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Tang youyou hears his words, beautiful eyes are slightly stunned, thick long eyelashes quickly blink twice: "why?"

Seeing that his beautiful face was full of unwilling words, Ji Xiaohan only chuckled and explained, "I just want children to feel the cross year atmosphere of different countries."

"This reason doesn't hold. Children have been abroad since they were born. I hope they can experience the new year's excitement in their own country." Tang youyou is not stupid. She seems to have guessed the intention of Ji Xiaohan's words. How can she feel at ease.

Ji Xiaohan Jun's face froze for a second. Soon, he reached out to hug her and patted her on the shoulder. "You should know that I have other intentions. My uncle may return home. I don't want you to meet the children with him."

"What if I met? Can he still eat people? " Tang youyou chuckles. Ji Xiaohan shook his head: "of course, he doesn't eat people. Even if he is a smiling tiger, he is kind to everyone. But who really knows how terrible an ambitious he is? I don't want you and the children to see him, just because I'm afraid that he will have bad thoughts on you or the people who are

to the children without my knowledge. "

"I'll teach the children to be on their guard!" Tang youyou reaches out his small hand and hugs him tightly. It seems that he is really afraid to separate from him.

Ji Xiaohan felt her deep love for herself, and was very satisfied. She sighed softly and said in a spoiled voice: "well, since you don't want to, then I can't help but strengthen you. Stay with me, and I'm very happy."

"Will you promise me not to push me and the child away at any time?" Tang youyou's voice came from his arms, with a touch of emotion.

Ji Xiaohan chuckles and kisses her thin lips at her long fragrant hair: "OK, I promise you, I will protect you and your child. The child is off. Don't go to the company. Take care of two little guys at home. I'm afraid my grandma can't cope with it."

"Why don't you pick up your mother? The children like her very much. " Tang youyou doesn't want to leave the job of taking care of the children to LAN Yue. She just feels that since the relationship between the mother and the son has eased, it's better to live together.

"Well, in the evening, ask her to come over for dinner and discuss this matter. Just in time, I also called my brother and he promised to come over for dinner." Ji Xiaohan had this plan for a long time, but he was busy and couldn't spare time to mention it.

"Good! If your mother is willing to take care of the children at home, they won't be so bored. " Tang youyou said happily.

"Do you want to be lazy? Well? " The man's evil tone fell to her ear.

"No!" Tang youyou immediately shakes his head.

"Long time!" The man looked at her smiling and delicate face, only felt the calm mood at the moment, and started a wave again, could not help kissing her lips.

At night, Ji Xiaohan brings Tang youyou back to Ji's house. LAN Yue has already come here first. She is gently accompanying Ji xiaonai to make her hand-made flowers.

"Daddy, Mommy is back!" Ji xiaonai looked up and saw them. He ran happily.

LAN Yue looks at her eldest son and daughter-in-law, with a smile on her face.

"Mom!" Season owl cold a little stiff mouth, it is obvious that after many years did not call it this way, he felt a little uneasy.

"Well!" LAN Yue is very happy. This is the voice she wants to hear in her dreams. "Daddy, grandma cut a lot of flowers for me. In a moment, I'll make a present for my great grandfather. He's ill and can't get up in bed. I'm worried about him." Ji xiaonai still can't understand the heavy feelings between adults. She said it with her small mouth, but it's even more uncomfortable.

Because it was Ji Xiaohan, he was trembling inside. He could not help squatting down and touching his daughter's long soft hair. Wen said: "xiaonai is really sensible. When daddy goes out to work, will you help him take care of his great grandfather?"

"Well, I will. My brother is upstairs now. My great grandfather is talking to him." Ji xiaonai blinked his big eyes and nodded seriously.

"Is it? Do you know what they're talking about? " Ji Xiao was shocked for a moment.

"I don't know. My great grandfather only asked my brother to go upstairs alone." Ji xiaonai said with a little mouth.

"Well, daddy, go up and have a look!" Ji Xiaohan stood up and turned to Tang youyou and said, "you and my mother will play with Xiao Nai again. I'll go upstairs and have a look."

"Good!" Tang youyou nods.

Season owl cold walked up the stairs with heavy steps, heard grandpa's cough, his heart was clenched.

This time, instead of standing outside and eavesdropping, he knocked on the door and went in.

I saw Ji Xiaorui standing by the bed, listening to Ji Laozi.

"Daddy!" Ji Xiaorui saw him come in, showing a lovely smile.

When Ji Laozi saw him come in, he also laughed: "Xiaorui is very like you when you were little, very smart, very precocious."

Season owl cold can't help chuckling: "yes, like extremely, but I think he is a bit more thief than me, I don't have so many ancient spirit and strange careful thinking."

"Daddy, how can you say that about your own son? Even if I was naughty again, I was born to you! " Ji Xiaorui immediately very unconvinced duzui retort.

Little guy's words, directly amused the old man, season owl cold also involuntarily bent the lip Cape.

Squatting in front of his son, and the little guy looked at the same: "of course, you are my own, you are smarter and smarter than Daddy when he was little!"

"But, as my great grandfather said just now, boys can't be too clever, so they won't find girlfriends." Said the little one seriously.

The old man's expression was stiff, and the season owl could not help reaching for his forehead.

That's how old people are. They start to worry about finding girlfriends.

"Xiaorui, grandpa is joking with you. Look at your father and grow up like him. Basically, don't worry about not finding a girlfriend." Mr. Ji had to comfort the little guy.

Ji Xiaorui's little face is full of smiles: "well, my mommy said, when I grow up, I will certainly look better than daddy, and there will be many girls like me!"

Season owl cold forehead falls a few black lines again, that woman is such encourage son?

Well, it's good to have confidence.

The old man nodded in agreement: "yes, you will certainly be better, better and more handsome than your father!"

"Grandpa, you're going to teach him bad. You can't give him the chance of narcissism." Season owl cold immediately stops.

Ji Xiaorui is slightly raising his chin, happy and proud: "Daddy is afraid to be compared with me?"

Season owl is cold and speechless.

"What did you talk to great grandfather about?" Season owl cold changed the subject. "Great grandfather said he would give me a lot of money." Ji Xiaorui said with a big blink.