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On the sofa in the hotel, both of them lowered their heads.

Ji Xiao's cold eyes were dark without a ray of light. After hearing Tang youyou's words, he suddenly realized that Xia Weiwen, though hateful, was not such a disgusting and cruel person. Maybe he didn't send Tang youyou away at that time, for fear that he would never meet this woman again in this life.

"I see your mother!" After a long silence, Tang youyou said in a low voice.

Ji Xiao's cold face was a little startled, then, tense! Tang youyou sighed: "she feels like a lucky woman married to love, Ji Xiaohan. I can't open this mouth to divorce them. Anyway, Xia Weiwen is my father and he gave me life. Although he didn't raise me and grow up, I still can't ignore this kindness."

Ji Xiaohan raised his head and looked at her deeply. For a long time, he laughed at himself and said, "if they don't divorce, we can't get married in this life, can we?" "If we don't get married, we won't get married. We didn't get along well before, did we? Why do you have to get married? It's just a piece of paper. As long as you have me in your heart, I still love you. Isn't it enough? " Tang youyou's tone was eager to express his ideas, and his face was pretty white, red with excitement. Ji Xiaohan's eyes showed a trace of complexity. Then, he reached out, hugged the woman around him, put his thin lips on her forehead, kissed her gently, and said calmly, "if I can't give you a happy marriage, I will feel my conscience uneasy. I can't let you follow me without name and share, understand?"

"I don't care!" Tang youyou closed his eyes and his voice was very light.

"But I care!" Season owl cold low head, tone is a little hasty: "I believe, children also care!"

Tang youyou laughed at himself: "you didn't kick me off like an enemy. I'm very satisfied. Your grandmother asked me to stay at Ji's house and let me see the children every day. I'm also very satisfied. As for whether it's right or not, I really don't know what matters."

"It's better for women to be greedy! It's foolish of you to be so contented. " Season owl cold heart ache of hold her more tightly.

"I also want to be greedy, but I have been greedy enough. At least, I have your heart and your feelings, which many women can't be greedy for." Tang youyou laughs and looks optimistic.

Ji Xiaohan is a little speechless. It seems that the person who doesn't put his mind right is herself, and this woman seems to have been used to this way of getting along.

"If you don't feel aggrieved, let's get along like this. As long as you are still by my side, as long as I can hold you like this, I should be satisfied." Ji Xiaohan said, thin lips have been looking for her lips to kiss.

Tang youyou falls into his arms, empty and soft. At this moment, she doesn't think of anything, just wants to sink in the gentleness of this man.

If this is a lifetime, then how good.

She would not have to face the pain and helplessness soberly.

At one wedding, lohnin and mureen were invited guests and arranged to sit on a table.

The two witnessed the romance and warmth of the wedding.

So lohnin glanced sideways at Maureen. She lowered her head and was playing with her cell phone.

It seems that such a warm and romantic wedding can not stimulate her yearning for marriage.

Lohnin was just about to ask her how she felt. Suddenly, a bunch of flowers came down from the sky. In everyone's astonished eyes, the bouquet of flowers thrown by the bride directly hit Mulin's arms.

Looking at the flowers falling from the sky, murin's beautiful face was slightly stunned.

Next, a woman envied her very much and said, "I'm so lucky. That means you can have a happy marriage soon."

Lohnin's face was slightly surprised, and then his thin lips were slightly raised.

This is God's plan. Muleen should not be ostracized from marriage anymore.

"You seem to be in a hurry to get married. Come on, I'll give you this flower. Hurry to find someone to get married." At the time of lohnin's Secret joy, Maureen simply threw the flower in her hand to the woman who made a noise. The woman's face was shocked, and she quickly reached for it.

"Thank you, Mr. Mu!" The other side was flattered.

"You're welcome. I'm not going to get married anyway!" Maureen smiled, elegant and beautiful.

Lohnin's smile froze in a moment.

Do you want to be so disgusted? Or do you say it in front of him without considering his feelings?

"Mr. mu, you are such an excellent woman. I don't know which man in the world is worthy of you!"

"That's right. You are so talented and beautiful. If you can marry him, he will be very lucky."

Murin knew that these people were talking about hypocritical scenes, but she was also listening to them.

Her beautiful eyes turned a little, looked at the side of the stuffy lohnin.

"What do you think of him?" Mulin jokingly points to lohnin.

As soon as lohnin heard this, he immediately played the spirit of twelve points, and even his expression flashed with handsome light.

"The second young master of Luo's family, he looks at it. He should be younger than you!"

Mu Lin hum, "it's smaller than me, but I don't dislike a man smaller than me."

"Didn't it be said that the young master of Luo family had a girlfriend?"

The people around immediately talked about it. Of course, no one would believe that there would be a love relationship between Maureen and lohnin.

Lohnin's face froze as soon as he heard what the people said.

Sure enough, mureen's big eyes narrowed, and she stared at her dead eyes.

These people really are. Who says he has a girlfriend?

Oh, no, he does have a girlfriend. That's Mu Lin.

After the banquet, murin gnashed her teeth at lohnin: "hurry down!"

With that, she stood up directly and walked towards the door of the hall.

Lohnin looked at her slender back and sighed helplessly. It seemed that murin was angry.

Arriving at the parking lot, lohnin walked over and knocked on her door.

When the door opened, murin immediately asked jealously, "where's your girlfriend?"

Lohnen shrugged helplessly: "don't listen to them, I don't have any girlfriend?"

"Oh, really? What am I then? " Maureen gave a very sensitive snort.

"I don't mean that. I mean, I don't have any other girlfriends except you," lochnen explained, shaking his legs Murin snorted angrily, "then why didn't you just admit that I was your girlfriend?"