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Bai Yiyan was brought into a hot and watery situation by his words. Her mouth dried up inexplicably, and her little pink tongue licked her lower lip subconsciously. For a while, she didn't know how to answer him.

Does she count?

Of course not. She has nothing to do with him. Oh, no, it's the relationship between the superior and the subordinate.

"Bai Yiyan, please give me a reply before work!" Ji Yueze's eyes looked at her, and when she saw her casual movements, he felt only a surge in his heart, and an inexplicable fire. He lowered his voice and forced her. There was no way out.

"Down to the front?" Bai Yiyan didn't expect the man to set a deadline for her, which was really depressing.

"Yes, I'll make a decision for you if I don't have a good idea before work!" Ji Yueze feels that he may really It's in the period of dryness. Otherwise, why have all the reactions that have never been reported before appeared?

I think I'm twenty-five years old and haven't satisfied the taste of women. I'm afraid few people will believe it.

Everyone felt that he was sitting in a big entertainment company with beautiful women. He was sure that his life would be colorful and fun.

But people who know him all know that he is not very interested in women all the time. His life is not colorful at all, and it is very boring.

What else can Bai Yiyan say? It seems that there is no choice but to promise.

"Well, I'll go out and meet my agent first!" Bai Yiyan is also in a state of chaos. She seems to hear a little hint from him. However, she is afraid that her guess is wrong. Alas, can't this man make his words clear?

Why challenge her EQ and IQ? I know she is very low. Do you want to see her joke?

"Go!" Ji Yueze let her go. As soon as Bai Yiyan came out, she saw brother an leaning against the wall nervously. Seeing her, she immediately smiled: "Miss Bai Oh, no, I will call you little princess later. You are my future little princess. My name is angor. I will arrange all your foreign affairs for you later. You only need meimeida, OK? "

Bai Yiyan just felt that the man's appearance was a little bit feminine. Now when she heard him speak, she had goose bumps all over her.

You know, how creepy it is for a man to say a female voice in a duck's voice.

"Hello, Angie!" Bai Yiyan immediately replied with a polite smile. "Tut Tut, I'll tell you that the boss has a good eye. When you pick such a good seedling, you can rest assured that I will hold you red to purple. Then, you can match our boss again. That's right for each other. It's a natural match." Angie is still very discerning. He feels that Ji Yueze is different from other female stars even if she wants to praise Bai Yiyan.

Bai Yiyan blushed at his direct words and said, "don't say that. I don't deserve him anywhere."

"There is a gap now, not necessarily in the future. With brother an, your future is at your feet. Let me introduce my assistant to you. After that, we will be a small team." An Ge says, lead Bai Yiyan to begin her first day to make a star plan.

After arranging Bai Yiyan's affairs, Ji Yueze continued to pay attention to the progress of Ji's group.

There are still a lot of media people outside the courthouse, looking forward to the first-hand news.

After a few hours of showdown, several old men all shook their heads and walked out in dismay. It can be seen that in the first round, they lost. They lost miserably.

From their frustrated and despairing eyes, we can see that they are afraid that even the old man will be compensated.

Reporters swarmed up and around the men for an interview.

"Have you lost the lawsuit? Do you have anything to say? "

"What kind of manager is Ji Xiaohan in your eyes? What do you think of him, who is said by outsiders to be domineering and domineering

"Are you not convinced to be managed by such a young boss?"

Several old men were dizzy by the reporters' overwhelming questions, holding their heads one by one, and walked quickly to the car parked nearby.

Lu Qing and several representatives of the company, who won the lawsuit, were relaxed, and the expression of victory was on their faces.

When reporters saw them, they asked again.

However, this time, as the representative of Ji Xiaohan, Lu Qing will not remain silent.

In front of the reporters and the media, he yelled at the white eyed wolf behavior of the old ministers, condemned their vengeance, the despicable incidents of "inside and outside", and also alerted the company's Secret operators.

The reporters nodded their heads with satisfaction and reported everything in an all-round way.

The victory of Jishi group immediately caused his stock to soar again, which was the result that jixiaohan wanted to see most.

When Lu Qing and several legal representatives rushed back to report to Ji Xiaohan, Ji Xiaohan had already sat in the office with a smile waiting for their victory. "Young master, the process is really breathtaking, but fortunately, we have enough evidence. No matter how cunning these old foxes are, they can only bow their heads in front of the facts with solid evidence." Looking back at the scene of fighting in court, Lu Qing still pinched a handful of cold sweaters, fearing that he might fail to live up to the expectation of Ji Xiaohan.

"I know. It's hard for you. Let's have a dinner and celebrate!" Season owl cold out a few thanks, on the evening of the celebration dinner.

At this moment, all the people watching the live broadcast in front of the screen are also relieved. Because it's Tang Youyou, she can't help laughing happily.

Only one person smashed the computer on the ground.

This man is Ji Shangqing. He didn't expect to lose so fast, which made him unexpected.

Therefore, he began to speculate darkly that maybe Ji Xiaohan had sold off the top of the court and had such an iron result.

It must be like this. Ji Xiaohan is powerful in China. Who else won't give him face?

Thinking of the integration of politics and business, Ji Shangqing felt that he wanted to go back to China to open up the situation, even though it was not as simple as he thought. From now on, he will also start to communicate in China. Ji Shangqing has made enough psychological preparations. He decides to postpone the date of returning home, and is ready to invite several domestic politicians to have a good meal and exchange feelings to see if he can develop his company into the domestic market as an investor. In this way, if he wants to regain Jishi group in the future, he will have more capital to win 。