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She also has a son

Everything was blocked and covered by this man. She only needed to be like Tang You You, and be a gentle, little woman.

In fact, Tang Xue Rou was very clear that the reason why she was able to be the main organizer of the New product launch as a newbie was all thanks to Ji Xiao Han. If not for this man, she would have been nothing, even the mud on the ground would be nobler than her.

Amidst the warm applause, Ji Yue Ze held Tang Xue Rou's hand and the two of them appeared in the center of the stage that was filled with mist like a golden couple.

At this time, Ji Yue Ze and Tang Xue Rou both felt the rhythm of the music.

When the first line of the lyrics was sung, Tang Xue Rou suddenly used a different tune.

Her gaze was filled with terror as she stared at the entrance.

He saw a tall and noble figure holding a beautiful and exquisite little girl in her arms. She was holding onto a cute little boy as they slowly walked into the hall.

This man was Ji Xiao Han!

Although he arrived somewhat late, his appearance on stage was still enough to attract the attention of a pair of people performing on stage.

All of the guests in the venue, as well as the reporter who was currently focused on the stage, looked at Ji Xiao Han who was walking towards the main seat in disbelief, as well as the two cute darlings in his hands.

Tang Xue Rou suddenly forgot her lines, she forgot what she was going to sing next, her mind was all about the little boy that Ji Xiao Han was leading.

What was going on? Why was there a little boy?

Whose child is this little boy?

"Tang Xue Rou..." Ji Yue Ze's smile was almost unable to stay on, he could not help but take the microphone, and call out Tang Xue Rou's name in annoyance.

Tang Xue Rou realized where she was and she didn't know which line to sing anymore.

"You want to make me lose all my face, I'll make you suffer!" Ji Yue Ze was really angry, it was clearly Tang Xue Rou who proposed to sing with him, and now, this woman actually made him embarrassed, how could he not be angry?

Tang Xue Rou was panicking, but she was still strong in her heart, so she quickly suppressed her shock and tried her best to find the right tone to speak of.

Actually, no one had noticed the fact that she had forgotten about the lyrics earlier, because everyone was watching Ji Xiao Han's appearance and the two cute babies beside him.

Everyone was very surprised. These two little fellows had already become very popular on the internet. Although there were no longer any legends about them on the internet, the two pretty faces were remembered by everyone the moment the shocking video was uploaded to the internet.

Everyone present could still remember the breathtaking feeling they had when they first saw these two little fellows.

At that time, most people had guessed that these two little fellows were probably related to Ji Yue Ze, or maybe they were his illegitimate children or something like that.

And, in a short while, it was spread all over the internet, angering a bunch of loyal fans to the point of crying.

Ji Yue Ze's studio also never seemed to have issued a statement before. This matter had always been unclear, and no one could tell whether it was real or fake.

At that moment, Ji Xiao Han suddenly appeared on the stage with the cute pair of treasures in his arms, the degree of shock on his face could be imagined.

Tang Xue Rou tried her best to calm the shock in her heart. It wasn't easy for her to finish singing the last song, but she wasn't happy at all. On the contrary, she was extremely annoyed.

This was an opportunity that she had gotten with great difficulty. The person beside her singing to one another, had always been the Ji Yue Ze who she dreamed of getting into a scandal.

But just now, her performance was really unsatisfactory. Not only did she forget the words, she even forgot to say them. In the end, she even needed Ji Yue Ze to grind her teeth and remind her that it was difficult for her to finish singing.

She had brought such a great opportunity to her death for nothing, causing Tang Xue Rou to want to cry but have no tears.

Once Ji Yue Ze got off the stage, he immediately glared at her and said, "Tang Xue Rou, we will never cooperate again in this life! You're so terrible! "

After hearing what Ji Yue Ze said, Tang Xue Rou's entire being froze, and her face became extremely white.

"Mr. Ji, you … "Listen to me, I didn't mean to." Tang Xue Rou was panicking so much that he wanted to explain what he had done to himself. However, Ji Yue Ze refused to listen.

"It wasn't intentional? Did you mean to? I've never been so humiliated before. " Ji Yue Ze stopped and stared at her with a cold smile: "If it wasn't for Tang You You begging me, do you think I would have cooperated with you?"

Tang Xue Rou really wanted to cry, but when she heard Tang You You's name, an intense dissatisfaction and hatred arose in her heart.

Tang Xue Rou leaned on the wall weakly. She was in a very bad mood right now, so much so that she did not dare to go out and face the reporters.

She had lost all her face today. She was afraid that she would become a big joke tomorrow.

Tang You You, it's all because of you!

Tang Xue Rou suddenly turned and walked quickly in the direction of Tang You You's work.

From afar, he saw Tang You You helping a model to straighten her dress.

"Tang You You, come over here, I have something to say to you!" Tang Xue Rou was so angry that she broke up and pulled Tang You You's hand. She walked towards a room that had few people and closed the door.

Tang You You looked at her angrily: "What are you crazy about now? "Let me out, I still have work to do!"

"If you don't explain yourself, I won't let you go anywhere!" Tang Xue Rou was about to go crazy at this moment. She felt that her entire life had been affected by Tang You You, and she was heading towards a terrifying path.