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He wants her to be his woman

"You … What are you doing! " Tang You You gasped. Has Ji Xiao Han gone crazy? How could he do this to her?

However, Ji Xiao Han seemed to have suddenly become a different person. He no longer had the gentleness from before, what was left was haze and coldness.

Tang You You's mind was completely blank, her beautiful eyes were wide open, what kind of bastard words was this man spouting?

What right did he have to say that she would be his woman?

First, he snatched away her children. Now, he wanted to snatch her away as well?

No, she definitely wouldn't agree. The more Tang You You thought about it, the more wronged he became. His eyes immediately filled with tears, as he stubbornly and unwillingly stared into the man's eyes.

Tears welled up in his eyes, but he was unwilling to let them roll down.

Ji Xiao Han's ice-cold eyes suddenly met hers, which were filled with tears from being wronged.

When he came back to his senses, he realized that he had done something terrible.

Lowering his head, when he saw that he had forced her into a dead end, Ji Xiao Han fiercely took a step back, completely removing the danger.

"Sorry …" When he looked up and saw the tears welling in the woman's eyes again, he regretted his uncontrollable impulsiveness.

He didn't know why he was like that either, but just now, when he heard that she might be tempted by Mu Shi Ye and Luo He Ning, he felt that he had instantly become a devil.

Tang You You was still seated blankly at her desk, her little face as pale as snow.

The man's actions just now had indeed frightened her. She had thought that he would do some beastly thing to her here.

It was truly terrifying. The deepest part of her heart was already violently trembling.

"Didn't scare you, right?" Ji Xiao Han had already calmed down from the devil's state of mind, he suddenly did not like this kind of peaceful atmosphere, it was as though the heavy pressure was causing his heart to feel uncomfortable, thus, he raised his head and asked Tang You You with concern.

Tang You You still had not recovered from the fright just now. Her small face was still deathly pale, and her wrist that had been fiercely grabbed by him was still in slight pain.

She didn't want to answer him and could only jump down from the desk, trembling slightly. When her foot landed on the ground, she felt her legs go limp and she was about to collapse.

He lowered his head and silently went around the man's side, heading towards Walk Outside.

"Tang You You..." The man called out her name in a slightly hurried manner. Following that, she extended her hand. This time around, her grip on her arm felt very gentle.

"Don't touch me …" Tang You You seemed to have received a great fear; his touch made her shiver instinctively. She turned around and stared at him with guarded eyes.

Ji Xiao Han's expression became sluggish. Looking at her vigilant eyes, he slowly loosened his grip on her wrist.

Tang You You opened the door as if she was escaping for her life and rushed out.

Ji Xiao Han's large palm, which was frozen in mid air, powerlessly drooped down. He dried his short hair and suddenly hated this feeling.

He felt that he had really gone mad. Why did he feel like killing someone when she said that she might be interested in his friend?

It had to be because of her mother. She had married her father's best friend and abandoned them.

This was a taboo that he could never touch in his heart, so anyone who touched it would go crazy.

Earlier, Tang You You had only said a few words of joke and he already looked like he wanted to eat her up.

"Damn it!" The man leaned his hands on the desk and muttered an incantation in a low voice.

He had finally managed to coax that woman with great difficulty. After that scare, she was afraid that if she saw him in the future, she would be like a little rabbit seeing a big bad wolf and take a detour.

Ji Xiao Han laughed self-deprecatingly.

Was this what he deserved?

Forget it, who told him to be unable to control his emotions?

Tang You You panicked and ran into the room. Bang!

Tang Xiao Nai was sitting on her bed playing a small game of house-to-house when she suddenly heard the heavy sound of the door closing. She immediately raised her head.

"Mummy, what's wrong with you? You scared me." Tang Xiao Nai noticed that Mummy was leaning against the door as she panted heavily. She immediately asked with concern.

Tang You You shook his head, after calming his breathing, he replied, "Mummy is fine. Mummy has already taken a bath.

"Alright!" Tang Xiao Nai obediently nodded her head and continued to play with her.

Tang You You took his pajamas and walked into the bathroom. He leaned against the wall and took a few deep breaths.

That man carried her to the national desk just now, even shamelessly doing something like that to her. She was about to go crazy.

What was even more laughable was that he actually said he wanted her to be his woman. Could it be that her attitude towards him these few days was so good that it gave him the illusion of being complacent, thinking that she was a bit gentler towards him because she fell in love with him?