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C892 the curse of envy

Li Ranran suddenly woke up, grabbed the woman's arm and stared at her fiercely. "Who are you? Why do you pretend to be a policeman and come to my house and ask me these questions? It's against the law, you know? " "

Miss Li, let's be honest with you. In fact, this is the script that Ji's boss sent us to try your next new play!" The woman suddenly took a script from a file bag in her hand and handed it to her: "this is the most popular IP play on the Internet recently. The theme is mainly to solve the suspense. I'm sorry, we just asked you some questions in order to cooperate with your trick." "

what?" Li Ran Ran's face seemed to be slapped in the face by others. The color of his blood faded away. He could not understand the reality and falsehood for a moment. The woman took the opportunity to push her hand away and walked away with the man. Li

Ranran's mind was in a state of turmoil. She closed the door and quickly opened the script, which was the latest suspense script signed by the company for a long time.

"What's the matter?" Li Ranran's brain is in a mess. It seems that she can't figure out what happened just now. If it's only a simple audition, then what she just answered doesn't reveal her real intention? "

this is not an audition, it's just a set of my words! Damn it, Bai Yiyan must have asked him to come. What can I do? " Li Ranran's hands and feet are cold and helpless at the moment.

Today, in the company, Bai Yiyan's exploration, stimulation, Li dye dye dye has felt a big problem. If you don't think about it, this woman even played with her in this insidious way, and found two fake policemen to cover her words. What's more, she actually said her true words.

"Bai Yiyan, why don't you die?" Li Ran Ran hated to the extreme, gnashed his teeth and lost the script in his hand. He was just about to take it as a villain and stab it hard.

Ji Yueze and Bai Yiyan are still in the company. In the evening, Ji Yueze asked his assistant to deliver them.

Opening the box, Bai Yiyan found that it was all her favorite food, and her expression was slightly shocked. Season

Yue Ze saw her holding chopsticks, but she didn't do anything. She lifted her thin lips and said, "don't be busy moving. I've got a similar taste recently. I like what you like, too."

Bai Yiyan was so happy that she sank back to her stomach. Well, maybe she thinks too much. Alas, she has become more and more sentimental since last season, which is not a good thing.

In astonishment, the man stretched out his long arm and put a piece of roast goose she liked in her bowl. He whispered: "eat it quickly, isn't it hungry?" "

MM!" Bai Yiyan did not dare to be distracted any more. She immediately ate seriously. Season

the more Ze side looked at her, Wen Dan said: "don't worry, they should have asked the result, and immediately know what the truth is."

Bai Yiyan's face tightened again. She sighed softly and asked, "am I so hateful?" Season

Yue Ze was amused by her words, and her fingers pulled at her long hair consciously or unconsciously: "what's the matter? You're not happy with me? "

"No, it's the happiest thing in my life to know you." Bai Yiyan is not a person who knows how to talk in circles, so she answers very seriously.

Ji Yueze's smile deepened, and he said lightly: "maybe, you know, there are too many women who want to be good with me, but I just picked on you, and they don't hate who you hate?"

Bai Yiyan's pretty face is slightly swollen and red. This man's narcissism is so serious. It's speechless. "

If I need to be stabbed when I am with you, I should consider whether I want to break up with you. I am afraid of death and pain!" Bai Yiyan didn't want him to be proud, so she said this kind of words to fight him.

Ji yuezejun's face sank immediately, with a look hurt by her words, and youyou said: "I've decided that it's up to you. Other women are not as good as you. There's only a way to die. In order not to harm other women, you don't have to be a little tired. With me, I'm sure I won't treat you badly. Look, what I ordered is what you like to eat."

Bai Yiyan was amused by his serious expression. She would never talk nonsense with him again, and she would eat quietly.

Ji Yueze was suddenly filled with rage and said coldly: "if it was really Li Ranran, I would make her regret living in this world."

"I think it's her!" Bai Yiyan looks positive.

Ji Yueze Jun's face was more angry. He thought that he had eaten people, and once again he gritted his teeth: "that's the impatience of living."

After dinner, they saw the two sent back to report. "Boss Ji, this is what you want!"

A recording pen was handed over, and Ji Yueze quickly took it over. Then he thanked the two people: "thank you!" Two people nodded and left without saying anything.

Bai Yiyan stares at the recording pen, eager to listen to the contents. Ji is obviously more urgent than her. When the door is closed, he immediately opens the key.

After listening to the recording pen, the faces of both of them were ugly.

"It's really her, this damned woman!" Season

Yue Ze angrily scolded: "I threw money to hold her, and she actually paid me back in this way. It's very good. I want to show her what is the end of self infliction." Yi Yan's face was pale, and her fingers were pinched tightly. When suspicion became a fact and there was evidence of her own admission, she found that she was so hateful and wanted her life. The human nature is terrible. She looks up at the man who is more angry than her. She knows that Ji Yueze's heart is not easy. Once, Ji Yueze made the company praise Li dye with all its strength. Unexpectedly, she would commit such a crime.

"What shall we do next?" Bai Yiyan sat for a while and asked him. "

what else can I do? She dare to be kidnapped. This is to kill you. I will never let her hurt you again. " Ji Yueze is full of anger. He hates to lock Li Ranran in immediately and pay for her behavior.

"Good! Listen to you! " Bai Yiyan is also afraid. She is afraid of being kidnapped in the street. She is afraid once. If there is another time, she really doesn't know what to do. The next day, the recorder was sent to the police station. Without any doubt, Li Ran Ran was arrested at her home.

Li Ranran sat in the interrogation room, expressionless. Under the authority of the law, she had to confess the whole process of her crime, which was caused by jealousy.

Jealousy everyone will have, just need to restrain, some people can suppress the devil, and some people, doomed to pay a heavy price.