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C1880 captured a scene

"Son, help me to the door. If your mommy comes in, let me know in time!"

Jimucheng wants to peek at her other information, so she can't let her son stand by and watch it.

"Well, daddy, you need to hurry up. Mommy will be out of the bath soon!"

The little guy is also very nervous, because he is the first time to steal mommy's cell phone.

"Well, I'll finish it soon!"

With Ji Mucheng finished, he looked directly at the women's message box and some social software.

Deep eyes, sharp and full inspection, found that this women's information box is clean, all work-related things, there is no such a very personal chat record.

"Hell, has she ever deleted a chat record?"

Without any evidence, Ji Mucheng's eyes narrowed. It was unscientific. Someone sent her a bunch of flowers. How could they not contact her?

Jimucheng bited his teeth angrily, and his heart was even more upset.

Finally, he opened the album and found that there were few self portraits of the woman, most of which were secretly taken of her son. There were only a few photos of her and her son in the sunset. The woman's smile was beautiful.

It is to enlarge the picture to see her facial features. The eyebrows and eyes are exquisite and picturesque. When you smile, the eyes seem to contain stars. They are clean and bright. The rising lips are also very charming. What bright eyes and bright teeth say is her kind.

"Yu Chen, have you seen my mobile phone?"

Just when jimucheng was lost in her photos, she heard the voice of women anxious outside the door.

"Oh, no!"

The little guy is playing with a little robot and forgets to hold the door. At the moment, Xia Xinnian in conservative pajamas has pushed the door in.

"Daddy..." The little guy shouted at Jimu.

Jimucheng quickly throws her cell phone on the sofa, but it's too late. Xia Xinnian has seen her cell phone.

"Jimucheng, what are you doing with my cell phone?"

Woman in a hurry came, a take back their mobile phone.

Jimucheng Jun's face flashed a flustered color, and then he said: "I want to see the photos of my son when he was a child, do you have any comments?"

"Of course, why don't you take my cell phone without my permission?"

Xia Xinnian will not forgive his peeping behavior for this reason.

"If I ask you, will you show me?"

Jimucheng's handsome face was one of the heaviness, sneering.

Xia Xinnian was furious at the moment and said angrily, "if you asked me before, I might give it to you. Now I won't!"

Next to the little guy shrunk his shoulders, the atmosphere dare not breathe, Mommy angry?

How scared.

The man's face suddenly darkens to the end, and the light of the quiet eyes is frightening.

Unfortunately, if his oppressive eyes are outsiders, they may be effective and can be used to frighten Xia Xinnian, but they have no effect at all.

"Mommy, I'm sorry. I gave my cell phone to Daddy. If you want to scold me, just scold me. Don't get angry with Daddy!"

The little guy's face is blue when he sees Daddy scolded by mommy. He quickly steps out to admit his mistake. The little man should have the courage to admit his mistake.

Xia Xinnian stares at his son with stern eyes: "have I ever taught you not to move things around?"

The little guy nodded his head cleverly and whispered, "yes, mummy, I dare not next time!"

"Dare to have another time?"

Xia Xinnian's Willow eyebrows stand up.

"No, no, no, no next time!"

I'm afraid mummy is angry.

When jimucheng saw that her son was being trained like a little sheep, he was displeased immediately. He stretched out his long arm and put his son in his arms. His voice became colder and colder: "Xia Xinnian, it's time to teach his son a lesson. If you kill him like this, it will have a bad impact on his body and mind. Please don't scold him in this tone."

Xia Xinnian's expression was startled. She didn't scold her just now, but she was a little stern. This is the basic tone of educating children.

"Dad, don't tell me. We did it wrong!"

The little guy didn't feel scolded and wronged, jumped off Jimu's thigh, ran to embrace Xia Xinnian's arm, rubbed her palm with his little face: "Mommy, don't be angry, anger is bad for your health!"

Xia Xinnian is really going to cry and laugh. Fortunately, her son is a little warm man, and he has a wrong recognition and a correct attitude. Unlike someone, he is conceited and arrogant. Obviously, he took her mobile phone and looked like a big man. He owed him the last life.

Ji Mucheng's handsome face was surprised. His son's personality was too gentle. He was scolded. He even wanted to flatter this woman.

Damn it, without a father around, the son would be taught to be as weak as a woman.

He would never allow this kind of thing to continue to develop. In the future, the task of educating his son should be given to him.

Xia Xinnian leads his son to turn around and walk away. He is too lazy to pay attention to the petrified and angry person on the sofa.

Back in the bedroom, Xia Xinnian crouches down and looks at his son in the same direction. The idea of trying to teach him a lesson is gone.

Looking at her son's big bright eyes, I can recall that I ignored him because I was busy with my work. Sometimes when he made a mistake, he would kill him. I didn't realize that this kind of behavior was overdone before, but the words of jimucheng just now were suddenly promoted to her heart.

"Go to bed, and have class tomorrow!"

Hand out, gently touched his son's small head, said softly.

"Well, Mommy, good night!"

The little guy blinked his eyes. Some of them couldn't see the red color in Mommy's eyes.

Xia Xinnian thinks back to some of his extreme behaviors. He feels ashamed and blames himself, and then his eyes turn red. He can only strengthen himself more. In the future, he must educate his son in a more correct way.

The little guy climbed to the bed, picked up his quilt and covered himself, then blinked at Xia Xinnian.

"Mommy, send daddy some pictures of my childhood. He may really want to see them."

The little guy thought that the time was too fast. Daddy must have not finished all his photos, so he summoned up his courage to plead with mommy again.

"OK, I'll send it to him!"

Xia Xinnian breathed softly. Although he just said that he didn't want to show him because he was angry, he was still soft hearted. Since he recognized his son, he should share his growing process with him.

Xia Xinnian picked up his mobile phone, picked up his son's growth period, and sent several photos to jimucheng's mobile phone.

Jimucheng is going to take a bath in the bathroom. Suddenly, he hears the mobile phone text messages ringing all the time. He squints with cold eyes. Who bombards him with text messages in the evening?

When he opened the text message impatiently with a cold face, he saw a picture of a newborn baby.