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C2016 looking forward to a new life

In order to prove that her eyes are right, tie Ting suddenly forced her to her arms. Ji Tingyan bumped into his arms without warning. Her forehead hurt a little. She could miss all kinds of things in her heart. But like the tide, she opened a mouth and then rushed out crazily.

Ji Tingyan angrily folded her hands into fists and smashed them into his arms. The man didn't feel hurt, but he smashed them on his heart. The light in her eyes was more and more spoiled.

"I haven't eaten much these days. How can I lose weight?" Tie Ting used his arms to measure her waistline. He lost a lot of weight. He couldn't help but feel hurt.

"Can't eat, can't sleep. I think of the bad environment there as soon as I go to sleep. I think of the dense gunfire. It makes people feel numb and angry. Fortunately, you come back, and I don't have to be scared anymore." Ji Tingyan, like a lazy kitten, raised her head from his arms. Her clear eyes stared at the man. Her fingers were pasted on his chest. She was living and warm in front of her.

Tie Ting felt her deep love and her heart beat faster. He kissed her on the forehead and said softly, "I'm sorry, it's all my fault. It brings you such a terrible memory."

"No, the experience of the past few days is also a valuable reminder for me. It makes me understand that I need to fight less with you, gamble less, and have a cold war in the future, because those are too time-consuming and affect my mood." Ji Tingyan smiled and realized a new life.

Tie Ting looked at her smiling and sensible appearance, more distressed. He promised that he would never hurt her in his life.

The waiter brought lunch, and feting and Ji Tingyan just sat down and enjoyed it together.

"After dinner, you accompany me around. I want to buy a house here as soon as possible." Tie Ting is a real man. Since he has decided to settle down with Ji Tingyan, he naturally wants to give her a home.

"Buy a house? What do you want? " Ji Tingyan asked in a circle, not so long-term.

"It is convenient for us to live together in the future. If you like living in a villa, we will buy a villa. If you like high-rise buildings in summer, we will buy residential buildings." Tie Ting's eyes looked at her with a smile, everything was dominated by her.

"Isn't that too expensive? You don't have to buy a house. I have many houses under my name. If you want to live, you can live at any time. " Ji Tingyan has no idea about money since she was a child. It's not her affectation, but in fact, she doesn't really need money. She collects what her parents give her, but most of it is useless for her. Now every month, the eldest brother draws money from her card. With her lazy consumption level, what she has at home is the best. She is good at money There is no great ambition or pursuit.

"Xiaonai, you don't want me to be your son-in-law, do you?" In a moment, he couldn't cry or laugh. Even if she had more industries, he would never want them. He would not move to the woman's house. He was not strong in his own ability at first. Even if he didn't have good enough conditions to love her now, he would work silently to create better conditions for her.

"Er..." Ji Tingyan's eyes were slightly stunned, and then she burst into a smile: "where do you want to go? I don't want you to marry into my family and be my son-in-law. I just feel that the house is for living, so I don't need to divide you and me."

"No, yours is yours, mine is ours. We must be clear." Tie Ting is resolute at this point.

"well, you has the final say." Ji Tingyan doesn't want to quarrel with him in this matter. Just now, she said to reduce the possibility of quarreling as much as possible. After a long time, she struggled. It doesn't conform to the love concept of adult men and women.

"After dinner, accompany me to see the house." Tie Ting asked in a low voice.

"Well." Can Ji Tingyan say no?

At the end of lunch, Ji Tingyan walked in several large-scale real estate sales centers, holding the hand of Jieting. Jitingyan said that she liked to live in villas because she needed quiet creation, and she also liked to play with some flowers and grass. Jieting only looked at villas. Two people followed the agency to a villa area, which is the latest villa group, not far from the city, The location is very good, but the price is close to the sky high.

"It's too expensive. We won't buy it." When she heard that it was nearly three hundred million yuan, Ji Tingyan just wanted to drag the man's arm and leave quickly. She was not mean, but she loved it when she spent the man's money.

Tie Ting is very interested. She wants to hear more about her surroundings. Suddenly, two female agents standing next to her laugh at Ji Tingyan in a low voice.

"If you are poor, don't look at the villa. You are also picky. If you want to enjoy a high-end life, you are reluctant to throw money. This is a waste of our time."

"No, it's really blind to this gentleman's good taste. The villa here is hard to find. It's going to be missed. It's not sure that we can sell it in the future."

Tie Ting practises martial arts. His facial features are sharper than those of ordinary people. He hears the sarcasm of two women not far away. He plans to see more of him just now. He immediately holds Ji Tingyan's hand gently: "let's go."

Ji Tingyan is secretly happy. The man finally listened to her.

Tie Ting passed in front of the two women, and the two women immediately showed a coquettish expression: "Sir, take a look again, this villa is really good, this one is it."

"If you want to keep customers, you should first learn to manage your own mouth, and don't judge others' right and wrong easily." Tie Ting's cold voice was full of annoyance.

Several agents at the scene were so stupid that even Ji Tingyan was covered in circles.

Although tie Ting has a cold temper, he never takes the initiative to make friends with others. Where did the two young and beautiful girls offend him just now? Even ignore the image to sneer at them.

Outside the villa, Ji Tingyan was puzzled.

"Are they wrong?" Ji Tingyan sat in the car and asked curiously.

"They say I'm blind and I like you." Tie Ting Jun looks angry.

"What? Who said that, I don't tear her mouth When Ji Tingyan heard this, she almost burst out a breath of blood. It seems that tie Ting is not criticizing people for no reason, but touching his bottom line.

Tie Ting pursed her thin lips and smiled happily. Ji Tingyan found that she had just lost the image of a lady. She couldn't help humming out: "I can bear to say other bad things about me, but I can't bear to say that you are blind."

Tie Ting gently stroked her back: "well, don't be angry, I'm not blind at all, but I'm lucky to meet you."

"Really?" Ji Tingyan is comforted by him in a moment, and her smile reappears on her face.