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C596. Mom's beautiful

Night shrouded the bustling metropolis. After Cheng Ying left the company, he went home first.

Yang ChuChu also came home early. As soon as Cheng Ying came back, his face was a little ugly.

"Mom, did you see the video on the Internet? I didn't agree to his pursuit. Don't scold me! " Yang ChuChu takes the lead in welcoming the past, embracing one arm of his mother and confessing his mistake.

Cheng Ying's face, which was originally rigid, immediately softened the color when she saw her active confession.

"Well, mom has seen that as long as you can make the right decision, mom will not be angry." Cheng Ying felt her daughter's long hair, and her face was in a trance for a moment.

Yang ChuChu saw that his mother's face was finally relieved, but his heart was still uneasy.

So she asked tentatively, "Mom, what's the plan for tonight? Shall we go out for a meal? "

Cheng Ying looks at her daughter's bright big eyes and suddenly raises her lips and smiles, "mom has an appointment this evening. You can eat at home yourself."

Yang ChuChu's expression suddenly became tense: "Mom, who did you have an appointment with tonight?"

Cheng Ying's face changed a little. Then she pretended to take off her coat carelessly and put it on the sofa beside her. She poured herself a glass of water and thought deeply.

"Mom, can't you even talk about your daughter?" Yang ChuChu is a knowingly asked, because she felt that her mother should not hide her own.

Cheng Ying said lightly: "what do you do when you are such a child? Mother naturally has her friends. "

Yang ChuChu saw that her mother didn't tell her truth. Her beautiful eyes widened in surprise.

Then, Cheng Ying went upstairs. A few minutes later, she even dressed up and walked down.

A young dress with delicate makeup, the whole person looks several years younger.

Yang ChuChu looked at her mother dressed so beautifully and went out. She couldn't help doubting.

Isn't Luo Jinyu the person my mother wants to see today?


When Cheng Ying left the house, he told Yang ChuChu, "you stay at home and don't run around. Mom will be back soon."

"Oh!" Yang ChuChu looked at her mother's young and beautiful appearance, and she was a little worried.

My mother is only thirty-six years old this year. In addition, she has been taking care of herself. It's also fitness and beauty. She looks very slim, and her skin is also very young and white. So, Yang ChuChu and her mother go shopping. Many people think they are sisters.

Yang ChuChu sat on the sofa depressed, a pair of beautiful eyes blinked randomly.

The servant aunt came to ask what she would like to eat tonight, and she also casually said a few.

She ran upstairs, took out her mobile phone and gave it to Luo Jinyu.

Luo Jinyu is driving and answers her phone with a Bluetooth headset.

"Luo Jinyu, will you meet my mother tonight?" Yang ChuChu asked curiously.

"Yes, I will. What's the matter?" Luo Jinyu didn't bring bodyguards today, but drove a car himself.

Yang ChuChu frowned and whispered, "nothing, my mother just went out dressed beautifully. I thought she didn't want to meet you tonight."

As soon as Luo Jinyu heard this, he immediately laughed: "your mother loves to dress up, but she is famous."

"It's also said that after my mother was abandoned by my father, she paid special attention to dressing and maintenance. She once said that if she dressed prettier, everything would be better." Yang ChuChu couldn't help laughing.

"Of course, women should have tried their best to manage their looks. Men are intuitionistic creatures and only have patience with beautiful women!" Luo Jinyu smiles and chats with her easily.

"Is it? If a woman you want to meet is beautiful, do you have more patience with her? " Yang ChuChu asked him immediately.

Luo Jin's face is stiff.

It's really speechless that this little thing should use his words to stop him.

However, she asked, indicating that she cared about herself.

"In my eyes, all beings are equal except you!" Luo Jin said with a low smile.

Yang ChuChu was directly amused by his words.

"Are you alone at home? Have you eaten yet? " Asked by Luo Jinyu.

"My aunt is doing it for me. I may have to wait a while." Yang ChuChu said lazily.

"Well, I'm almost here. I won't talk to you. Hang up first!" Luo Jin said softly.

Yang ChuChu had to reluctantly press down the mobile phone, looking forward to this evening, Luo Jinyu and his mother's conversation, to win.

Luo Jinyu stops the car in the parking lot, and then sits in the car and smokes a cigarette.

Although he is the leader of Luo family, he never fears all kinds of business negotiations. He doesn't know why, but now he has no confidence.

I didn't expect that Luo Jinyu would have such a day.

After smoking a cigarette, Luo Jinyu decided to take courage to face it. When he thought of that little thing's big clear and bright eyes full of disappointment, he had to take out the backbone of a man to strive for the greatest happiness for her.

Luo Jinyu straightens his clothes, get off!

Tall and handsome figure, walking towards the direction of the restaurant.

Along the way, it has attracted many women's attention. The powerful aura and extraordinary temperament are full of the charm of mature men.

Luo Jinyu arrives at the restaurant he has ordered. He sees that Cheng Ying is not at the table. It seems that he has come ahead of time.

At the thought of Cheng Ying as his mother-in-law, Luo Jinyu felt that the world was too complex.

He never thought that he would like an 18-year-old girl, and he was determined to marry her.

Just as Luo Jinyu waited nervously, Cheng Ying's figure appeared at the door of the restaurant.

Her makeup is exquisite, and her long curly hair is full of amorous feelings. As a female president, she is full of the charm of women when she raises her hand and throws her foot.

In the distance, she saw Luo Jinyu, with a smile on her face.

In fact, she and Luo Jinyu don't meet very much. Although they are a distant relative, they don't have any business contacts. Therefore, they only meet and talk with each other once in a while. Most of the time, they don't contact each other.

This time, Luo Jinyu invited her to have a meal. Cheng Ying was surprised. Of course, in addition to the accident, there were some delights.

Cheng Ying is very sensitive to men now. Although there are many men who ask her out, there are very few people she would like to meet.

Luo Jinyu is a young man with a strong identity. Cheng Ying would like to meet him.

"Sister Ying, here?" Luo Jinyu has never been so active in greeting people. He raises his hand to Cheng Ying. Cheng Ying's face is more happy.