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C1951 like to be alone

Xia Xinnian's eyes are shining with brilliance. He looks at the man's face with the help of the lights around him.

Want to make sure what he said at the moment, is to calm her mood, or really willing to leave the decision to her.

Looking at her like this, jimucheng suddenly felt ashamed and embarrassed. Although he was very confident in his facial features, he could not stand her straight look. His eyes flashed slightly and he laughed: "why do you stare at me like this?"

Xia Xinnian found that she seemed to stare too much. She shook her head and chuckled: "nothing, what would you do if your parents destroyed us to have a second child?"

"They won't." Jimucheng knows his parents very well. Their principle has always been generation by generation. The harmony of a family is mutual respect, even between parents and children.

"Really?" Xia Xinnian is still hard to believe. In her memory, grandma in law must be in charge of her grandson's affairs.

"If they mention it, I'll stand on your side and explain it to you." Jimucheng answers her seriously.

Xia Xinnian suddenly found that he fell in love with this man. He was really reasonable. He was very happy with him. He always gave, but he didn't seem to ask. Xia Xinnian was inexplicably moved. How could he meet him?

"You laugh? Explain this, we have an agreement? " There is a touch of lightness in the man's tone.

"That's right." Xia Xinnian is relieved, but his mouth doesn't want to forgive.

Jimucheng can't help but come over and touch her long hair: "I can't see that you are small and stubborn. I met my opponent."

"Where am I small?" Xia Xinnian listens, and is not happy again. He straightens up on purpose: "don't look down on people, OK?"

Ji Mucheng's handsome eyes are slightly shocked, and then he laughs loudly: "well, don't be angry, I know you are not small."

Xia Xinnian blushed and threw her hand into his arms. The next second, her unruly hand was tightly held by a pair of big palms: "Xinnian, it's not wise to provoke me at this time."

Xia Xinnian was stunned by his threat. At that time, her ears were also red. She deliberately turned her lips and corners: "I'm not afraid of you."

"Really?" Jimucheng's smile became deep and bright, just like staring at delicious prey.

Xia Xinnian was just trying to be brave, but when she heard that the man was going to move seriously, she could not help shivering. At this moment, she did not dare to answer, and the man did not give her a chance to stumbling.


The sunshine outside the window is very bright, and the light, passing through the landing yarn, shines on the bed.

The warm feeling makes the sleeping woman turn over.

"Hiss!" The slight breath sound made the woman wake up from her sleep. She opened her eyes and found that her back hurt badly. Moreover, her whole body was full of strength, like a slight illness.

"Damned Timothy." Xia Xinnian can't help but scold at the bottom of her heart. Mei Mou glances around and finds footsteps coming from the living room. She is scared and quickly hides the quilt from her body.

"Awake?" Jimucheng walked in lazily, with a smile on his voice.

Xia Xinnian pretends to go on sleeping and doesn't want him to see his appearance. He wants to cheat him out and get up again.

However, she never thought that the man would bend over and pull the quilt on her

Seeing that he was going to expose himself, Xia Xinnian had to turn over and sit up, take back all the quilts and cover himself tightly again.

"What are you doing?" She looked at him angrily and asked.

The evil spirit of man's smile: "I didn't have a good time last night. I thought you had a good rest. Let's start."

"You You are shameless. " Xia xinnianqi's words no matter how many times.

When Ji Mucheng heard this, Junlian flashed his grievance: "Xinnian, we are all adults. This is a very normal couple communication. How can you say that I don't want to face? If I were to be ashamed, we wouldn't be together today. "

Xia Xinnian was laughed by his explanation. He had to point to the door and said, "I'm so tired. I can't do it today. Go out first. I'll get up."

"Can I help you? I'm afraid you'll have soft legs. " The man still does not know how to tease her.

"Jimucheng." Xia Xinnian finds that this man is hateful and will refresh her three views.

Jimucheng no longer teases her, but when she is angry, she is pretty and pretty.

Xia Xinnian, struggling with discomfort, went into the bathroom and came out wearing a long skirt. The whole person looked more feminine.

Jimucheng is looking at the schedule of this trip. Seeing her coming out, he directly handed it to her to see: "I've contacted a photography company. I'll start shooting tomorrow, and I'll mark the location. Do you have any more to add? If I want to shoot across the country, I can arrange it. "

Xia Xinnian is not so greedy. It's very tiring to travel long distance.

"No, it depends on your arrangement. Although wedding photos are important, I don't think they are the only one. We can go for a walk as soon as we finish shooting." Xia Xinnian is a lazy person. If she hadn't arranged everything so actively, she might not have even taken wedding photos, saving money and money.

Jimucheng had expected that she would be such a casual answer. Her unyielding personality should be called laziness in the eyes of outsiders. But in jimucheng's eyes, she is just right for him. The partner he wants is just like this, because a family with a strong and capable person is enough.

"Do you want to be alone with me? Well, we'll try to shorten the time. " Jimucheng understood what she meant.

Xia Xinnian gave a dry smile: "I think it's better to be alone than to be watched by others."

"That's right." Jimucheng agreed with her.

When Ji Tingyan heard that her eldest brother and sister-in-law were going to take wedding photos, she also wanted to help. Just in time, she could draw them into her paintings, which would be very beautiful.

At the time of departure, jimucheng saw his sister who was coming. He got out of the car and stopped her little sports car.

Ji Tingyan's beautiful face peeped out of the window: "brother, I haven't started yet."

Jimucheng frowned: "I don't think you need to follow me. The handsome guy who came to talk with you last night, why don't you test him to see if he is interesting to you."

Hearing this, Ji Tingyan blushed angrily: "brother, you are not serious."

"I think the other side looks pretty good. He has a high face value and good temperament. He doesn't look like a man with a heart." Jimucheng was very impressed by the man he saw last night.

Maybe as a man, I have a deep understanding of each other's aura and temperament.

"I don't want to. I don't want to take the initiative to find someone else." Ji Tingyan finishes saying, already stepped on the accelerator far.

Jimucheng sighs, is this sister spoiled?