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She ran away from home

"On that night, I actually woke up once. Because it was too painful, when I opened my eyes, I seemed to hear Ji Xiao Han shouting a name, a woman's name!" Tang You You suddenly sat up, covering his face, the pain in his heart seemed to have been picked out.

"Do you remember the name he shouted?" Dr. Liu continued to ask with his soft voice.

"It's Yun Ning!" Although it had been five years, Tang You You still remembered these words. At that time, she was so angry that she fainted, thinking of her own innocence, not only had it been destroyed by others, she had even become their substitute.

"Who is she? Do you know? " Dr. Liu instantly knew why she was so resistant to being touched by a man. It turned out that on that night five years ago, she had not only lost her innocence, but also her self-esteem.

At the moment, Tang You You was as though she was sick, her face was pale white, her entire body was weak, the fists she was tightly clenching were also covered in sweat.

"Dr. Liu, thank you. I want to leave first!" Tang You You suddenly became more passive. After thanking Dr. Liu, she stood up, took her jacket and put it on, "Thank you for helping me, I finally understand why I have become like this."

"Miss Tang, you know it now, but you still can't let go of this matter in your heart. You still need to come over and talk to me again, is that okay?"

"I will!" Tang You You's expression was a little tense. After she finished speaking, she turned around and left.

After walking out of the hospital, Tang You You looked at the warm sunlight shining outside the door. She took a step out and basked her entire body and mind in the sunlight.

This warm feeling seemed to have dispersed the coldness in her heart.

Yes, she remembered everything. That painful memory that she had deliberately buried in the depths of her heart.

That night, although she had been knocked out, she woke up in great pain. She seemed to be kicking and tearing at men, but it was useless. He was actually still shouting the name of another woman.

Tang You You did not remember how much pain she had felt that night.

Finally, she fainted. When she woke up, it was morning. She fled in a sorry state.

Tang You You's expression was filled with sorrow, Ji Xiao Han had said that he did not like Ji Yun Ning, but, wasn't he lying?

Five years ago, when he was bullying her, he was clearly shouting for her name. Now that he said he didn't like it, did he really not like it?

Tang You You's heart was extremely complicated, she didn't know what else she could believe. Although that man showed love and gentleness towards her everywhere, but when she thought of the past, it was as if she had been ruthlessly slapped in the face by reality.

Tang You You walked forward aimlessly!

She felt as if a fire was burning in her heart, and she was extremely resentful.

Not long after Tang You You left the hospital, Dr. Liu decided to give Ji Xiao Han a call.

After all, the one who paid was him, he was the final Boss. Dr. Liu had to do his duty and pass on the information to him.

Ji Xiao Han received a call from the Dr. Liu, and asked anxiously: "Did you go over to your place unhurriedly? How is her treatment? Has it improved? "

"Mr. Ji, Miss Tang just left my place and has made some progress in her treatment. However, this is not an ideal result, I have induced her to recall the events from five years ago, she seems to be willing to open her heart to accept it. But, once her memories have recovered, she might be in even more pain!" The Dr. Liu sighed.

"What's going on?" Hearing that, Ji Xiao Han frowned, his heart stopped beating: "Tell me the result."

"Miss Tang said that she woke up that night and remembered what you had done to her. She also said that you had been calling out a woman's name, and that woman's name was Yun Ning! "Do you remember it yourself?" Dr. Liu asked softly.

He really didn't have the slightest impression of her. At that time, he had completely lost all sense of reason and consciousness.

Of course, this wasn't impossible, at first, when he relied so much on Ji Yun Ning, he trusted her completely, and he didn't even know that he drank the medicine from that day with her knowledge. At that time, he didn't hate Ji Yun Ning, and he even carried the beauty of his first love.

Thus, when he was doing that kind of thing, he couldn't help but call out her name.

Ji Xiao Han suddenly had the urge to slap himself twice.

"Mr. Ji, are you alright?" Seeing that he was quiet for a long time, the Dr. Liu could not help but ask him with concern.

"I'm fine. Other than these, did she say anything else? Right, how was her reaction just now?" Ji Xiao Han's heart was in a mess, he never thought that he would actually call out Ji Yun Ning's name, this was truly a face-smacking thing.

"I don't think Miss Tang has a good reaction. She seems to be angry!" Dr. Liu told the truth.

"She should be angry. Thank you, Dr. Liu, I will call her and ask about the situation!" After Ji Xiao Han hung up the phone, he immediately called Tang You You.

However, Tang You You's phone remained unanswered.

The unease in Ji Xiao Han's heart grew. Was she angry?

So you don't want to answer his phone? You don't want to hear his voice?

Ji Xiao Han anxiously stood up, took his jacket and car key and headed out of the office.

When Lu Qing saw him in the hallway, he hurried over to remind him: "Young Master, the meeting will be held in five minutes. Where are you going?"

"All excursions today will be cancelled!" After Ji Xiao Han finished speaking, he grabbed Lu Qing and said, "Come out with me!"

"Where to?" Lu Qing was shocked.

"Find your Young Mistress, she might be running away from home!" Ji Xiao Han could not hide the worry in his voice.