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C1878 suspect him

Xia shuran said it was impossible, but she planted a seed of doubt in her heart. She reached for her coffee and pretended to ask casually, "how did you find someone outside your husband?"

The woman smiled smugly: "I found someone to stare at him. Now that the technology is so developed, it's not easy to know a person's whereabouts. It's just a matter of spending money."

Xia shuran sneered in her heart. She was confident all the time. She didn't play this insidious trick.

However, although she is full of confidence in her marriage, she can't stand he Jiaxuan's coming back late again.

It was early in the morning. Xia Shu went downstairs to pour herself a glass of wine in anger. She was wearing her new pajamas. The cloth was poor. Most of the places that should be exposed were vaguely sketched her mature and charming body. She believed that he Jiaxuan loved her so much. She would not be able to control her when she saw her attractive appearance.

Unfortunately, she took a bath from nine o'clock until one o'clock in the morning. All her patience was worn out.

Just when she drank up a glass of red wine, there was a car noise at the door, and the driver came in with he Jiaxuan under the frame.

"Little grandma, he always drinks too much. I'll take him upstairs!"

Xiao Liu, the driver, looks at Xia shuran sitting on the sofa and blushes.

Although Xia shuran wore a coat outside his pajamas, he could still see a piece of amorous feelings.

Xia shuran is so angry that she can't speak. She pinches the body of the cup with her fingers, almost crushing it.

After the driver left, Xia shuran went into the bedroom step by step with a blue face.

Seeing he Jiaxuan drunk in bed, Xia shuran was so angry that his eyes were red.

"He Jiaxuan, why are you so drunk?

Your company has stabilized. What are you fighting for? "

Xia Shu Ran is putting in waist, stand at the bedside angrily and roar at he Jiaxuan.

He Jiaxuan didn't really fall asleep. When he heard someone quarreling with him, he reached out his hand and pinched his eyebrows. He said, "stop quarreling. I want to sleep!"

Xia shuran heard that he was so fierce and her eyes were even redder. She threw herself on the bed and hugged he Jiaxuan. Her voice suddenly softened: "Jiaxuan, open your eyes, I'll buy my new pajamas. You'll like them for sure."

"I want to sleep."

He Jiaxuan only squinted and swept her for a while, then he went on sleeping.

Xia shuran was petrified. She didn't expect he Jiaxuan to look at her.

Is there any other woman out there?

Who is it?

Xia shuran's eyes seemed to be about to quench the poison. She had already determined a candidate in her mind.

"Xia Xinnian!"

She gritted her teeth and said the name in a grinding voice.

As soon as she came back, he Jiaxuan was totally out of place. If it wasn't for her, who could it be?

Xia shuran's mind is going to explode. If Xia Xinnian really affects their relationship, she will make her regret.

Xia Xinnian got off work on time. She picked up the big bunch of roses and drove to Jijia villa.

Under the setting sun, the whole manor is beautiful and picturesque, which can be fascinating everywhere.

Driving on this road, Xia Xinnian's mood seemed to be washed and the whole person calmed down.

Jimucheng can really enjoy it. It's the benefits of power to make her home so beautiful.

At the gate of the villa, Xia Xinnian thought that she had come back early enough, but when she saw a big and small running figure on the grass not far away, she still gave up her life and shrugged her shoulders.

Isn't jimucheng a day machine? Is he really free?

On the green grass, jimucheng is flying kites with his son. The little guy is running back and forth on the grass with an exquisite Eagle kite, happy to write on his little face.

Looking at her son smiling like a happy little angel, Xia Xinnian was slightly stunned. Before, she also took her son to fly a kite, but the little guy was not so happy. Maybe it was because the children next to her were all three from one family, and the son still had no father's love in his heart.

Now, with him, everything seems different.

"It's Mommy coming back!"

The little guy's kite still didn't fly, but as soon as he turned around, he saw mommy coming this way, and he immediately ran to it.

The happiest thing for Xia Xinnian is to open his arms and hold his son's small body tightly in his arms.

"Mommy, you're back so early today?"

Xia Yuchen asked with a smile.

Xia Xinnian hands the little pieces of sweat on his forehead to pull them out and says gently, "yes, Mommy's work is finished today."

Jimucheng's hands are around his chest, and his eyes are filled with a sense of resentment, looking at the mother and son who are clasped together.

Although he didn't want to admit it, he found that the most important person in his son's heart was still the woman, not him.

He was sad and disappointed, but he firmly believed that sooner or later he could move his son's heart and make himself as important as that woman.

Xia Xinnian is bored with his son for a while, and then touches his son's head: "you go to play first, I have something to say to your father!"

"OK, Mommy, are you going to talk to Daddy about love?"

"What do children know? No talking!"

Xia Xinnian stares at his son sternly.

The little guy touched his nose and dared not say anything more. Mummy's words were the holy will. He dared not contradict.

Xia Xinnian turns around and goes back to the car first, takes the bunch of roses and heads for Jimu city.

Jimucheng's originally resentful pair of ink eyes, when she saw the bouquet of roses in her arms, narrowed in an instant, and the cold light flashed away.

This woman received a bunch of roses?

Is it her intention to show off with him that she came to him holding her hands?

The first thing Xia Xinnian did when he came to him was to throw the bunch of flowers directly into his arms: "jimucheng, if you dare to send flowers to my office again next time and affect my work, I won't be so polite to you."

Jimucheng looks at the rose that Qiang stuffed into his arms. Junjun's face is stiff. Hearing her warning again, he is even more depressed.

"Wow, Mommy, do you want to send flowers to daddy?

It's romantic, but why is your role reversed? "

Xia Yuchen in the distance, although he has been playing with the kite in his hand, but his big eyes still pay close attention to the movements here. Seeing this scene, he is very happy.

Xia Xinnian didn't smash the flowers on his face for the sake of his son's presence.

Today, the whole office is talking about her receiving the flowers, which has seriously affected her work.

Jimucheng took a petal off his finger and smelled it. His thin lips raised a sneering laugh: "Xia Xinnian, who told you that I sent this bunch of flowers?"