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C1230 I'sm dead

The celebration of Tianyu group was very successful, unprecedented feast, deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, memorable. After the ceremony, a dinner party was still full of clothes, glasses and lights. Season

after Yueze regained the power of the company, he changed the high-profile style of his big star, and suddenly lowered his profile. Of course, today, he can't lower his profile. Many people came to toast him. Although several assistants and assistants came to help him with the top drink, he was still drunk.

"Take me upstairs to have a rest. I'm tired!" Ji Yueze pressed his eyebrows, and some people with headache said to them.

"Well, boss, be careful not to fall down!" Someone came to help immediately.

Ji Yueze stepped out of a foot, only felt his foot was soft, almost fell, he was really drunk, because he was happy, because his heart was very happy, so greedy, career and love, how can he not have a good time? Fortunately, the two boys next to me helped me to stand him up and walk towards the banquet hall. There are a pair of eyes beside him, which have been twining around Ji Yueze. That woman is Pei Ying.

Pei Ying's love for Ji Yueze has gone beyond the bottom line. She is in love with him. Moreover, it belongs to the kind of love that wants to own and greedily occupy him.

Pei Ying learns that Bai Yiyan is back. Moreover, she continues to be with Ji Yueze, and her heart hurts like a knife. She didn't know why she couldn't bear Bai Yiyan's being with him. A rich woman named Yang Siyu had an affair with him before, and her heart didn't resent as much as she did now. She just couldn't see Bai Yiyan happier than herself and got the man she wanted. So Pei Yingcai pays so much attention to Ji Yueze's every move, because she has a very bold idea. If Ji Yueze is drunk and fails to distinguish the women around her, will she have a chance to have a relationship with him? Pei

Ying thinks like this, and naturally he is preparing for all this. When she saw that Ji Yueze was really drunk and was carried out of the banquet hall, she knew that the opportunity came.

She quickly said to her friends, pretending to be drunk and wanting to have a rest. After Pei

Ying left, she stared at the elevator and saw the floor where the elevator arrived. Her mouth raised a smile of satisfaction.

Pei Ying hurriedly went to the bathroom. She changed her evening dress and put on a casual dress. Bai Yiyan used to stay at home. Now Pei Ying is more and more like Bai Yiyan. She has become the most hateful person she hates. She has not even found it.

Pei Ying changed to install, quietly walked to the elevator.

She took the elevator to Ji Yueze's floor, where all the luxury suites are located. Pei Ying didn't know how to find Ji Yueze's room number for a while.

There are two waiters walking by. They are talking about Ji Yueze as if he had been sent to have a rest. Pei's eyes are on the front. There is no doubt about it. It must be the last one. Pei

Ying takes a deep breath, and the greed in her heart becomes more and more intense. She thinks that Ji Yueze is going crazy. So, no matter what she does right or wrong at the moment, she just wants to get it, even once That's enough. Pei

walked quickly to tidy up her clothes, and then raised her hand to knock on the door.

She knew that Ji Yueze was not too drunk. If he heard a knock, he might come to open the door. Just after Pei Ying knocked several times in succession, there was no reflection in it, and she was a little lost. Just as she was about to leave, the door behind her opened. Ji Yueze stared at her back and shouted out a name: "Xiaoyan!" Pei's figure is similar to Bai Yiyan's. in order to imitate Bai Yiyan, she also trimmed her long hair similar to her, and the color is similar. It's no wonder that Ji Yueze called the wrong name when he saw this figure. Pei was too scared to breathe, so she stood nervously. She didn't dare to look back. She was not sure how drunk Ji Yueze was. How could she explain in case she recognized her? "

Xiaoyan!" Ji Yueze calls for Bai Yiyan's name. Suddenly, she reaches out from behind her. With a tall body, she directly covers Pei Ying and embraces Pei Ying. Then, she is pulled back by a man and enters the room. Pei

the whole person is stiff, but his heart is full of ecstasy. Is Yueze really drunk? Pei Ying is secretly proud. It seems that his refitting is very successful. "

How did you come? Don't you stay here and don't run around? What about hurting the child? " There was a whisper of reproach in his ear, and then his thin lips were about to kiss. Pei's brain is full of buzzing and his whole body is shaking.

Children? Is Yiyan pregnant? Are you pregnant with jiyueze's children? This news, almost to Pei Ying hit into the abyss, cold all over.

Even if Ji Yueze holds her gently behind her now, she will not feel warm and happy. "

who are you? You are not Xiaoyan! " Pei Ying's brain swelled and his heart was full of resentment and hatred. When he wanted to break Bai Yiyan's dream, the man holding her suddenly pushed her away. Pei

Ying was shocked again and fell on the ground.

"Pei Ying?" Ji Yueze narrowed his eyes, obviously, he was not drunk to the point of not waking up. Pei quickly raised her hand to block her face. Her heart was full of unease and fear. "

season manager, I I saw you drunk just now. I want to come and care about you. Are you ok? " Pei Ying is quick to find a reason to speak. "

you come to my room to care about me in the way of Xiaoyan?" Ji Yueze laughs coldly.

"No No, I I didn't mean to dress like her. I just spilled wine on my dress and changed my clothes! " Pei Ying is so scared that she can't speak very well.

"Get out!" Ji Yueze doesn't want to hear her excuses. "

manager Ji, you are drunk and need to be taken care of by others. Let me take care of you. I really care about you!" When Pei Ying heard that he was going to let her go, her face turned red and she hurriedly expressed her feelings. "

no need, go out!" Ji Yueze just thought of her as Bai Yiyan, and he would drag her in. Pei

filled his heart with a cold shiver, and the man's voice became cold: "don't go, I'm going to let someone drag you out?" "

No, no, no, Mr. Ji, you have a good rest. I'll go out now!" Pei Ying did not dare to stay any longer, and ran out in a hurry.

The plan failed, but also lost face, Pei Ying face is not willing to face. "

What's wrong? Ji Yueze didn't see my face. How could he know I wasn't her? " Pei Ying was so angry that he guessed and thought in his mind.

"Is it Perfume? " Pei Ying is still smart. She finally guessed the reason. She was shocked and had an impulse to kill herself.

Yes, Bai Yiyan, the little bitch, has never had the money to buy perfume, so she will not be used to spray perfume on herself.

Unfortunately, she sprays a lot of precious perfume on her neck today, so is Ji Yueze sure that she is not Bai Yiyan because of the fragrance? "

I'm so stupid!" Pei Yingqi wants to slap himself twice. He knows that he has learned well everywhere, but it's perfume that does harm to him. "

children, they have children?" Pei Ying smiles sadly, full of hatred. Bai

Yiyan's life is really good. When she first met Ji Yueze, she was just a small reporter. Now, he is holding the palm of his hand and is willing to let her have a baby.

Pei Ying hates and is angry. She can't get a man in her life. "

Why do you do this to me? What did I do wrong? I'm better than her. Why doesn't God pity me? My love is true, and all my feelings for him are true! " Pei Ying squatted on the ground crying bitterly, yelling loudly again and again in her heart. Her tears fell all over her face and washed the powder away.

"I don't want to, I don't want to!" Pei Ying hit the wall with her hand and murmured.