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C1998 makes a choice

Tang Weixin's words shocked him. He always thought that Exxon was just an ordinary smuggler. Unexpectedly, he even made such a careful protective net. His back was in a cold sweat.

"Stevens killed two of his partners. He said that they died in an accident. But he arranged both accidents. He has no bottom line in order to seize power. He is a devil. You must be careful of him. I saw that beautiful woman just now. Who is she? Have I seen her anywhere?" Tang Weixin, while sorting his clothes, asked Fuxun.

"She is my brother's girlfriend, and also a lady of great fortune. Her name is Ji Tingyan." Tie Xun didn't hide it from her.

"That's right, Jijia, the famous people on the rich list. I've seen all the big people on the rich list and their families since I came here. I have a deep memory of beauty." Tang Dynasty only heart picked eyebrow to smile.

"Doesn't your injury hurt? How can you laugh? " Tie Xun found that the woman was numb to the pain.

"Don't laugh, do you want to cry? I won't cry for you. " Tang Weixin said, then leaned on the chair and said to him, "help me to call my younger martial brother here."

"I'm not your subordinate, don't command me with this tone," he said

Tang Weixin is stupefied for a moment, then smiles and says, "Mr. tie, please call Jack for me."

Tie Xun is even more upset. Is this woman playing with him?

But he went out and called Jack who was eating. He found that Tang Weixin knew a lot of information. He also stood by and planned to listen to them.

Tang Weixin orders Jack to turn off all the communication equipment. At present, the main purpose is to protect himself from being monitored.

When Jack saw that Tang Weixin had finally saved his life, he was grateful to tie Xun again.

Tie Xun leans against the door and looks at Jack's inner worship and obedience to Tang Weixin. He raises his eyebrows in disapproval. Tang Weixin, a woman who dares to marry, will be singled out by her admirers in minutes.

"Tie Xun, you are my Savior. How do you want me to repay you?" Tang Weixin finally relaxed his nerves, closed his eyes and asked him in a low voice.

Tie Xun frowned: "my brother promised to save you, not me."

"No matter what, you have saved me. I want to repay you in my own name." Tang Weixin's beautiful eyes opened in a moment. Although she was in a mess at the moment, her hair was sticky and wet, and her face was plain and clean, she had a kind of domineering spirit in her bones. Her legs were slightly overlapped, and she stared at tie Xun with burning eyes: "don't let me tell the secret of the organization, I would rather die than spit a word."

"Tie Xun sneers:" I just want to kill Saxon, what do you want to do, I have no interest

"Stevens is going to bring it back to the trial. His charges must be handed over to international organizations." Tang idealistic eyes in the light gradually dark, word by word to inform.

"If the wicked have no right to be tried and betrayed, he must die." Tie Xun's whole body was surging up. He couldn't accept the thought that there was still a chance for him to be tried.

Tang Weixin looked at him, and his eyes gradually calmed down: "if Saxon doesn't have that kind of life to try treason, it can be calculated otherwise."

Tie Xun Jun's face stiffened and he snorted, "he won't have that kind of luck."

"Let me help you." Tang Weixin stands up from the chair fiercely and grabs tie Xun's arm: "let me help you get revenge."

"You don't want to use us to accomplish your purpose." Tie Xun coldly warned her.

Tang Weixin really had this idea. She was stunned for a moment, and then she saw through her mind. She pushed her away: "my elder brother saved you because of kindness. If you are really grateful, you should distinguish your career from your personal life."

Tang Weixin's fingers were a little stiff. Next second, he held them tightly and sat down in a depressed position: "I swore that I would take sxsen back to the trial."

"I also vowed to see him die with my own eyes." Tie Xun said angrily.

"Thank you for your help. I will repay you if I have a chance. I'm leaving here with my younger martial brother now." Tang Weixin finally made a decision.

"If you leave here, you will surely die. There is no one here for a hundred miles." Tie Xun sneers.

"Don't try, how do you know it must be a dead end?" said Tang Weixin

Tang Weixin said that he would go away. He grabbed her back, grabbed her by the lapel, and raised her fiercely: "if you want to belittle your own life, why should my brother and I save you in vain? We had a plan to kill Saxon. Because of you, we had to withdraw from our position. Now tell me, you still want to die. Tang Weixin, can you stop for a while? "

Tang Weixin was stunned. He lowered his eyes and looked at the place where the man was holding his hands. The clothes he had just cut were just inch long strips of cloth. His clenched fist clung to her softness.

The breath of tie Xun's Qi was all in a hurry. Just then, the voice of tie Ting came: "Xiao Xun, let go."

Tie Xun pushes Tang Weixin away, turns around and leaves.

Tang Weixin quickly turned his back, took a coat, quickly wrapped himself, and then turned around to face tieting.

"My brother is a bit impulsive. He didn't offend you, did he?" Tie Ting just saw his brother's expression of eating people, but he was also helpless.

"He didn't, it was my problem." Said Tang Weixin in a low voice.

"I'm sorry, I can't let you out of here. If you get caught again, I can't believe that you will sell our brother's plan." Tie Ting just heard what his younger brother said, so he said these words to Tang idealism with a calm face.

Tang Weixin turns to look at feting. His momentum is totally different from that of his brother. If his brother is an elegant gentleman, he is absolutely domineering. Tang Weixin knows the company he runs. She doesn't even have confidence. Even if she is sure to win the battle with him without being hurt, feting doesn't let them go, it must be.

"I see." Tang Weixin nodded, just thinking about one thing. If the task fails, she may take off the police hat. This is her tangle. It's also a gamble between her and her father. Her father doesn't want her to continue to be a policeman, but hopes she can return to normal life, get married and have children.

Tang Weixin closed his eyes and thought for a moment. If his brother didn't save himself, he would have no life, but he took off his police uniform. At least, she had a chance to see his family. Such a vicious person as Stevens can't stay any longer.