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As soon as Yang ChuChu saw her mother turning around, she could not wait to get off the car. She was wearing a red coat, with long black hair and makeup on her face. Walking in the spring wind, she felt more charming and dazzling than the flowers in the flower bed beside her.

"Mom, what did you talk to him about?" Yang ChuChu hurried to Cheng Ying and asked her in a low voice.

"Nothing, just talk to him. If you want to talk to him, just go. I'll go home first!" Cheng Ying won't interfere with her daughter's behavior. She also knows that interference will only hurt her daughter's heart, so that she can learn to let go and pay for her own growth. It's not a bad thing.

"Can I have dinner with him in the evening? I promise, just eat! " Yang ChuChu looked at his mother pleadingly. "

OK, just be happy!" Cheng Ying didn't ask her as hard as before. She let go and let her decide.

"Mom, thank you!" Yang ChuChu suddenly feels embarrassed.

Cheng Yingqi smiled: "listen to you say a thank you, it's really rare, come back early!" "

OK, mom, you don't need to cook at night. I'll pack it back!" There is no servant here, so Cheng Ying wants to make her own food. Yang ChuChu loves her.

"Well, then don't make me hungry!" Cheng Ying finished, went to the car to take her bag and went straight upstairs. Yang

just now, he was still anxious. When he was not far from the man, he suddenly slowed down. Her hands are behind her, the wind is blowing her long hair slightly disorderly, her pretty face is down, step by step close to the man. "

why don't you just say hello?" Yang ChuChu's beautiful eyes are slightly Yang, looking at the man's deep and beautiful eyes.

Luo Jin Yu calmed down his emotions, thin lips and soft intonation: "I originally wanted to come over and surprise you, but now it's a shock." "

scared by my mother?" Yang ChuChu couldn't help but chuckle. He liked to see Luo Jinyu frightened. It's rare to see him. Luo

Jin Yu nodded and was also embarrassed: "yes, I believe all sons in law have a deep fear of future mother-in-law, so do I!"

"What are you talking about!" All of a sudden, Yang ChuChu blushed. Why does he still live as his son-in-law? They can't put all the eight characters together.

Luo Jinyu was shocked to find that he had lost his words, and he gave a deep smile: "if you don't like listening, I won't say it. What did you say to your mother just now?"

"I told you to invite me to dinner in the evening. We haven't seen each other for a while. We still need a meal." Yang ChuChu clearly wanted to have dinner with him, and made up a reasonable reason. "

really?" Luo Jinyu thought he was going to preach soon. Unexpectedly, he had a chance to have dinner with her.

"What is it, really? Are you not willing to invite me to dinner?" Yang ChuChu deliberately misunderstood his meaning. "

of course not. Let's go. I'll treat you to dinner!" Luo Jinyu is over surprised, so he is so eager. Yang followed him in his car. Luo

every time Jin Yu came to see her, he drove in person and didn't let the driver drive him.

This time, Yang ChuChu sat on his copilot and sighed when he fastened his seat belt: "I don't know who will replace this position in the future. Alas, it's sad to think about it."

Luo Jinyu heard her plaintive tone and knew that she was acting for him. He couldn't help saying, "don't worry, there is no one else to sit in this position except you." Seeing his serious reply, Yang chuckled: "I'm just joking with you. Why are you serious?" "

I'm not kidding you!" Luo Jin answers with a smile. Yang

suddenly, he didn't know what to say. He just turned his eyes to look at him. "

LUO Jinyu, have you had a bad time recently? Why are you thin? " "

I'm trying to lose weight. Isn't it better for men to lose weight?" Luo Jin answers with a light smile.

"It's better, but You used to look good! " Yang ChuChu's eyes are slightly sour. Is this man a liar?

"I may have lovesickness. I can't eat or sleep. I think of you every day and dream of you at night. I'm really sick." Luo Jinyu said half jokingly. The car has already driven onto the road. There are many high-end hotels in this town famous for film and television. Yang

she was very familiar with this area, so she showed the way and they came to a hot pot restaurant with good ring mirror. Yang clearly suggested that we should eat hot pot, because when it's cold, eating hot pot can warm our body better.

Luo Jinyu, of course, is a guest. As long as Yang ChuChu wants to eat anything, he will go with her directly. Anyway, his preferences are not so important in front of her.

Two people asked for a private room, sat down, Yang ChuChu one breath point a lot of things. When the dishes are finished, Yang ChuChu takes off his mask, drools at the boiling hot soup, and starts to brush the dishes and meat. Luo

Jin Yu sits beside her and looks at her quietly. Although her voice has become more mature recently, the childishness and innocence in the corner of her eyes and eyebrows still cannot be concealed.

Because when it comes to food, the light in her eyes is still so bright.

Luo Jinyu couldn't help chuckling at the bottom of his heart. At the beginning, he fell into a deep depression because of her pure smile, without any disguise.

"Do you eat spicy food, too? I'll make you some sauce! " Yang chuchuchuyan, an old driver, is very good at eating hot pot.

Luo Jinyu nodded: "OK, you can help me adjust it. I can also eat spicy food."

Yang ChuChu put more pepper in his sauce directly. When Luo Jinyu took his first bite, Jun's face changed color directly.

"It's too hot!" Luo Jinyu could hardly cry or laugh. "

you eat mine, mine is not so spicy. I'm actually trying to straighten you out. If you make me feel so sad recently, you should be spicy!" Yang ChuChu gave him his sauce with a bad smile on his face.

Luo Jin Yu Jun's face was stunned, so he was willing to be punished: "I'm sorry, I know I've made you sad, how do you want to treat me, I'll enjoy it!" "Forget it, it's not your fault. I don't blame you." Yang chuchujue's behavior is too much. He shakes his head and chuckles.

Luo Jinyu sees that she likes to eat mutton, so he takes the spoon and brushes it for her. "

is it not romantic to bring you to hot pot? It's delicious! " Yang ChuChu found that the atmosphere here is really not suitable for love. "

it's OK. It's fun to be with you and do anything!" In fact, Luo Jinyu also feels that he has come to the wrong place, but Yang ChuChu likes it. "

you are still so good. Luo Jinyu, I know you before I know what it's like to be spoiled." Yang ChuChu looks down and his eyes are hot.