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C687 Jijia event

In the last few days, there was a shock in the business world. Ji Xiaohan personally sent his five-year-old company to the court, which caused a sensation in the financial circle. Almost everyone is paying attention to the progress of this matter, and Ji Xiaohan is also looking forward to the result of this matter. These old ministers who leaked the company's confidential documents, one by one, felt that they were always highly meritorious and extremely dissatisfied. After the defendant went to court, they were even more dissatisfied with Ji Xiaohan's practice of cooking a dead rabbit and a dog. Moreover, they firmly stated that they had no act of divulging secrets. They were just making a mistake.

However, no matter how they jumped, they could not shake the fact that they were out of favor in Ji Xiaohan's heart.

The evidence at the hand of Ji Xiaohan is very sufficient. It's because he is full of courage that he is ready to show these old men some means. He can also use them to make an example to frighten the rest of the company's opponents and show them how miserable it will be to betray him. These old ministers, indeed, have worked hard for the company. They could have had a huge pension and enjoyed good night. However, they are too greedy and ambitious. They think they can get a pension ten times higher after the company changes ownership, so they will be used by Ji Lin.

At the gate of the court, countless media reporters, traffic police and police are defending the order of the door.

Today is the first day of the court session. All the lawyers under Ji Xiaohan are present, waiting for the silent killing one by one.

The old men were also scared, their faces were pale, their heads were in a state of anxiety, and they were ready for lawyers to try to turn the situation around.

However, no one has won with Ji Xiaohan.

Therefore, the shock of the financial circle is more intense. Everyone is watching the war, how bloody it will be.

As the legal representative of the company, Lu Qing, Ji Xiaohan's assistant, and several highly trusted senior representatives of the company appeared.

At the gate of the court, the impenetrable media reporters, as soon as they saw a car coming, immediately surrounded them and wanted to grab the headlines.

Lu Qing was serious and turned a blind eye to the media's fierce attack. He said nothing superfluous.

As expected, if you have been with someone for a long time, you will be infected with his breath.

Lu Qing's cold appearance really has several shadows of the season owl cold. The gas field is also too hard for people to approach.

"Mr. Lu, why didn't Ji Xiaohan come out in person? Is he aware that he will win this duel? "

"Can you tell me what kind of mood is it now? As his close aide, you must know everything about him very well. How did he find out that these foreign ministers had intended to do something wrong? "

"Do you have any problems with Ji Xiaohan's recent emotional problems?"

"Is he still dating Tang youyou? Will they get married? "

In the face of these reporters' arbitrary questions, Lu Qing still could not move, cold as ice, without a word or expression. Directly under the escort of the bodyguard, he walked quickly to the door of the court.

At this moment, in front of the screen, Ji Xiao's eyes are cold, staring at the chaotic and out of control picture under the lens.

It seems that there are many people who want to see Jijia's good play.

Slender fingers, against the sexy thin lips, the season owl cold fell into deep thought.

Don't know at this moment, is Ji Lin also in front of the screen, watching this scene?

Will he be afraid? Will these people give him up?

Ji Xiaohan really hopes it will be such a result, which saves him from going abroad to see him in person.

Although it is the relationship between relatives, uncles and nephews, this killing will not end unless one side completely loses hope.

Ji's family, the atmosphere is also very tense. After Ji's father and his wife sent two children to school, they went home and were watching the news.

Tang youyou is also sitting in front of the computer screen, frowning and watching. Her fingers are pinched tightly. She is worried and uneasy.

Although she doesn't know much about all kinds of things in the financial circle, she knows that if Ji Xiaohan loses the lawsuit this time, he will not only face the doubts of the whole financial circle, but also the company of Ji family will be in constant turmoil, so the consequences are really unimaginable.

At the moment, Tang youyou really wants to call him and ask if he is confident to face the difficulty this time.

But she took her mobile phone, but hesitated again. Maybe he was watching at the moment. Maybe he had a lot of instructions to issue.

Call him at this time, will you disturb him?

Tang youyou tangled up and still didn't make the call, but she called Liu Xi.

"Ganma, are you concerned about Ji's family?" Tang youyou needs someone to talk about it. Liu Xi nodded: "our head office is paying attention to it. However, we believe that these people who eat inside and eat outside will surely be rewarded. President Ji gave them such good fortune at the beginning. We are all insiders, but they didn't think about the company's future and dragged the company's hind legs.

it's unreasonable not to be punished."

Hearing Ganma's firm tone, Tang youyou's mood was better. She nodded: "I also believe that they are the wrong side. Ji Xiaohan will never be a harsh boss, but they even scold him for being mean in front of the media, which is unreasonable."

"Yo Yo, don't worry. We are all very confident about season. You should also believe him." Liu Xi said softly.

"Well, I believe him, but the process of waiting for the result is too painful!" Tang youyou smiled bitterly.

"I can understand your mood now! "Liu Xi nodded.

"Mummy, isn't Miffy really robbing the company's customers anymore?"

"No, she not only didn't rob it, but also two customers took the initiative to find it back." Liu Xi said with a smile.

"That's good, Ganma. I won't disturb your work. Hang up first." After chatting with Ganma, Tang youyou's mood calmed down.

"OK, I'm busy here too. Don't worry, it will be OK!" Liu Xi hurriedly expressed concern and hung up.

Tang youyou gets up, takes the water glass, and plans to pour a cup of warm water downstairs.

She pushed open the door, and saw Ji Shanghan holding his hands on the railing, thinking about something.

Seeing him, Tang youyou looks tense.

"Miss Tang, shall I go out?" Ji Shanghan looks at her and asks with a smile.

Tang youyou shakes the water glass on his hand: "no, I'll go downstairs to collect a glass of water!"

Ji Shanghan said with a shrug: "I'm going to go downstairs, Miss Tang. It seems that something important happened to Ji's family today."

When Tang youyou heard him mention it, he was nervous: "what do you think?"

Ji Shanghan said lazily: "what can I think of it? I'm Ji's family. Of course, I hope Ji's family will survive all the crises. " Hypocrisy, Tang youyou sneers at the bottom of his heart.