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After Ling wennuan and Mu Weicheng left the waterfall, they went back to chenglao's house for dinner. Chenglao killed a chicken to entertain Mu Weicheng, which made Mu Weicheng very embarrassed.

"Master mu?"

Just waiting for dinner, suddenly, a voice came from outside the yard.

It's Chardonnay.

Seeing Mu Weicheng, Xia ninglan immediately rejoiced in Shuiji. Later, she came in quickly: "Mu jiaoguan, it's really you. I finally found you."

Mu Weicheng looks at the students in the evening. Even if he wants to look cold, he is also a little upset. He just asks her, "what's the matter?

What can I do for you? "

"I've caught a cold these two days, and my throat is sore. I heard that the nearest doctor is the base. Mr. mu, can I go to get some medicine with you?

When I was in class this afternoon, I only felt a bad headache. Now I'm still hot. It's hard. "

Xia ninglan said, choking up, a sad look.

Ling wennuan is helping Xiaoyu peel corn. She frowns when she hears Xia ninglan's words.

Looking at Xia ninglan's face, Mu Weicheng had no choice but to wring his brow and promise: "I can't delay when I'm ill. I can let the doctor come to see you in the morning tomorrow."

"Mr. mu, I have a bad fever now. I'm afraid I can't wait for tomorrow. Can you take me to the base tonight? I won't cause any trouble. I just want to get an injection of antipyretics. I haven't suffered so much since I was young. Mr. mu, you said Will I die here? "

The summer rather orchid is more desolate is shaking the shoulder, crying is not sad.

Cheng's wife is a very kind-hearted woman. Seeing the girl crying like this, she came to comfort her because she didn't know the situation. "You are the summer teacher who came with warmth. You used to live in a big city. You are not used to this kind of hard life. You need to take good care of yourself when you are outside."

"Thank you for your concern. The only thing I can hope for now is the teacher. He's my teacher. He won't care about me, will he, the teacher?"

Xia ninglan looked at Mu Weicheng pitifully.

Under the warm yellow light, Mu Weicheng is looked at by Xia ninglan. He is not very comfortable.

After all, Ling wennuan is washing vegetables at the door.

Ling wennuan immediately stood up: "Xia ninglan, you are so ill. You really need to see a doctor. Anyway, I will have a rest tomorrow. Otherwise, I will accompany you to the base in a moment. I can take care of you."

Xia ninglan didn't expect Ling wennuan to put forward such a request. She didn't want Ling wennuan's tail to follow her.

"No, I'm sure I'll get better with the tutor. Don't go."

Xia ninglan doesn't want to embarrass Ling Nuan in front of the Cheng family, because she still cherishes her face. She has been recognized by many people by shaping herself as a good girl with good heart. The people in this village are simple and kind to her.

"I've always been curious about the base. Mr. mu, can outsiders come in and visit?"

Ling doesn't want to seek the consent of Xia ninglan any more, but directly looks to Mu Weicheng.

Mu Weicheng nodded: "you are my students. You can go in and have a look with my guarantee. Besides, people in the village can go in and receive treatment even if they are seriously ill. Although the base is strict, it is not a place without human feelings."

Ling wennuan listened to Mu Weicheng's official reply. She chuckled and said, "do you hear me? I can go to visit."

Xia ninglan's eyes glared at her angrily. She thought that Ling wennuan was too annoying. She finally used illness as an excuse to get along with Mu Weicheng alone, but she didn't expect that Ling wennuan would have the cheek to do damage.

She is too selfish and overbearing. Is it possible to allow her to be close to the teacher mu?


Xia ninglan also stayed at Cheng's house for dinner, and the atmosphere suddenly changed subtly.

Because, at the time of eating, Xia ninglan takes the initiative to bring a dish to Mu Weicheng, and Ling Nuan immediately brings a piece of meat to Mu Weicheng.

Mu Weicheng's handsome face is a little red, which is not very interesting.

"Mu Shao, you have been their teacher," Cheng asked with a smile

Mu Weicheng is only aware of his hot face. As a teacher, he feels extremely heavy. He admits that Ling Nuan is his girlfriend in front of Cheng Lao. I wonder if Cheng Lao will feel that he is in an unhealthy state of mind?

After supper, Ling wennuan packed up a suit of clothes and got into Mu Weicheng's car. Xia ninglan opened the front passenger's door quickly and took the best position.

When Ling wennuan got dressed and came out, she saw that Xia ninglan was so active that she could only open the back seat.

Mu Weicheng looks at Xia ninglan's preconceived performance. He is helpless. It seems that he really needs to talk to her.

Mu Weicheng doesn't like the peach blossoms on his body. There are many women who like him and express their love more. However, he always refuses at one bite. Some women like to pester him, and he also deals with it coldly.

Therefore, in the face of the direct performance of xianinglan, Mu Weicheng also feels that it's time to seriously refuse her. Don't give her too much hope. What's more, the woman he loves is around, and he doesn't want Ling Nuan to be jealous and angry about this matter.

Can Ling warm or angry, no way, she is so careful eyes, she saw the performance of summer ninglan so direct, she really was not happy.

On the way, Ling wennuan didn't speak very much. All the time, Xia ninglan was asking Mu Weicheng about some things, including life and work, mainly to show how much she cared about Mu Weicheng.

Mu answered very briefly, but most of the time, he used a note instead.

"Teacher mu, can I ask you a very personal question?"

After talking about the family routine, Xia ninglan suddenly wanted to talk about the key points, so she pretended to have a soft and cute expression and asked with a smile.

"Say it!"

Mu Weicheng cherishes words like gold.

Xia ninglan looks at Ling Nuan in the back seat on purpose. Seeing Ling Nuan's eyes sideways, she looks out the window at night, as if she is not interested in their chat.

She sneers at the bottom of her heart, Ling Nuan won't be jealous, right?

What qualification does she have to be jealous? Is it that Mu Weicheng has been exclusive to her?

"What kind of girlfriend do you like

Shanninglan asked softly.

Mu Weicheng's heart leaped and his eyes peered through the rearview mirror. Unfortunately, Ling wennuan sat in the position behind him. He couldn't see her expression at all, but he didn't need to think about it. He could guess that she must be stuffy and waiting for a while to clean him up.

"I have a woman I like."

Mu Weicheng didn't bother to explain too much, so he replied.

Xia ninglan's whole body is stiff, and her eyes can't help but widen a circle: "do you have someone you like?

Who is it?

Do I know you? "

Xia ninglan's heart is like a thousand arrows passing through. She can't hurt. She is flustered and anxious to know who that person is.

"Cough..." Ling wennuan suddenly coughs in the back seat.

The man soon received her signal. It seems that she still doesn't want to let people know her relationship with him.

"I'm sorry, it's my private business. I don't want to say that."

Murdoch replied lightly.

Xianinglan's face is like a withered flower, and there is no divine color. She stares at the front, and the tears of grievance and sadness roll in her eyes.

"I didn't expect that the drillmaster Mu would have someone he liked. He must be excellent, just like you."

Xia ninglanjue's, the other party will be a very elegant and intelligent beauty. She thinks that the Mu Weicheng will only like the kind of decent, gentle and beautiful woman. She will never be a little girl like Ling wennuan who is young, ignorant and has no sense of achievement.

"I like her a long time ago. I don't know if she is excellent, but in my eyes, she is unique."

Mu Weicheng said these words to Ling warm in the back seat.

Ling wennuan was still angry. When he heard his words, he felt a warm color in his heart. Subconsciously, he rose up at the corner of his mouth. For the sake of his wit, he would not be prosecuted for this matter.