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C1425 come to the door and press

Lanyanxi walked with her mother in the street for a day, and they bought a lot of things. Lanyanxi was troubled when she went out because of the gossip with Ling Mo Feng. She was recognized by two girls in a nearby car as soon as she got out of the car.

She pointed at her face and shouted, "isn't she the woman who is going to be engaged to Mr. vice president? It's not that long. "

Maybe women are narcissistic. Lanyanxi has put on a light make-up, and her face is pale when she is ill. So the other party gives her a reasonable evaluation. She has nothing to say.

Blue mother is a little angry to find the two girls theory, blue Yanxi quickly grabbed her mother, let her not mind, this also just give her a reminder, go out, don't brush face again, bought a mask to wear, she immediately felt the world quiet a lot.

I bought a lot of things and brought them home. Lanyanxi had nothing to do with going home anyway, so she invited her mother to have a big meal outside. So she drove home at night with satisfaction.

Lanyanxi's car, just arrived near gangshao, saw a wine red sports car parked next to gangshao, lanyanxi saw the car, immediately upset.

Sure enough, in a short time, two young and beautiful girls came down from the car, just her two cousins.

Blue fiber bile fat, directly stood at the center of the road, blue Yanxi's sports car to forced to stop.

Lanyanxi had to stop the car, open the door and walk down: "are you two coming to see me for anything?"

"Grandpa asked us to send you something. Please let's go in and sit down." Blue fiber is a good reason.

"I'm sorry, this is not my home yet. It's not up to me to invite any kind of people in." LAN Yanxi made it clear that he didn't want them in.

"Lan Yanxi, what do you pretend to be? It's not your home. You have the cheek to live in it. How about we go in and have a look? Are you really afraid that I will take Ling Mo Feng away? " Blue fiber sneers, with a color of contentment in his words.

Lanlin has always been a peacemaker nearby. Seeing that the two elder sisters quarreled again, she hurriedly came out to fight for a round: "well, cousin, we are all here. Let's go in and have a drink."

"Aren't you very competent? Can you break in by yourself? " Blue Yan Xi doesn't think so lightly hum.

"Didn't you see that they had guns in their hands? If you lend us a hundred courage, we dare not break in. Cousin, we are all curious about the vice president's residence. You can take us in and have a look. We promise you, just sit for a while and leave. " Lanlin pleaded, but it was more comfortable than the blue fiber.

LAN Yanxi reached out to them and said, "what's grandpa going to give me?"

"Let's go in and we'll give it to you!" Blue fiber very arrogant said.

"What is it?" LAN Yan was a little angry at Heaton.

Lanlin quickly opened the door and took a beautiful small box out: "this is a new jade pendant that grandpa took. Our children have given you the same gift, which grandpa gave you."

Lanyanxi reaches for it and opens it. It's really a piece of top-grade jade. Grandpa doesn't care about the company's business now. When he's relaxing, he likes to take out all kinds of treasures for collection. However, most of his beloved things are given to his grandchildren as gifts, which is the greatest pleasure of the old man now.

LAN Yanxi didn't expect that Grandpa would send these two people to deliver them. She used to give them to her directly after she went home.

Of course, lanyanxi didn't know that the job was the hard work of two cousins. It wasn't the job that the old man intended to give them.

"Park your car here and get in my car." LAN Yan hopes to give them a chance to visit for their gifts.

Although blue microfiber is not happy, but still sat in blue Yan Xi's car, blue Lin took the initiative to shrink to the narrow back seat of the sports car.

LAN Yanxi passed the sentry box all the way, no one would block her car, which made people feel the importance of power.

Blue fiber just drove a little closer, and was seriously warned by the soldiers.

LAN Xianxian is more and more unbalanced. If LAN Yanxi wants to marry Ling Mo Feng in the future, she has no idea how much more honorable she is. Even if she chooses the best husband, she can't compare with the honor of the first lady.

The more you think about it, the less you want to.

Lanyanxi's car stopped in front of the hall door and said to the two women in the car, "get out of the car, have a drink of water and leave quickly."

The two women got out of the car and were shocked by the ancient building in front of them.

"This is Vice president's office? " The two women's expressions are inconceivable, because they think the vice presidential palace should be high-end and grand. How could it be an ancient house?

LAN Yanxi shrugged his shoulders: "yes, you are right. This is Ling Mo Feng's house."

"It's worthy of being born into a scholar family. His taste is different. From this, we can see that he is mature and steady, not a good man who pays attention to utility." Blue fiber can't wait to praise.

Lanlin quickly reached for her sleeve and asked her to stop talking nonsense.

Blue fibril found that he seemed to be a little talkative.

LAN Yanxi pretended not to hear what she said, and took the cup directly to accumulate two cups of hot water: "drink it!"

"Lan Yanxi, I heard that after you moved in, Ling Mo Feng didn't come back to live. Aren't you ashamed? If it were me, I would not have the face to continue to occupy other people's homes. I would have gone to the earth for a long time. " All the time, LAN Xianxian ridicules the ridiculous relationship between LAN Yanxi and Ling Moheng, expecting her to have a day of awakening.

LAN Yanxi took out the cold medicine from the bag with a water glass and slowly took it apart.

"It's his business that Ling Mo Feng doesn't want to come back to live. Anyway, I live here very well." Said blue Yanxi lightly.

"Cousin, do you know what people outside say about you now? Say that our blue family's daughter is shameless, take the initiative to send her to the door, and the men don't want to. I'm going out now. Anyone who knows us will catch me and keep asking about your gossip. Otherwise, you can quit the marriage for the sake of our blue family's reputation, or you can give it to the slender cousin. I think she likes Mr. vice president very much, so you can make room for her " Lanlin said her lines as if she were endorsing, which was forced by Lanxian.

LAN Yanxi's eyes suddenly cooled down and sneered: "blue fiber, you are so kind-hearted. I'm sorry to say it again. Let others say it, but I can tell you very clearly that Ling Mo Feng is my fiance. You can't count on it in your whole life. Don't expect it. When it comes to that time, blue family's daughter is shameless to rob her brother-in-law's bad reputation."

"Lan Yanxi, you're ridiculous. I'll discuss this matter with you well. If you don't agree, you have to force our sisters to turn against each other and become enemies. You'd better laugh at me?" Blue is not fine, his face is green, pointing to blue Yanxi and shouting.

"Well, elder sister, we agreed. We just came here to discuss this with my cousin. Shall we not quarrel?" Lanlin hurried to comfort her.

"Lan Yanxi, I didn't ask you anything from small to large. Can I ask you for this? As long as you give Ling Mo Feng to me, what conditions do you offer, I promise you, and I have discussed with my father. Many of your father's equity points are transferred to you. You can get two hundred million dividends every year. With such a large amount of money, what kind of man are you looking for? Even if you see a love one, a year for several boyfriends are enough for you to spend, why don't you bully Ling Mo Feng and refuse to let go? " Blue fibril is almost mad. I think blue Yanxi's brain must be full of water. Otherwise, how can he keep a man who doesn't love her?

LAN Yanxi looked at her with a surprised face: "according to your meaning, if I don't agree with you, you will start to sell my father's stock right, right?"

"I I don't mean that, I...... " Blue fibril wanted to bite off his tongue.