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C1818 love blossoms

The sunrise is very beautiful. Standing on the top of the mountain, there is a cool wind. There is a tranquility all around. The sun shows its face on the distant mountain. It rises slowly and dyes the clouds red. This picture is spectacular and rare.

Muyun's heart, just like the sea of clouds under her feet, is constantly writhing. She looks at the man standing beside her. He squints his eyes and looks forward lazily, enjoying the peace of this moment.

"Muyun, how about being my girlfriend?"

All of a sudden, she heard a low male voice in her ear. As soon as she turned around, she saw Nangong Yao's deep eyes. She was shocked.

The man put his hand around her waist in time to prevent her from turning too hard and falling down.

Mu Yun only feels that there are two iron arms around her waist, which fix her. Her heart is shaking fiercely. Her eyes are raised, and she looks at the man: "what's the requirement for being your girlfriend?

What am I going to do? "

Nangong Yao thought she would refuse, but unexpectedly she asked these interesting questions.

"No, as long as I ask you out every time, you will show up."

Nangong Yao laughs happily. He really has no requirements for her as long as she doesn't push him away.

"I'm very busy when I'm busy at work, but I'm still very busy most of the time. I have two small long holidays. If you ask me out, I'll come to see you when I have time."

Mu Yun nodded seriously.

"How do you feel about me now?"

Nangong Yao asked in a low voice, staring at her blushing cheek.

"He is very handsome, very nice and warm-hearted."

Moyun said truthfully.

"Is that all?

These are superficial things. I mean, has your heart ever fluctuated with me? "

Nangong yaojue's Mu Yun's IQ is very high, but his EQ is it ' s a long story.

Mu Yun was flustered for a moment. Just now she was a little volatile. However, she didn't have the courage to admit such an embarrassing thing.

"When it's dawn, let's go down the mountain."

Mu Yun shifts the topic.

"You haven't answered me yet, haven't you

Nangong yaojue has failed. Over the years, many women have confessed to him. Even some women can't wait to have something happen with him. He refuses directly. He thinks that Moyun will at least be moved by him. But what do you mean by her changing the topic?


Moyun had to admit, turned back to him, looking at the floating sea of clouds in the distance: "you really let me heart."

Nangong's eyes brightened and he looked at her delicate back. He couldn't help but reach out and hug her. His thin lips were on her shoulder: "with this sentence, it's enough."

Mu Yun's breath trembled. The man pasted it from her back. Her body suddenly felt a strange feeling. Her cheek was hot again unconsciously.

Nangong Siqing arrived at the school early in the morning. As soon as she arrived at the school, she went straight to the office to find Ling Nuan. She asked excitedly, "Mr. Ling, I called my uncle, but there was no signal. Do you know where he is?"

Ling warm Leng for a moment: "no signal?

What's the matter? "

"I don't know. I'm worried about him. He never stops answering my phone."

Nangong Siqing's tears fell in a flash.

Ling wennuan quickly reached for the tissue and gave it to her: "don't cry, your uncle must be OK."

"What's the relationship between Muyun and you, Miss Ling?

Her man How is she? "

Nangong Siqing wiped her tears and asked Ling for warmth.

Ling warm Zheng for a while, quickly get up, take Nangong Siqing out of the office, walk to a place with few people, she looked at Nangong Siqing seriously and asked: "Siqing, can you tell me why you hate her?

Did she offend you? "


Nangong Siqing stares at the floor, then she covers her face: "I'm just afraid that she will rob my uncle, and I'm more afraid that she will be a gold losing woman greedy for my uncle's money."

"How can it be that Muyun is not defeated by gold at all. She has been living a good life since she was a child and doesn't worry about money at all. How can you think of her like this?"

Lingnuan listened to it. She couldn't laugh or cry. Nangong Siqing is so big. Do you understand so much?

"I I just knew one thing. "

Nangong Siqing looks sad. She twists her fingers and whispers, "I just learned from the mouth of the housekeeper uncle that Muyun once saved my great grandmother. It turned out that my uncle always remembered her. That's why."

Ling Nuan was also surprised: "what did you just say?

Moyun saved your great grandmother?

She never mentioned it to me. When was it? "

"It was a long time ago, when I was very young."

Nangong Siqing's mood at the moment is very complicated. She hated Muyun before, worried that she would take all her love away, worried that she would confuse her uncle, and worried that after her uncle married her, she would be a bad woman and drive herself out of the house.

But now she knows that Muyun's heart is not bad, and she has saved her relatives. She is really shocked.

"Your uncle is so hard-working, Siqing. He really loves you. Even if he is your uncle, his feelings for you are no less than his father's love. You are not young. It's time to love him. He is so old. If you don't find a woman to fall in love, it's a pity. Muyun is a good woman. You believe me, she won't hurt you."

Ling wennuan can see that Nangong Siqing is not bad at heart, except for her pettiness. On the contrary, a child who loses her parents' love and grows up is sensitive in mind. She will make such kind of response, which is also very pitiful.

"She really Won't you let my uncle see me off? "

Nangong Siqing was very worried: "my uncle wants to send me back to my mother, but I don't want to go. I just want to live with him. I will be filial to him in the future. I will treat him as my closest relative, as long as he doesn't send me away."

Ling wennuan reached out and patted her shoulder gently, comforting her gently: "don't worry, I believe this will not happen, but can you change your attitude towards Mu Yun?

If you don't agree, it will be difficult for your uncle to get along with her. "

"I didn't know she saved my great grandmother before, but now I do. Of course, I won't hate her again."

Nangongsi Qingdu mouth.

"Well, it's a good boy. If you don't understand or want to help, you can come to me and tell you a secret. Muyun is my little aunt. Her business is my business. If you want to find someone to help or chat, you can come to me."

Ling warms up with a sincere smile.

Nangong Siqing's eyes widened. She always thought that Muyun and lingnuan were just good friends. Unexpectedly, they were relatives.