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C1124 emotional debts to be paid

Ji Lin hasn't had a good time recently. He thought it would be easy to hold Mr. President's thigh because of his status as Ji's family. Unexpectedly, he must have enough qualifications to hold this leg. Ji Lin is a cunning and shrewd man. Although the president didn't point out anything, the first secret conversation has already hurt Ji Lin's heart and hit him hard.

"It's said that Mr. Ji still has 30% of Ji's shares in his hand. According to the current value of Ji's shares, that's not a small amount." The president took a sip of tea and looked at Ji Lin with a smile on his skin.

Ji Lin's heart was shocked. He already understood the president's suggestion. Does it take him 30% of the shares to give him a chance to cooperate with him? "If Mr. President helps me win the power of Ji's family, just 30 shares, I can give them to you as a reward." "

that's a great gift. I'm looking forward to it. However, at present, I'm fighting with Ling Mo Feng's chamber. It's not only Ji Xiaohan who is attracted by him. I heard that there are several families who are also interested in supporting him. It's not good news for me." The fake smile on the president's face gradually disappeared, and there was a surge of anger. Ji

Lin also snorted with Leng: "this is not groundless. Ji Xiaohan has a good personal relationship. He is the leader of the group. The rich kids he has made are also growing strong. They have the intention of supporting the family. At that time, Ji Xiaohan echoed, and the Luo family and the Mu family must be his backup force, which is really very unfavorable to you."

"What I have done as president is still a failure. I have lost so many people's hearts. Fortunately, I am a man of wisdom. Mr. Ji, I welcome you to join me. I also firmly believe that I will not lose to Ling Mo Feng." Mr. President, who is nearly 50 years old, although he speaks with a bit of despotic power, his lack of strength in the middle of his voice makes his words less convincing. Looking at the old man who is nearly 50 years old, Ji feels helpless.

"Mr. Ji, when can you give me a reassuring message?" Mr. President is still pressing him to get the stock right of Mr. Ji. Only in this way can Ji Lin be one of his menoras. Ji's heart was shocked. Mr. President has mentioned the 30% equity more than once. It seems that if he doesn't have any action, he will lose the cooperation opportunity.

"Don't worry, Mr. President. In fact, the old man is holding these shares, which he is going to leave to me and my son. After all, I am his own son. He can't look at me as old and helpless." Ji Lin immediately spoke to reassure the president, deeply afraid of his trust. "

OK, then you can give me good news as soon as possible, so that I can discuss the next step with you!" With that, the president got up and left.

Ji Lin looks at the old president's back and secretly spits out a bad breath. Of course, he knew that the old president didn't really want the 30% equity. He just wanted to find someone to contain Ji Xiaohan. Obviously, the hate relationship between Ji Lin and Ji Xiaohan is the best fuse. "

it's ridiculous that smart people are calculated!" Ji Lin ridiculed himself. However, he knew that the old president believed that he had this ability, which was a kind of affirmation for him. Otherwise, if the value of utilization was lost, it would be really sad.

Ji Lin narrowed his eyes. It seems that his final method must be used. Bai

Yiyan changed a suit and went out of the shopping mall. Fortunately, there are many people here, so it's very difficult to catch her.

However, Bai Yiyan soon found a very bad thing. Here is a foreign country. The native people and her have essential characteristics. If that group of people find her, they can easily find her.

Bai Yiyan hurriedly bought a scarf from the nearby stall, wrapped her face and hurriedly went in the opposite direction.

At this time, she has to go back to the hotel. Some of her important items are still in the hotel. She has to take back her suitcase. But

Yes, there must be some people outside the hotel. Bai

Yiyan is afraid to return to the hotel, but she dare not get off easily. "

if you get caught this time, you're really dead!" When Bai Yiyan thought of the woman who pretended to be her assistant and kidnapped her last time, she was cold hearted. Was her heart really so bad? Yi Yan bit her teeth. Her passport is still in the box. She has two bank cards. The card is all her money. She knew she would be followed. She should have put all the important things on her body. "

if you don't care, you have to bet!" Bai Yiyan takes the headscarf to cover her face tightly, bows her head and hurries into the hotel. This time, no one followed her, and she was relieved.

However, she did not breathe at all. When she looked up, Bai Yiyan was on the right side with her four pairs of eyes. "

Xiaoyan?" Liu Xiaoxing's face is unbelievable. Why is the world so small? Go around, come back and forth, always bump in front of him. Is that what makes heaven beautiful? Doomed to pay off the debt?

Ji Yueze was also shocked. Unexpectedly, four of them just got off the plane and just picked a hotel, they would see Bai Yiyan rush in. Moreover, she also wrapped herself so tightly.

Bai Yiyan wants to avoid them very much, and then says that you are wrong.

But unexpectedly, Ji Yueze has angrily approached. As soon as she drags her long arm, the shawl on her face instantly falls to the ground. White

Yiyan is standing like a sculpture. With a slight turn of her beautiful eyes, she can see a strange and beautiful face. "

Hello!" Yang Siyu raised his hand to her with a smile and said hello. He immediately suffered the white eyes from two people nearby.

Liu Xiaoxing really can't understand Yang Siyu. She still has the face to say hello to Bai Yiyan? It's too hypocritical.

Bai Yiyan's brain flashes blank. It turns out that it's not fake, it's true. Ji Yueze went abroad and brought this girl with her.

So, they didn't come here to find her deliberately. Maybe the four of them were going to have a go and go trip. As soon as ziyiyuan's nose is sour, Bai Yiyan almost drops tears. She didn't expect that she would be so jealous of each other.

"Follow me upstairs!" Ji Yueze suddenly pulled her strongly and walked to the elevator.