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C1324 LAN Yan is angry

LAN Yanxi is inexplicably disgusted with Yang He. She decides to leave without saying hello.

But behind him came a cold laugh. Blue Yanxi turned to Yang He and said, "are you dissatisfied with me?"

Yang he came here on purpose to find something, because she was unbalanced.

"How can you be at the party? Don't tell me. You're really lucky. Among more than 100 new people, did you win the lottery?" Yang he asked her with a laugh.

LAN Yanxi's expression was startled. It seemed that some people were jealous of her.

"It seems that it's none of your business, Yang He. I don't want to worry about your friendship. I just hope you won't bother me again in the future!" LAN Yanxi is not such a bully. She just won't take the initiative to harm others. If someone wants to harm her, she will definitely fight to the end.

"Is that too serious? When did I get in trouble with you? Don't you always despise me? LAN Yanxi, have a boyfriend who can help you with everything. Your life is perfect, but you should remember that people can't be proud for too long. " Yang he sneers and ridicules.

"Despise you? Me? " LAN Yanxi feels incredible. When did she do such a thing?

"Isn't that you? You have money. You can have anything you want. On your first day at work, you let me see a watch worth nearly a million. On the next day, you let me see your limited edition bag. LAN Yanxi, do you not know what low-key is? Do you know that, for those of us who have no money to buy luxury goods, it's silent ridicule. " Yang he didn't know where to complain. She said everything she wanted to say directly. That's why she was in a bad mood every day. The inequality of fate made her feel aggrieved.

LAN Yanxi shuddered twice. She didn't think of her own unconscious actions, which hurt Yang he deeply.

"I'm sorry, I'm not allowed to keep a low profile. I can also tell you that there are more than 20, million or even ten million sports cars in the limited bag. There are no less than 10 cars in my garage. Those are from my birthday, my grandfather, watches, diamond rings, many things you haven't even seen. You may be scared to death if you carry any of them out." LAN Yanxi is really annoyed. She usually doesn't say such ugly words to hurt others. But today, Yang He's too angry for her.

Who did she recruit to offend and who would be punished like this?

Can't rich have better things? She's not the virgin, she needs to think about other people's ideas.

Yang he was speechless by LAN Yanxi. His face was blue and purple, even red and ashamed.

LAN Yanxi sneered: "you just had a great sense of art, the vice president's hand on your back, you have to be happy crazy."

"I'm not a fake wrestler. I'm a real wrestler. Mr. vice president is nice to me. Are you jealous? Yes, your boyfriend is just an adjutant beside him And in. " When Yang he heard this, he had the courage to refute her, and immediately bite the last two words out.

LAN Yanxi has really seen what it means to bully others with the help of her boyfriend? Yang He's obviously failed.

"Yang He, maybe one day, you will regret it." LAN Yanxi is too lazy to pay attention to her. After dropping this sentence, she turns around and leaves.

"What I regret is that you are right. Why should I regret?" Yang he replied angrily to her back.

LAN yanxiqi's liver aches. She has never seen such an unreasonable person. If she is showing off, Yang He will see money as dirt. Why does she buy a car and buy a famous bag as soon as she has money? Why doesn't she keep a low profile and secretly donate the money?

Standing at the highest point of morality to blame others is not, but never face up to their own psychological distortion, this kind of talent is the most terrible, the most annoying bar.

In a word, LAN Yanxi decided not to speak to Yang he again.

LAN Yanxi went back to the party and saw a tenor singing a song she liked very much. Her mood calmed down slowly in the singing.

Ling Mo Feng sat in the middle of the first row, beside the old president. His face was gloomy and he couldn't see the happiness and anger, but his heart didn't have any expectation for the party. Instead, he wanted to know that Lan Yan Xi, who was sitting in the back row at the moment, was not satisfied with the back door he arranged.

If not for the limit of status, at this moment, in the face of such a gorgeous and beautiful stage, Ling Mo Feng really wants to sit with her, hold her hand, and enjoy this wonderful night together.

However, when Ling Mo Feng lost his mind, he could see the sharp eyes and knives that the old president stared at from time to time, which made his face suddenly vibrate and sink again.

The party was over two hours later. It was very exciting, singing and dancing.

The host came to the stage, took the microphone and said with a smile, "before the end of the party, we have a round of lottery today. We have worked hard to reward you, Jin, who are present. The awards vary in size, but we are looking forward to expressing our sympathy for the smooth development of the next round of work. Now, we have invited several ministers to come to the stage and draw the sixth prize list for you!"

Several ministers walked up to the stage with smiles at the same time, reached out from the lottery box and took out several lists, all of which were sixth prize winners. Everyone looked forward to it.

Those who have won the prize are naturally not happy. Those who have not won the prize place their hopes in the larger prize.

LAN Yanxi, with her hands on her cheeks, stared at the excitement on and off the stage, as if it had nothing to do with her.

Maybe she has no idea about money. Even if she is rewarded with a large amount of money, she will not be very excited.

There are many people around who have won the prize. They are cheering happily and looking forward to the next lottery.

Suddenly, she heard a name, which is Ling Mo Feng?

She was so excited that she couldn't believe it. How could Ling Mo Feng win the prize?

Everyone at the scene was also very curious. The host explained with a smile: "in this prize box, there are names of all the people present. Mr. vice president is very lucky. He won the third prize. This prize is very special. It's jewelry!"

Ling didn't think that he would win a prize. His handsome face was a little stiff, and then he was a little shy.

Blue words and beautiful eyes are also opened up for it, jewelry?

Ling Mo Feng even drew jewelry. What kind of jewelry is it?

Ling Mo Feng had to stand up, walked to the stage, some embarrassed to answer the microphone to speak.

"Everyone here, I'm really ashamed. I don't know my name is in it, but I'm lucky to be selected and feel this celebration with you. I'm very happy. I hope you have a good time tonight!" Ling Mo Feng's voice line was magnetic, and she said these words with a mild smile, which immediately made the women on the scene scream. Obviously, everyone was looking forward to the vice president's speech.

At the same time, Ling Mo Feng saw LAN Yanxi in the last few rows of positions. She was looking at him on the stage with her small head on stilts. Her lovely and interesting appearance made the man bow and smile shyly.

"Come on, let's ask the vice president to open it himself. What kind of jewelry will it contain?" The host's voice is loud and clear, and it spreads all over the corner. Everyone is very looking forward to it.

Ling is also looking forward to it, because he decided to give all the things he got today to the lovely woman.

"It turned out to be a diamond necklace, which should be very suitable for a girlfriend." The host said humorously.

When they heard this, Yang He and WAN Qianqian both trembled, and then waited for the host to continue to ask Ling about it.

Unfortunately, Ling didn't seem to want to say much. He just handed the box to the people around him, then folded his hands to express his thanks and went back to his position.

Blue words hope to hear is a necklace, beautiful eyes also flash and smile.

Although she didn't win any big prize tonight, Ling was lucky. He took a necklace for her, which was also very good.

Seeing that the grand prize is about to be announced, it's the old president who will draw this time.

He picked up a list and read it out: "Lan Yanxi!"