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Mu Weicheng looks at the determined sad face in front of him. He wants to laugh inexplicably. That's right, and he can't bear to laugh.

Ling wennuan looks at the man's iceberg face and smiles. She stares at him angrily: "I'm not kidding. I'm serious. I'll transfer to another class. I don't want to take your class."

"Lingnuan, even if you change classes now, I still have your class, our relationship has been fixed." Mu's smile is very good-looking. The whole person is young and masculine.

Lingnuan's hot face is red. The more anxious she is, the less words she can find. She can only stare at the man angrily.

"Well, if you really don't like me to be your teacher, I'll apply for transfer to the senior class tomorrow, and we won't have another meeting." Mu Weicheng looks at her tolerant eyes and turns red. He really hasn't seen her in such a helpless way. So he is soft hearted and offers to solve this problem.

"Straight?" Ling warm beautiful eyes a startled, did not expect that he would step back first.

"If you want me to promise you, you must go to the infirmary now. Otherwise, what I said just now will not work." The man said, turned around and left, no longer listening to her reply.

Ling wennuan immediately turned around and ran towards the clinic.

Mu Weicheng looks back at her running figure, and her thin lips rise involuntarily.

Maybe this smile, even he didn't find, was from the heart.

In the afternoon, the class received the news that Mu Weicheng was transferred to the senior class, and the whole class was boiling.

Zhang Luyao's bored face flashed a sense of loss. Today, she purposely made a hairstyle, improved her school uniform, and let her long legs show more. All she did was because she had an admiring class in the afternoon. But now, she can't attract her god man instructor. How can she not be sad and disappointed?

"What's the matter? Why don't you teach us this class? " Questions were raised.

"I know what happened. Someone shamelessly harassed the tutor, which made him upset and unwilling to come to our class." Zhang Luyao's attendant immediately gave out the answer loudly.

"Who is it? Who is so shameless? "

"That's right. I'm so thirsty. I don't even want to let go of the tutor."

Ling wennuan was secretly enjoying the transfer of Mu Weicheng. When she heard this topic, her face stiffened.

"Lingnuan, don't look at it. That shameless person is you." Zhang Luyao stared at her hatefully and said.

Zhang Luyao's words attracted the whole class to stare at Ling Nuan.

Ling wennuan immediately shook his hand: "it's not me, it has nothing to do with me."

"Doesn't it matter? Do you need me to expose your shameless behavior? " A girl next to Zhang Luyao immediately contributed her mobile phone: "I have videos of her pestering the instructor in private for several times in my mobile phone. You can have a look for yourself. Ling warm's seductive expression is clear."

Ling wennuan's eyes open in an instant. Can't they? These people even recorded her video? "Give me your cell phone." Ling warm immediately angry, get up to grab the phone, the video to delete.

Zhang Luyao suddenly stopped in front of her and sneered: "I dare not admit it, Ling wennuan. You are really not promising. I like to admire the instructor. It's not a secret in the class. Are you clear about robbing men with me? I'd like to see. Why are you fighting with me? "

"I don't need to fight with you. You've lost. I've known Mr. Mu since I was seven. You were still playing soy sauce." Ling wennuan is very angry. Zhang Luyao is too much. He dare to record her video.

"What?" Zhang Luyao really showed an unbelievable expression: "who are you lying to? Don't try to make excuses for your shamelessness. Who will believe you? "

"Believe it or not, I've always known Mr. mu. We used to be friends. Can't we have a private chat?" Ling wennuan snorted with disapproval.

As soon as Zhang Luyao heard the news, it was like a thunderclap, the sour vinegar in his heart.

Ling wennuan has known Mu Weicheng since she was so young. She is really jealous.

"Even if you know each other, but your behavior is still too much, you honestly admit, do you like him?" Zhang Luyao asked Ling Nuan with a stiff face.

Ling wennuan immediately chose to be silent. Of course, she would not admit it in front of others.

"You dare not answer, but acquiesce. Let's see. She secretly adores the instructor. It's so interesting." Zhang Luyao immediately publicized the event loudly.

"Shut up." Ling wennuan shouted angrily at her: "it's nothing to do with you."

"It doesn't matter. I like him, too. You are clearly fighting with me. Ling wennuan, I remind you that as long as the man I like, no matter what his identity, I will make him fall in love with me. Believe it or not?" Zhang Luyao is very arrogant to let out the cruel words.

Ling warm after listening, pretty face of the red expansion, for a while unexpectedly can not answer.

In the dead atmosphere, suddenly, a soft female voice came in from outside the door: "my brother will like you, I don't know, but I don't seem to like you very much now."

In came a young woman in a professional suit, who was only a few years older than the students here, but she had a calm and capable temperament that was not bold.

"Who are you?" Seeing the woman coming in, Zhang Luyao squinted at her immediately.

Ling wennuan saw it, but she was scared and quickly sat back in her seat. Her pretty face turned white and her beautiful eyes turned quickly.

God, how could it be Moyun?

"I'm your new English teacher. My name is murun. I'm sure you've heard my name. Murdoch is my eldest brother. Do you have any questions?" Mu Yun lightly replied that she was wearing a black frame glasses at the moment. She was short-sighted, not serious. She didn't wear them very much in daily life, but she would wear them for such important work as lectures, and didn't want to make mistakes in her work.

Zhang Luyao's face turned white with fright, and he quickly sat back in his seat.

The whole class knew that there would be an English teacher coming, but they didn't expect that it would be such a young teacher. Moreover, she was still the sister of the teacher. Everyone was surprised and didn't dare to speak again.

"I can testify that Ling wennuan really knew my eldest brother when he was very young. Besides, they are friends. I hope you don't talk nonsense any more, because they are sensitive topics, which is not good for my eldest brother or Ling wennuan." Mu Yun has heard all the quarrels just now outside the classroom, so now he has to explain it specially.

All the students here look at Ling Nuan with envious eyes. Unexpectedly, her freshman is not young, and she knows her brother and sister from childhood or has a friend relationship. Who is she?

Zhang Luyao looks at Ling Nuan with hate. Ling Nuan is now more ugly than crying.

Dizzy, finally let Mu Weicheng change to teach other classes, his sister came to her class as a teacher again.

Is this the beat she's going to lose to her brother and sister?

Mu Yun looks at Wen wenrou, but when she is in class, she gives people a sense of professional dignity.

Ling wennuan didn't care about the whole class, and Mu Yun didn't aim at her, let alone embarrass her. She just gave a lecture seriously.

After a class, Ling warm still dare not get up, sitting in the position, full of tension. "Ling warm, come out for a while." Moyun still came to find her. Her voice is still gentle.

Ling warm immediately embarrassed pulled a smiling face: "Mu Yun sister."

She went out with Mu Yun. The age difference between the two was about four years. Beside Mu Yun, Ling Nuan had a real girlish temperament. However, Mu Yun was light and familiar because of the empty professional clothes.

"Ling wennuan, you don't care what those female students say. My brother transferred to another class. It has nothing to do with you." Moyun to so explain, just because do not want to let this matter continue to extend.

Ling wennuan is in a panic. She looks up and peeks at Mu Yun's side face. Her heart is broken. She really wants to tell her loudly that this matter has something to do with her. She asked Mu Weicheng to transfer to the senior class.