I believe that the young master will distinguish!" Uncle yuan didn't say much. He turned and left.

Gao Yue looks at this small flat, which is not spacious. Although it is small, it is quite warm. She is frightened for a day, and seems to have a place. She lies on the bed tired and tired, huddled together, but the sleep is not stable, with nightmares. What wakes her up is that she feels the pain on her face getting worse. When she opens her eyes, she pushes the person in front of her to "what are you going to do?"

Squatting in front of her is a young man, also a bodyguard beside Ji Xiaohan, named Kangping. When he saw Gao Yue sleeping, he kind-hearted wanted to sterilize and apply medicine to her first. Unexpectedly, he was pushed away by the other side. He was not upset, but he just raised his hands. "I am applying medicine to you, is it very painful?"

"I remember you. You are the one who splashed my ice water today!" Gao Yue saw that he had no malice, but was kind-hearted. However, she was not afraid any more. She just laughed bitterly and laughed at herself. "

I pour cold water on you. I hope you are sober and don't do anything harmful!" Kang Ping said lightly.

"You know I'm a bad woman, why are you willing to help me?" Gao Yue looks sad.

Kangping continues to dip the disinfectant water into her wound. Gao Yue grows up from small to large. She can't get through the pain without shaking all over her body. Her fingers are desperately holding on to her clothes, so she can bear the pain. "

since it is not good to be a bad person, we should wake up in time. This society is tolerant!" Kangping saw that her face was pale with pain, and she was lighter immediately.

"Are you not afraid? Look at my face, you must have nightmares tonight! " Gao Yue really appreciates him, but he is afraid that he will scare him.

"What is your wound? The scar on my body is worse than you!" Kangping smiled. "

are you hurt, too? How did you get hurt? Tell me! " Gao Yue has exhausted her energy and energy. Her mind is empty. It seems that all the splendor and wealth of her life have disappeared in her mind. She was born well and beautiful. She read the school she wanted to read and made contact with elite friends in the circle. She thought she could see the happiness and happiness of her life, but she didn't expect that she would fall into hell after stepping wrong.

"If you want to find some balance in your mind, I'll show you one!" After Kangping finished, he took off his coat and showed Gao Yue the whole back. Yue's heart and mouth seemed to stop breathing, because she saw his scarred back, as if there were countless scarlet centipedes circling around him, which was terrible. "

do you have enemies, too?" Gao Yuejue feels that only when he hates one person can he hurt him to this extent.

"No, I used to be a gangster. With my youth, I did a lot of bad things. I left this scar to save my sister. Someone came to me for revenge and buried a bomb in my house. At that time, my sister was by my side. I protected her and her back exploded!" Kang Ping said while giving Gao Yue medicine, Gao Yue seemed to feel no pain, but tears kept falling. "

fortunately, my sister is safe and sound. Now, I have made money to send her abroad to study, and I feel secure!" Kang Ping said with a smile that the young face was full of happiness and peace.

"You're the bodyguard of Ji Xiaohan. Doesn't he dislike you?" Gao Yue couldn't help asking. "

Mr. Ji is very good. Although he has money, he treats others well and takes good care of us. At the beginning, uncle yuan invited me in. I am very grateful to him. My dream is to keep Ji's family in prison and not let the bad guys hurt Mr. Ji's family again!" Kangping sighed.

"You're lucky enough to be able to be a new man, but I can't. I've got more trouble than you!" Gao Yue suddenly envied him.

"You'd better save your life first, and then how to choose it!" Kangping looks at her face. It's a pity to see her outside Ji's house in the afternoon. It's beautiful and magnificent. Now, it's pitiful.

"Yes, I hope God doesn't treat me too thin. If I can be a man again, I will find a man who is as down-to-earth as you. Unfortunately, I'm afraid it's hard to marry in my life. My face Completely destroyed! " As soon as Gao Yue thought of her future misery, she was inexplicably sad. Kang

Ping saw that she was crying and handed her tissue.

Gao Yue cried more sad.

"You still don't cry, tears will make your wound more painful!" Kangping advised her. Gao

Yue felt the burning pain on his face. He had to bear his tears. He couldn't even cry happily. What could be more sad than his present mood?

Ji Xiaohan intentionally cools Gao Yue first, because he is on the phone with Ling Mo Feng at the moment.

"Destroying a woman's face is terrible. Is it to the point of insanity?" Ling Mo Feng was also shocked.

"More than that, I think he's got a distorted mentality. Mo Feng, are you OK there?" Ji Xiaohan asked him. "

it's OK for me. He always suppresses me in state affairs. Fortunately, there are many sober people, so we can't daydream with him. There are more and more people supporting me!" Ling Mo Feng replied with a light smile.

"Gao Yue's chess piece is useless. I don't know how he plans to deal with me next. I have to be ready." Season owl cold sneer way.

"Then you have to be more careful. At present, I want to know who is doing these things for him behind his back. If you do, I will never let that person go!" Ling Mo Feng cares about his friends and hates the murderers behind the scenes even more.