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Nangong Yao's love, direct and inclusive, like the spring rain, moistens Mu Yun's lonely heart. After twenty-eight years of independent walking in this world, she finally found a person with the same soul. The next day, she decided to get married with Nangong Yao.

Nangong Yao didn't expect that she would promise herself so soon. Some of the surprises were too sudden.

"I'm married. I don't want to have a wedding. Can we simply invite friends and relatives to dinner?"

Mu Yun lies in the arms of a man, her long hair is gently wrapped around the man's fingers and abdomen, and Nangong Yao's surprised eyes are fixed on her.

"Why not have a wedding?"

Nangong Yao also wants to hold a grand wedding banquet for her and make her the happiest bride.

"To be honest, marriage is actually a matter of two families. I don't like publicity very much. After we get the certificate, let's invite the family to have a meal. The wedding will not be done."

Moyun naturally likes to keep a low profile. Besides, the relationship between the family members at Moyun's side has long been indifferent. She doesn't want to invite them to the wedding anymore. If she doesn't sincerely wish her well, she doesn't want to face it.

"But it's too much for you."

Nangong Yao frowned.

"I don't feel aggrieved."

Mu Yun turned over, lying in his arms, shook his head and said, "as long as I don't feel aggrieved, it's not aggrieved."

Muyun is a good woman, and she will be a good wife in the future. She is virtuous, capable and considerate. She knows nangongyao has lost a lot for her. A grand wedding cost a lot of money. She really doesn't want to let him spend any more money, but she doesn't want to tell her real idea, for fear that the man will insist on her wedding.

"Well, if you don't want a wedding, we won't do it."

Nangong Yao is obedient, of course. Everything follows her.

"When we get the certificate, we go on a honeymoon, and then we go on the normal women's route, pregnant and have children."

Mu Yun chuckles. It seems that her life is on the right track, step by step. Although it is a little late, she will live up to this time.

"Well, this family, it's up to you. How do you want to live, we'll live. I'm responsible for making money. You're responsible for taking care of this family. We'll have two more children in the future, so the family will become more lively."

Nangong Yao likes her temperament very much. He doesn't like to make public. In a low-key way, he is willing to lead the most simple and ordinary life. This is exactly the life he has always wanted. Step by step, step by step.

Mu Yun calls Mu Weicheng about his marriage with nangongyao. Mu Weicheng knows his sister's character. He naturally has no problem. He just hopes that they will have time in the future to get together in China.

After receiving the certificate, Mu Yun and Nangong Yao finally met the people of Nangong family. At a dinner party, they all seemed gentle and friendly. However, Mu Yun knew that in order to avoid Nangong Yao's embarrassment, she was careful in speaking and making mistakes. However, even so, she was tit for tat. Of course, the reason was that she married Nangong Yao And became her wife.

"Nangongyao came back to China for more than a month and married you. I thought you were young and beautiful. Unexpectedly, you were just like that."

Mu Yun is on the table, sneered at by a woman.

Mu Yun looks up at her, a mixed race beauty, tall and charming, and she belongs to two types of extremes, one is beautiful and attractive, the other is quiet and beautiful.

"Are you questioning me or Nangong Yao's vision?

If it's aimed at me, I'll stand in front of you. Beauty and ugliness will know at a glance. If it's aimed at Nangong Yao, you can tell him that it's a waste of words. "

Mu Yun is not angry and annoyed, and lightly connects back.

"You Don't you have any self-knowledge of your own?

Are you worthy of him?

It's just his money that you're looking for. "

The face of the half blood beauty was white. She thought that Mu Yun would be ashamed of herself and would not dare to look at her, which was aggressive.

"I'm not only interested in his wealth, but also in his high beauty, good character, good cultivation, gentleness and tolerance By the way, my husband has many advantages. If you want to listen, let's sit down and let me count them slowly. "

Mu Yun is still unmoved, his voice is full of laziness, as if he is chatting about the unsatisfied food today.

"You are ill."

That mixed race beauty finally can't hold her breath. She really hasn't seen a woman like Mu Yun, and she can't even provoke her and make her lose her temper.

"I'm sick or not, you certainly don't know, but you're very sick. You can't peep at other people's husbands because of your bad character."

Moyun's lips are lightly mocked.

Finally, the woman was angry and left swearing.

Moyun sighed, couldn't help but take a spoon and take a picture of himself in the face: "really can't match him?"

Nangong Yao can see from afar that she is surrounded by a woman. He quickly takes time to come to the rescue site, only to find that the woman has left wisely.

"Are you ok?

What did she tell you? "

Nangong Yao came over and handed her a glass of juice.

Moyun took it over and took two sips: "that's your pursuer. Do you know her?"

"Well, she has confessed to me several times."

Nangong Yao is to recognize that woman is her pursuer, so nervous to help her.

"She's beautiful and feminine."

Moyun said with a smile.

"Everyone thinks she's beautiful, but she's not my type."

Nangong Yao immediately evaded the importance of the answer, which is to send the proposition, once he does not answer well, it is bad.

"Is it?

She just said, "I don't deserve you. Maybe I really don't deserve you. I have to be self aware."

Moyun laughed at himself.

"Isn't it worth it, as it has been proved?"

The man suddenly attached himself to her ear and said in a low voice, "otherwise, we'll go home to try again in the evening. How much is it."


Mu Yun's face blushed instantly: "I don't want to try with you."


Are you angry? "

Nangong Yaojun's face was miserable.

Of course, Muyun is not angry. On the contrary, she finds Nangong Yao looks more and more beautiful. He is a kind of man who can stand watching. If he looks at him more, his mood will be better.

"Nangong Yao, since you choose me to be your wife, you have to adjust your mind. I don't want to fight against the third, the fourth and the fifth."

Mu Yun still needs to remind him seriously.

"Xiaoyun, do you know?

Just now I overheard a few men talking. They all said that you have a very unique temperament. They said that they want to come and talk with you. You must remind me at the same time that you must do it yourself, so that I can't be jealous. "

Nangong Yao reminds her with a bitter face.

Mu Yun was stunned and raised his long hair: "really?

That's right. If a woman wants to go out and find someone, it's a hundred times easier than your people. Forget it, I'd better not complain, just be myself. "

Nangong Yao saw that confidence returned to her face, he chuckled, a heart, which was implemented.